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Nov 3, 2023

2024 Scruffs T-Shirts, Shirts, and Polo Shirts: Ultimate Review

Five of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the diverse world of workwear, making the right choice can be as intricate as the jobs they're designed for. T-shirts, shirts, and polo shirts, the basics of any professional's wardrobe, come with an array of features tailored to meet the demands of various work environments. The Workwear Gurus, our expert team dedicated to analyzing and testing workwear, understand the complexity behind choosing the perfect piece. Combining their expertise with genuine feedback from customers who have put these garments to the test, the Gurus offer insights that go beyond the ordinary. The array of options is vast, yet we have delved into the depths of workwear to select the cream of the crop. These chosen few embody not only our favorites but stand out as the most popular among users. So, whether you're browsing through our extensive collection or searching for a specific item, let this guide illuminate the path to your ideal workwear selection.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Scruffs T-Shirts
  • Best Scruffs Polo Shirts
  • Best Scruffs Work Shirt
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Scruffs T-shirts, Shirts and Polo Shirts

Best Scruffs T-Shirts

Scruffs Worker T-Shirt

What Makes It Stand Out:
 The Scruffs Worker T-Shirt redefines comfort and utility in the workwear domain. Its lightweight, easy-care fabric ensures comfort throughout the day, which is crucial for professionals constantly on the move. The discreet branding and blank left chest are purposeful for customization, allowing businesses to personalize these tees with their logos. A notable feature is the longer length, which is a simple yet effective design choice that prevents the shirt from riding up during strenuous activities.

What we liked:
- The blended fabric provides both durability and comfort.
- The T-shirt's design accommodates branding, making it ideal for professionals.
- Its longer length design prevents unwanted exposure during physical tasks.
- The simple design ensures ease of wear and versatility.

Our verdict:
 This Scruffs Worker T-Shirt is a prime choice for workers who value comfort and practicality. Its subtle design and thoughtful length make it a top contender for a no-fuss workwear staple.


Scruffs Sedona Organic Logo T-Shirt Black

What Makes It Stand Out:
 The Scruffs Sedona Organic Logo T-Shirt is a standout for eco-conscious professionals. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, this T-shirt is not just kind to the environment but also to the skin. Its naturally breathable fabric keeps you dry and cool, an essential for labor-intensive workdays. The longer length, a consistent feature in Scruffs workwear, maintains professionalism and coverage as you move.

What we liked:
- Made with sustainable organic cotton for an environmentally friendly choice.
- Enhanced breathability for comfort in various working conditions.
- Longer length design to maintain coverage during active work.
- Solid construction with a simple aesthetic for easy everyday wear.

Our verdict:
 The Sedona Organic Logo T-Shirt excels in sustainability without compromising on comfort and functionality. Its breathability and comfort make it a wise pick for the environmentally aware worker.


Best Scruffs Polo Shirts

Scruffs Trade Active Polo Shirt

What Makes It Stand Out:
 The Scruffs Trade Active Polo Shirt is the perfect fusion of smart style and active wearability. Its slim fit and raglan sleeves offer unrestricted movement, crucial for dynamic work environments. The lightweight and quick-drying fabric keep you fresh, while strategic mesh panels provide ventilation, making it an all-day wear. Additionally, the zipped chest pocket adds a secure space for essentials, and the dipped back hem offers extra coverage.

What we liked:
- Slim fit and raglan sleeves enhance mobility.
- Quick-drying fabric with mesh panels for temperature regulation.
- Zipped chest pocket for secure storage.
- Dipped back hem for additional coverage when working.

Our verdict:
 The Trade Active Polo Shirt is a winning selection for those who seek a blend of professional appearance and athletic functionality. It's designed to keep up with the wearer's active lifestyle while maintaining a smart look.


Scruffs Worker Polo Shirt

What Makes It Stand Out:
 Balancing classic style with functional design, the Scruffs Worker Polo Shirt is a testament to timeless workwear. The lightweight fabric ensures comfort, and the discreet branding allows for easy customization. Its practical chest pocket, smart collar, and buttoned placket add a professional touch, while the dipped-back hem offers modesty and protection during physical work.

What we liked:
- Lightweight fabric suitable for long hours.
- Discreet design suited for personal or company branding.
- Includes a handy chest pocket for small tools or personal items.
- Dipped-back hem for added coverage.

Our verdict:
 The Worker Polo Shirt by Scruffs stands as an excellent choice for those who need a balance between functionality and professional appearance. It delivers comfort and style in a design that’s built to last.


Best Scruffs Work Shirt

Scruffs Worker Padded Checked Shirt Black/White

What Makes It Stand Out:
 For the cold-weather worker, the Scruffs Worker Padded Checked Shirt is a shield against the chill. Its fully padded fleece fabric ensures warmth and quick drying, ideal for unpredictable weather conditions. The shirt features ample storage with two chest and hand pockets and is secured with popper fastening for easy removal.

What we liked:
- Quick-drying and durable fleece fabric offers lasting comfort.
- Full padding for excellent insulation in colder environments.
- Multiple pockets provide ample storage for necessities.
- Popper fastening for convenience and ease of use.

Our verdict:
 As a work shirt designed for colder climates, the Scruffs Worker Padded Checked Shirt excels in warmth and practicality. Its quick-drying features and storage capacity make it an essential item for those facing the elements.



After meticulous review, it's evident that Scruffs has carved a niche in the workwear industry with a range that caters to diverse professional needs. Each product, with its distinctive features, assures that there is something for every worker, irrespective of their field. From the eco-friendly Sedona Organic Logo T-Shirt to the cold-combating Worker Padded Checked Shirt, Scruffs demonstrates a commitment to quality, comfort, and utility. The selected items not only stand out in their categories but also highlight the brand's versatility. These products are a testament to Scruffs' understanding of the demands of workwear and their dedication to meeting them with excellence.

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