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      Styled to look great anywhere, Portwest bodywarmers are perfect to wear when it's too hot to wear a jacket but also too cold to simply wear a Portwest work shirt. The gilet itself is warm, but the sleeveless design of the vest means your arms don’t get uncomfortably hot either. The niche bodywarmers occupy makes them smart enough to fit in well in the workplace but not too formal that it would be strange to wear one in a casual setting.

      All Portwest gilets are fully lined and padded to trap heat and increase warmth and feature all the classic characteristics you’d expect from conventional bodywarmers. However, they are also much more than this, using fabrics and safety features to enhance their gilets to workwear standards. Several garments, including the Portwest shetland bodywarmer and Portwest Kinross bodywarmer, are made from a mix of polyester and cotton which gives the builds a durable build yet still giving the wearer uncompromised comfort. 

      The utility of the Portwest gilets is especially impressive, especially with the Shetland bodywarmer that has 8 pockets of ample storage for your belongings and tools. Among these, are pockets dedicated towards specific needs, like the phone pocket or the handwarmer pockets. The shetland gilet also comes equipped with a storm flap at the front to help protect you from the wind and rain of the elements.

      Portwest has plenty of gilets and bodywarmers that could easily be used both in work and out. Equally, there is a great deal of Portwest hi-vis bodywarmers intended exclusively for use in the workplace. As such, the hi-vis bodywarmers have more safety features than their regular counterparts do. Chief among them is of course the hi-visibility itself, which has been achieved through the use of vibrant colours and reflective tape. By design, some other Portwest bodywarmers sport a two-tone colour scheme which helps to not only make the gilet standout but also ensures that the bottom of the gilet, where it’s most likely to get dirty, is not in a hi-vis colour and thus the overall hi-vis effect isn’t hampered.

      Portwest hi-vis gilets have built-in resistances to the elements, achieved by using things such as water-resistant fabric finish which beads water away from the wearer. A similar feature is the storm guards included in certain Portwest bodywarmers.

      Cleverly, Portwest has even created reversible fleeces that have one texture/feature on one side and a different one on the other. They can thus be worn either inside or out depending on the desired effect you need to get out of it. Garments like the RT44 hi-vis reversible bodywarmer can be inverted from the usual bright orange to become a regular-looking grey Portwest bodywarmer, for when you aren’t at work. Then there's the S418 reversible bodywarmer which can be inverted to become a fleece, in case the temperature suddenly drops.

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