The best Mascot Advanced Work Pants? The Mascot 17031-311 Trousers & Mascot Advanced 17179-311 Trousers reviewed

We’ve had reports from wearers that of all Mascot work trousers, the Mascot Advanced 17031 Trousers are the king of Mascot stretch work trousers. On the surface, these Mascot workwear trousers are feature rich and clearly technically advanced workwear pants. Definitely worth a closer look. So today we’re taking a look at the characteristics of the 17031 advanced trousers and also those of Mascot’s similar trouser, the 17179 trousers. Are they the best Mascot Advanced work pants, the best Mascot stretch trousers - or even, as some customers have suggested, the best stretch work trousers out there.

Mascot Advanced 17031-311 Trousers

The Mascot 17031 Advanced Trousers  belong to the Mascot Advanced trousers range, which we have already written about here. To put it simply, belonging to the Mascot Advanced co means that the 17031 trousers are both extremely lightweight but also extremely tough and strong. To ensure maximum functionality and comfort, they are made from Mascot’s Ultimate Stretch fabric, providing four-way stretch to hugely enhance freedom of movement. Due to the way the stretch fabric is made, it can afford to be this stretchy whilst still being as durable as workwear needs to be. It is even water-repellent in the case of the 17031 trousers - obviously great if you sometimes face a rain shower outside at work but want to stay dry and comfortable throughout the working day.

Mascot Advanced Work Pants Mascot Advanced Showcase

The high quality stretch fabric is also applied to the kneepad pockets, though these are heavily reinforced with a combination of Cordura, Kevlar and even Dyneema (which is 15x stronger than steel in a weight-per weight ratio). Because of the stretch material, the kneepad pockets are flexible enough to comfortably fit kneepads inside and also not restrict movement while they are at it. With the amalgamation of Cordura, Kevlar and Dyneema, (in addition to the high durability of the ultimate stretch fabric,) we get pockets that simply won’t wear down when kneeling on them, with or without kneepads.

These Mascot Advanced work pants do, of course, have many more notable qualities about them. For one, the detachable holster pockets, which have been created with Cordura fabric. When they are attached, these pockets can help hold more tools and small items you need while working. If you need them out of the way or are planning on washing the trousers; you can simply detach them from the trousers via a zip. 

The utility of Mascot’s Workwear is also on full display here as well, through the wealth of pockets and loops for convenient storage of tools and items included throughout the Mascot Advanced 17031 Workwear Trousers.

Another feature we liked on these trousers were the zippers on the side of the leg that allow air to flow a bit more freely and release your body heat whilst letting cooler air come in. 

Mascot Advanced 17179 Trousers 

Very similar to the 17031 Trousers are the Mascot Advanced 17179 Trousers. They are both part of the Advanced range, both feature 4-way stretch and are lightweight. In general, a lot of the benefits of the 17031 extend to the 17179 Mascot Stretch Advanced Trousers. If you don’t need the holster pockets of the 17031 Mascot stretch trousers then these have a lot of the similar functionality but are a fair bit cheaper. Aside from the absence of holster pockets, the other key difference is the omission of Dyneema on the stretch kneepad pockets. However, these are still reinforced with Cordura, which is normally more than enough to maintain the integrity of the pocket of the 17179 Advanced Trousers on its own.

Mascot Stretch Advanced Trousers Mascot Advanced Showcase

Our verdict on these Mascot Advanced work trousers

The Mascot Advanced 17031 Trousers are certainly a highlight of the brand, with the 17179 Trousers not far behind them. While they are on the more expensive side of Mascot’s Workwear line-up, they have the quality to justify that price. Furthermore, if you did want to spend a little less, you can always opt for the 17179 Mascot Advanced Stretch Trousers over the 17031’s if you don’t need the addition of Dyneema reinforcement or holster pockets.

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