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      As a brand that prides themselves on offering all the essential pieces of workwear to a wide range of trades and industries, it’s no surprise that Scruffs safety boots are a hugely popular choice and are the pride of the Scruffs footwear range at that. Scruffs are all about workwear and footwear that can just get the job done, no fuss, and this same ideology is shown in the Scruffs safety boots range.

      The features in Scruffs safety boots

      Scruffs work boots are built utilising leading industry techniques and features.  It’s a compact but varied range, one that delivers on the promises it makes wearers. 

      Scruffs safety boots can only be deemed as such if they all satisfy the criteria in the EN 20345 safety certification. Various tests are conducted to give the boots a final rating. For example an S3 rated boot, like the Scruffs Solleret safety boot, is the highest grade a work boot can earn, and proves that it has a toe cap capable of withstanding 200 joules of force, an energy absorbing seat area, antistatic properties, a penetration resistant midsole and a water resistant upper. Even the more straightforward boots like the Scruffs twister safety boots have the essential characteristics required for a pair of work boots to be deemed as safety boots; those being having a toe cap, metallic or non metallic, and a degree of slip resistance to protect the wearer in slippery terrain.

      What’s more, aside from merely just protection, Scruffs boots are more than capable of ensuring a comfortable day's work. Some come with an included Poron sock, which provides for extra foot cushioning. The shock absorbing qualities in these boots are great for your feet as well. Scruffs have also utilised micro fresh technology in their boots, which reduces odeur and helps you retain that fresh feeling you started the day with.

      While there is definitely a variety of different work boots in the range for you to choose from, depending on your needs, Scruffs have also built boots that are specialised and possess particular attributes. A perfect example of this is the Scruffs hydra safety boots which, as the name suggests, is fully waterproof in addition to the existing safety features already discussed with the range as a whole.

      Scruffs Rigger boots, Scruffs Waterproof boots and more - all types of Scruffs safety boots

      In keeping with their aim to offer great workwear and footwear to as many on the ground workers as possible, Scruffs have many different work boots, in a variety of styles. As well as classic leather work boots, there are also Scruffs wellington boots like the Hayeswater boots in the range. These are no nonsense boots that have steel toe caps, an anti penetration midsole and are fully waterproof, all for a very reasonable price. Then there’s also Scruffs rigger boots, like the Scruffs gravity boots, which are feature packed and include pull loops on the top for an easier time pulling them on and off, ideal for workers who are constantly changing footwear.

      Spotlight on the Scruffs Switchback boot

      There are a number of standout products in the Scruffs safety boots range, but perhaps the most popular is the Scruffs switchback boots. These really are the full package, with the Scruffs Switchback 3 boots having a selection of the best characteristics and features out of the range. From a protection standpoint, the Switchback boots excel. Starting near the bottom, they have an anti penetration midsole that is also both heat resistant and fuel/oil resistant, preventing the sole from degrading in environments where these hazards are most common. In addition, the outsole also affords the boots a SRC level of slip resistance. And that's just the outsole! From the comfort viewpoint, the Scruffs switchback boots come with the Poron sock for extra cushioning, shock absorption reduces stress on the foot and ankle and the microfesh tech inside prevents the growth of bacteria and helps your feet feel and smell great. There also exists Womens switchback boots, uncompromisingly built from the ground up for women’s working needs.

      Our review of the Scruffs boots range

      The Scruffs work boots range is compact, yet varied and highly popular among tradespeople - for good reason in our opinion. The range contains items that satisfy both the worker who wants top of line gear, and those that just need something to get the job done. What we think is Scruffs’ biggest strength of this range is the sheer value for money you are getting, with industry-wide features being incorporated for just a fraction of the cost of other work boots on the market.

      We deliver Scruffs Work boots worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Scruffs safety Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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