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      Work pants and trousers are one of the most important parts of your work outfit. High degrees of mobility and agility can make a real difference to comfort and performance during the working day. And there are very real safety and protection considerations too. This is especially the case for outdoors workers, who need both protection from the associated hazards of their job role, as well as the environmental hazards such as weather. Regatta trousers account for both of these needs. Using Regatta professional workwear’s extensive history of working on outdoor clothing, they have produced a capable and varied range of Regatta work trousers for those outdoor operators out there.

      Describing the range as varied is no hyperbole. The Regatta professional trousers collection includes garments with all kinds of characteristics and additions that enhance the capabilities of the wearer as well as protecting them from what dangers they may encounter. Regatta stretch work trousers allow workers a higher degree of flexibility, which is heightened further by those work pants with pre-elasticated waists offering further ease of movement. And from the protection standpoint, there's Regatta waterproof trousers, a natural example of Regatta applying their established outdoors expertise to a workwear garment. Regatta waterproof trousers have taped seams and breathable waterproof membranes. This effectively shields the wearer from not just water, but at the same time they are also windproof and breathable as well, maintaining a comfortable temperature for the wearer. They allow warm air and perspiration out, ensuring you stay dry from and free from sweat build up even when highly active. Regatta professional trousers are available in a comprehensive range of sizes;  both Regatta mens trousers and Regatta womens trousers.

      Regatta Waterproof Trousers

      Regatta is widely recognised for their prowess when it comes to outdoors clothing. With this knowledge applied to workwear, we naturally get a capable range of high performance items. Regatta Professional have invested considerable efforts to introduce features and designs that have made them highly suitable for use on the job. While taped seams ensure full waterproofing capabilities, knee pad pockets and triple stitching reflect that these are tough garments, suited to a hard day (or night) of work.

      All Regatta professional waterproof trousers are certified under the EN343 safety certification, which rates the garment on a scale of 1-3 in terms of waterproofing and breathability. This means that you are guaranteed to receive protection from the elements, whilst moisture is directed away from the body. As a result, you will remain dry under your rain trousers no matter how long you are wearing them for each day.

      Regatta Action Trousers and Regatta Cargo Trousers

      If there was one pair of Regatta professional trousers that perhaps best exemplifies the range as a whole, it may just be the Regatta Action trousers range. They are a great all-rounder option and would be a great choice in many different industries. The latest addition to this mini collection is the appropriately titled ‘New Action trousers’. These work pants are made from a polycotton fabric which blends the durability of polyester with the softness of cotton for a material that is the best of both worlds, ideal for many working professions. Speaking of material, Regatta action trousers are fitted with a water repellent finish, allowing rain to simply fall right off you in the event of showers and changeable weather. Regatta action trousers offer a variety of pockets for convenient access to all the tools and equipment required on the job. They have multiple pockets on the front with hem bellows that can be closed off thanks to concealed zips, a zipped pocket on the right side with a welt covering and another pair of pockets on the back.

      Regatta cargo trousers from the professional range are designed to get you “stuck into the workload”. The heroic cargo trousers have triple stitched seams and a reinforced crotch so that they can withstand the daily grind day in, day out. They also have kneepad pockets allowing for the possibility of knee protection. What’s more, these knee pockets have been reinforced with Cordura to maintain their strength whilst being subjected to being pressed against the ground each day. Naturally, as cargo trousers, these Regatta work trousers have pockets a plenty with 2 on the front, 2 on the back and a couple more lower down on the front that are the cargo pockets the trousers are named for.

      Regatta Stretch Trousers

      Stretch work pants give the wearer the capability to move more dynamically, and enables them to complete their assigned tasks in a more free and comfortable way. Given the enhanced mobility provided by stretch trousers, its no surprise that Regatta professionals include the material in as many of their work pants as possible. For example, the Prolite softshell stretch trousers use a woven stretch softshell material in their built, allowing for the water and wind resistance afforded by softshell material but with that same material being capable of stretch. Similarly, the ripstop fabric used on the knee areas and seat areas of the trousers has been enhanced with stretch material as well, allowing much more flexibility in those areas.

      If you need trousers where mobility is of paramount importance, something more like the Regatta professional scandal stretch trousers maybe more what you are after. The scandal work trousers are made from full stretch fabric throughout the build, being a mix of cotton and elastane. And you don’t lose out on workwear features either, as the scandal trousers still come with both utility and kneepad pockets and triple reinforced seams like some of Regattas other work trousers.

      The Guru’s view on the Regatta Trousers range

      It’s clear that Regatta have applied their existing outdoor clothing knowledge to trousers in an effective and affordable way. The range is high performing and the variety of garments on offer helps you select the pants with the features you need for your specific workplace and situation. With a broad appeal thanks to the stylish designs, and with such a good range of features, we can easily recommend Regatta trousers as an excellent choice to fulfill your outdoor working needs at a price point that is lower than many comparable offerings.

      We deliver Regatta professional trousers worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Regatta professional work pants to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We have a full range of work trousers that will suit a variety of different trades and professions. We also stock other lightweight work pants, and elasticated waist work trousers plus much, much more from leading brands including Caterpillar, Mascot, Blaklader, Portwest and many more.