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Nov 7, 2023

Best Scruffs Boots and Trainers for 2024: In-Depth Review

Ten of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

When it comes to picking the perfect pair of work boots or trainers, the sea of choices can be overwhelming. Yet, it's a crucial decision where factors like safety features, durability, comfort, and style play pivotal roles. The Workwear Gurus best of all understand this blend of practicality and preference. Thus, they have amalgamated their expertise with genuine customer feedback to guide you through their top picks from the Scruffs' 2023/2024 boot and trainer collection. In this review, we're diving into the craftsmanship of Scruffs, showcasing a lineup that stands out among the plethora. These selections are not just our personal favorites but have also garnered popularity among users for their reliable features and innovative designs. Let's explore what makes each of these boots and trainers a standout choice for professionals across various work environments.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Scruffs Boots (Overall)
  • Best Scruffs Switchback Boots
  • Best Scruffs Safety Trainers
  • Best Scruffs Lightweight Safety Trainers
  • Best Scruffs Slip Resistant Work Boots
  • Best Scruffs Non-Metallic Work Boots
  • Best Scruffs Waterproof Boots
  • Best Scruffs S3 Boots
  • Best Scruffs Anti-static Boots
  • Best Scruffs Rigger Boots
  • Our recommendation

Top 10 Scruffs Boots and Trainers

Best Scruffs Boots (Overall)

Scruffs Scarfell Safety Work Boots

The Scruffs Scarfell Safety Work Boots encapsulate the essence of robust workwear. Designed with a nubuck leather upper, these boots don't just offer a premium look but ensure top-notch protection with their steel toecap and midplate. This pair doesn't shy away from electrical hazards either, thanks to its antistatic properties.

What we liked:
- Nubuck leather upper paired with steel safety components for unmatched protection.
- Antistatic feature that significantly reduces the risk of electric shocks.
- Shock-absorbent design for day-long comfort.
- The slip-resistant sole ensures safety across various surfaces.

Our verdict:
 The Scruffs Scarfell boots are the epitome of safety and comfort. They’re well-suited for professionals who require reliable foot protection without sacrificing comfort. With its blend of sturdy materials and protective features, it’s a top choice for anyone in the workwear market.


Best Scruffs Switchback Boots

Scruffs Switchback 3 Safety Work Boots

The Scruffs Switchback 3 Safety Work Boots represent the pinnacle of protective footwear with their S3 rating and water-resistant upper. These mid-ankle boots come equipped with a composite midplate, offering lightweight yet substantial defense against sole punctures. The anti-static feature is a crucial inclusion for any work environment prone to electrostatic build-up.

What we liked:
- Water-resistant and antistatic capabilities for diverse work conditions.
- Lightweight protection that doesn’t compromise on safety.
- Poron insole and Micro-fresh® technology combine comfort with odor control.
- The durable moulded toe which offers extended wear without scuffs.

Our verdict:
 The Switchback 3 boots are a superior choice for those who prioritize safety without the added bulk. These boots are ideal for workers who are on their feet all day and need reliable, comfortable protection.


Best Scruffs Safety Trainers

Scruffs Halo 3 Safety Work Trainers

The Scruffs Halo 3 Safety Work Trainers blend casual aesthetics with serious safety features. The steel toe and composite midplate ensure protection without the weight, making them suitable for various professions. The suede upper and moulded toe protect against scuffs, while the slip-resistant soles offer stability.

What we liked:
- Casual look with essential safety features for versatile use.
- Suede upper with padded comfort around the ankles and tongue.
- Slip-resistance for confident movement in different workspaces.
- Lightweight protection that eases the burden on your feet throughout the day.

Our verdict:
 The Halo 3 trainers are the go-to for those who want the protection of safety footwear with the feel of a casual shoe. They are excellent for tradespeople who move between different environments and need adaptable, comfortable footwear.

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Best Scruffs Lightweight Safety Trainers

Scruffs Argon Lightweight Safety Work Trainers

The Scruffs Argon Lightweight Safety Work Trainers are engineered for the worker on the go. The tough nylon upper and composite toe offer solid protection while maintaining a featherlight feel. The memory foam insole is a highlight, providing a personalized fit with every step.

What we liked:
- Ultra-lightweight design with no compromise on safety.
- Memory foam insole for customized and superior cushioning.
- Tough nylon upper paired with a durable moulded toe for longevity.
- Underfoot shock absorption to minimize daily wear and tear on the feet.

Our verdict:
 The Argon trainers are perfect for workers who need safety footwear that keeps pace with their dynamic workday. They provide the necessary protection in a design that's as comfortable as it is lightweight. Each of these Scruffs boots and trainers brings something unique to the table, and the detailed exploration of their features is meant to guide professionals in choosing the best fit for their specific needs.

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Best Scruffs Slip Resistant Work Boots

Scruffs Twister 6 Safety Work Boots

The Scruffs Twister 6 boots are the quintessential choice for those who need a steadfast grip in their stride. The nubuck leather upper, paired with a steel toecap and midplate, provides classic protection, while the slip-resistant sole ensures safety on slick surfaces.

