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      Scruffs Safety Trainers and Scruffs Shoes Collection - round up and review

      Scruff’s footwear isn’t just limited to the traditional form factor of their Scruffs work boots. Not all workers need rigorous big boots to protect their feet from their workplace’s hazards, yet some certified protection is still required. It’s very common to wear a smart casual work shoe or pair of trainers to work. Scruffs understands this and has made their work trainers function well both in and out of the workplace.

      Scruffs Safety Trainers

      When boots are just unnecessary, work safety trainers can be a brilliant choice to both protect your feet while being comfortable, lightweight and casual - looking stylish and not out-of-place outside of work. If you want Scruffs safety trainers you can choose between the Scruffs Argon safety trainers and the Scruffs halo 3 safety trainers, each with their own advantages. The Argon trainers are the more practical, “no fuss” trainers. Scruffs themselves describe them as offering the “ultimate in protection, comfort and flexibility” and its not hard to see where they’re coming from. In terms of protection, the Scruffs argon safety trainers have a composite toe cap and midsole protection, which helps the build remain lightweight. The trainers also have been awarded SRC level slip resistance, the highest that safety trainers can be awarded. From the comfort and flexibility standpoint, the shock absorption built into the shoe reduces stress on the wearer's ankle and makes the overall wearing of the trainers more comfortable as a result, heightened by the memory foam insole that complements it with extra cushioning. 

      Then of course we have the Scruffs Halo 3 safety trainers, which operate more as casual styled Scruffs shoes that look great both on and off the worksite. That's not to say these Scruffs shoes lack practical features, far from it in fact. They include a steel toe cap and composite midsole protection for key underfoot protection and the outsole is both slip and heat resistant, features beneficial to many professions. They get their comfort and, by extent, appeal for outside of work thanks to their features like the padded tongue and ankle, as well as the microfresh technology which works to reduce odour within the shoes - pretty useful for the active working person. Having a suede upper lends to the good looks of the trainers and further enhances this appeal.

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