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      Caterpillar Pants

      CAT pants are well known in the industry for their advanced performance and variety of practical features at such an affordable price. With its many years as a leader in the construction trade, CAT work trousers perform well and are built to last, as you'd expect from a brand as iconic as Caterpillar.

      Choosing the right size for your CAT Work Pants

      When choosing work trousers, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. It's crucial to choose the right size and leg length. Caterpillar pants come in up to 7 different waist sizes and 3 different leg lengths. This is extremely important as the right length/inside leg measurement greatly influences whether your knee pad pockets are correctly placed

      Cat work pants with knee pad pockets are compatible with several types of Caterpillar knee pads

      CAT pants are built to be durable & hard wearing 

      Work Pants must also be hard-wearing so that you don’t wear holes at the knees or in the pockets after only a short period of time. That is why Caterpillar work trousers use tough fabric brands as Cordura and Kevlar in their weave. These are globally recognised for their wear and pierce resistance, respectively. When your work trousers are reinforced in the right places with these materials, they can be 10 times more durable than standard trousers and can handle hard wear week after week for many years.

      Stretch technology in CAT Work Trousers 

      Like many leading workwear brands, Caterpillar has adopted stretch fabric into their designs to allow for full freedom of movement while working. They also enable a more modern slim-fit look for the wearer. Comfort and style come aplenty in Caterpillar work trousers.

      Some examples of this in the Caterpillar Pant range include the Caterpillar Dynamic work trousers. These popular pants have a slim fashion fit but offer optimal stretch performance. The Cat dynamic work pants have front-reach pockets for ease of access, and Oxford canvas knee overlays, to help sustain the life of the product. They are great trousers of this type at a moderate price.

      Likewise, the Caterpillar Floor Layer Flex trouser offers the dual benefit of kevlar infused knee panels alongside AIrflex stretch fabric panels to allow for both toughness and freedom of movement at the same time.

      Water-resistance built into CAT work trousers

      Another example of Cat stretch pants is the Caterpillar H2O Defender Pants,  which not only contain stretch fabric, Cordura reinforcement, and multipurpose pockets, but also a water-resistant coating. This ensures they make for well-functioning and practical construction site pants, whatever the conditions are.

      CAT cargo pants

      Cat cargo work pants come in a number of styles, all of which are designed for tough outdoor activities. With holster pockets on the waist and cargo pockets on the sides, this range of loose-cut classic work trousers contains many functional extras to help in the working day. For example, the Caterpillar essentials cargo pants have easily-accessible cargo pockets on the sides, with their own secure closure flaps. They also have rear pockets that are cut away from the main garment, to increase comfort and ease of movement.

      Caterpillar Trousers Technical Features

      Of course, many of Caterpillar's best technical additions have also been applied to their range of trousers. Things like using snag-free fabrics will prevent your work pants from picking and snagging unnecessarily, keeping them looking better for longer. In addition, Caterpillar uses fabrics that have been treated to prevent stains, only increasing this effect.

      In terms of safety features, items like the H20 Defender pants mentioned above include reflective piping on the knees, to ensure you can be seen easier in low-light conditions. Another such feature is the addition of kneepad pockets in most Cat Work Trousers, allowing for adjustable kneepads to be inserted, in order to both lessen the pain of prolonged kneeling down and reduce the damage to the trousers themselves.

      Caterpillar Work Pants delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar pants to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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