What we liked:
- The durable nubuck leather upper, offering long-lasting wear and a distinguished look.
- Steel toecap and midplate for comprehensive foot protection.
- Slip resistance that meets the demands of challenging work environments.
- Padded tongue and collar for a snug fit and superior comfort.

Our verdict:
 These boots are a solid selection for anyone seeking reliable slip resistance without sacrificing comfort. They blend traditional safety features with modern needs, ideal for the professional who values both form and function.

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Best Scruffs Non-Metallic Work Boots

Scruffs Solleret Safety Work Boots

The Scruffs Solleret Safety Work Boots stand out with their non-metallic construction. These S3 safety boots offer a water-resistant nubuck leather upper and lightweight composite toe and midplate, ensuring comfort without compromising on protection.

What we liked:
- Non-metallic composition, perfect for environments where metal-free footwear is required.
- Water-resistant nubuck leather upper, keeping feet dry in wet conditions.
- Underfoot shock absorption and Poron® sock for extra cushioning.
- Durable moulded toe that withstands daily wear and tear.

Our verdict:
 Scruffs Solleret boots are a top pick for workers in security, transport, and logistics who require non-metallic footwear. They provide essential protection and comfort, tailor-made for the modern worksite.

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Best Scruffs Waterproof Boots

Scruffs Hydra Safety Work Boots

When the weather turns foul, the Scruffs Hydra Safety Work Boots are your steadfast allies. Fully waterproof with an aluminium toecap and composite midplate, they deliver protection without the weight, keeping you agile and dry.

What we liked:
- Full waterproofing to tackle adverse weather conditions.
- Lightweight aluminium toecap for easy mobility.
- Poron® insole and Micro-fresh® technology for comfort and odor control.
- Padded tongue and collar enhancing the overall comfort.

Our verdict:
 For professionals who often find themselves working outdoors, the Hydra boots are unmatched. They provide peace of mind through puddles and downpours, making them an essential part of the workwear arsenal.

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Best Scruffs S3 Boots

Scruffs Sabatan Safety Work Boots

The Scruffs Sabatan Safety Work Boots are the embodiment of high-spec S3 safety standards. With a water-resistant nubuck leather upper and composite toe and midplate, they offer both robust protection and a lightness that belies their strength.

What we liked:
- High spec S3 safety rating for superior protection.
- Water-resistant upper for dry feet in any condition.
- Lightweight protection that maintains flexibility.
- Durable moulded toe that resists scuffs and extends the boot’s lifespan.

Our verdict:
 These boots are a testament to Scruffs' commitment to safety and quality. They are the ideal choice for tradespeople who need dependable foot protection that won’t slow them down.

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Best Scruffs Anti-static Boots

Scruffs Nevis Safety Work Boots

For those in electrically sensitive environments, the Scruffs Nevis Safety Work Boots offer essential protection. The steel toe cap and composite midplate provide defense against sole penetration, while the antistatic sole keeps electrostatic hazards at bay.

What we liked:
- Steel toe cap and composite midplate for a balance of protection and flexibility.
- Antistatic sole to minimize the risk of electrical hazards.
- Shock absorption for all-day comfort.
- Slip resistance for secure footing across various terrains.

Our verdict:
 The Nevis boots are a prudent choice for electricians and engineers. They deliver on the promise of safety, comfort, and antistatic protection, ensuring a worry-free workday.

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Best Scruffs Rigger Boots

Scruffs Gravity Rigger Boot

The Scruffs Gravity Rigger Boot stands as a fortress for the feet, delivering unwavering protection with a touch of comfort. These hard-wearing boots come with a fleece lining to keep feet warm in the coldest of conditions, making them perfect for outdoor work in unforgiving weather.

What we liked:
- Fleece lining for warmth, offering comfort in cold climates.
- Padded ankle support and triple-stitched seams for durability and stability.
- Durable moulded toe that resists scuffs and extends the life of the boot.
- The S1P SRC safety rating assures both protection and slip resistance.

Our verdict:
 The Gravity Rigger Boot is the ultimate companion for those who face the elements. It provides the strength needed for tough jobs while ensuring warmth and slip resistance. This boot is a solid choice for anyone in the market for rugged and reliable work footwear.



As we conclude our comprehensive review of these ten exceptional Scruffs boots and trainers, it's clear that the collection offers a robust range to suit various professional needs. Whether you're sifting through the muddy fields of a construction site, pacing the smooth floors of a warehouse, or navigating the unpredictable terrain of outdoor work, Scruffs has engineered footwear for every scenario. Each model stands out in its category, offering specialized features such as slip resistance, waterproofing, and anti-static properties, among others. These boots and trainers are not just footwear; they are a testament to Scruffs' dedication to combining safety, durability, and comfort. For professionals in search of reliable workwear, this curated selection from Scruffs is indeed some of the best on offer, promising to deliver both performance and peace of mind.

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