An image of the Regatta Classic Waterproof 3 in 1 Jacket being worn

Regatta Waterproof


      Being the established experts in outdoor clothing that they are, Regatta are well versed with waterproof fabrics and techniques. They have years of experience deploying them across their range. When creating the Regatta Professional workwear range this research and knowledge was therefore very advanced from the get-go. Regatta have built on this expertise and have transitioned the innate waterproof qualities to their workwear clothing, creating a highly competent Regatta professionals waterproof workwear range.

      The range of Regatta waterproofs contains many different types of garments that are equipped to various degrees for outdoor environmental conditions and weather, preparing you for almost everything you could need if you work outside.

      Regatta’s waterproof range uses two types of fabrics primarily, Regatta Isotex and Hydrafort. Regatta Hydrafort jackets offer the element-proof combination of being both waterproof and windproof, providing consistent quality protection for the wearer across the garment. The second version of Hydrafort that Regatta utilises is known as Hydrafort 5000, which includes all the benefits of the regular Hydrafort material but with the addition of a hydrostatic head of 5000 to increase the reliability of protection from rain and wind further. The other of these frequently used materials is Isotex which is used in Regatta waterproof garments as it is both waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry but also keeping you comfortable by letting warm moisture escape from within the garment.

      Regatta Waterproof Jackets

      Perhaps the first thing you probably think of when you hear about waterproof workwear is waterproof jackets and coats. Regatta certainly aren’t lacking in this department with all kinds of Regatta waterproof jackets available, from Regatta 3-in-1 jackets to Regatta rain coats. Beginning with the Regatta 3-in-1 waterproof coats, this is one of the most versatile and adaptable waterproof garments that Regatta has in their collection. A 3-in-1 jacket can be worn in three different configurations, one layer, the inner layer (usually made from a softshell fabric) can be worn on its own for a bit of light protection. Then there’s the more protective outer layer made from something like polyester, which is inherently water repellant. This can also be worn on its own for those occasions where you need a bit more shielding. Thirdly, both layers can be worn together for ultimate protection against the rain, wind and cold. An excellent example of a Regatta waterproof 3 in 1 jacket is the kingsley stretch 3 in 1 jacket, which features taped seams and storm flaps to secure the wearer's protection. 

      Regatta Softshell jackets tend to be lightweight forms of waterproof protection as they keep rain and wind out while not adding much weight or bulk to the design in order to do it. Something like the Regatta Ardmore Waterproof Shell Jacket is great to keep in your bag or car while at work in case the weather takes a sudden turn for the worst.

      Regatta Waterproof Trousers

      Now you’ve got your top half protected from the rain, you need your waterproof trousers to complete the outfit. Regatta waterproof trousers like the Stormflex 2 trousers show that Regatta has invested just as much time and effort into their waterproof pants range as they have any other. These Regatta mens waterproof trousers are made from a polyurethane coated material, giving it its base waterproofing and windproofing properties. Welded seams enhances these qualities further. However, something of particular importance to Regatta’s waterproof trousers and pants is comfort. Thanks to stretch material, having an elasticated waist and tricot knee backing, work pants like the Stormflex trousers are able to be supremely comfortable which is a godsend for the workers who will be wearing them day in, day out.

      There are other types of Regatta waterproof pants besides the conventional type. There are a few Regatta waterproof over trousers, like the Wetherby insulated breathable lined trousers, for you to just put on over your regular trousers when extra protection is needed, Regatta waterproof overtrousers are also breathable to your legs don’t get too warm.

      Regatta Waterproof Bundles

      There are actually a number of waterproof clothing bundles Regatta professional provide, where you can get both a Regatta waterproof work jacket and overtrousers in one bundle. For example, there is the pro packaway breathable jacket and overtrousers bundle that you can keep in your bag or locker until you need them, or for those who need the strongest Waterproofing outfit Regatta has, you can’t go far wrong with the Regatta Pro Stormbreak waterproof jacket and over trousers combo which is guaranteed to remain waterproof for two years.

      The Guru’s view on the Regatta Waterproof range

      Regatta has brilliantly utilised their existing knowledge to create a range of weather proof workwear that is varied and effective. The range is certified as effective according to the EN 343 safety certification and includes other beneficial workwear features such as stretch material to enhance the comfort of the garments for the wearer. Our view is that Regatta Trousers and Jackets are excellent pieces of workwear kit, elevated even further through their capabilities at ensuring they are waterproof and ready to deal with whatever the great outdoors throws at you.

      We deliver Regatta Waterproof jackets and pants worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Regatta Waterproof jackets and Trousers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Gurus collection to see our entire range of thousands of different waterproof workwear garments from all the top brands.