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      The Portwest range of vests consists of extremely lightweight garments that offer increased visibility through bold colours and reflective strips. They are a great choice to wear over other garments, such as a Portwest t-shirt in hot weather, to increase your visibility or utility without packing on much weight or additional heat.

      Portwest Tool Vests

      Portwest tool vests are equipped with many different types of workwear safety features, some that carry across the whole range and those that are implemented into specific vests that have specific purposes. Some are meant to simply function as an easy way to make someone highly visible, while others are built to be the one workwear garment you need every day to carry all of your tools and ID badge. There are also those vests intended for use in certain conditions, temperatures, and environments.

      Port West Hi Vis Vests

      The F474 Iona vest is what you’re probably thinking of when you hear the term “work vest”. It's meant to simply be worn to keep you visible while at work. It's lightweight and offers a generous fit, and that's all it needs to do.

      One of Portwests most successful vests is the S476 Portwest Berlin hi vis executive vest. Available in a trio of vibrant colours, the Portwest Berlin executive vest is a great mix between the lightweight of a Portwest body warmer or gilet and the practicality of a full jacket. This hybrid is breathable and won't let you get too hot like a jacket may do but still has enough utility through its pockets to be able to carry everything you could need throughout your working day. What's more, the Berlin executive vest is certified to retain its EN ISO 20471 hi-visibility after over 50 washes, so you can be sure the life of the vest will be a long one.

      Portwest Cooling Vests

      Given that work vests are worn more by workers in hot working environments, Portwest saw fit to design a specific Portwest vest that leans even further into being worn in the heat. This led them to come up with the Portwest cooling vest. This innovative Portwest vest promises to keep workers cool for all of their working day via a plethora of different technologies revolving around reducing heat stress and keeping the wearer comfortable, no matter how hot their surroundings are. The unique and innovative feature that enables this is the absorbent properties of the vest. You simply dunk the vest in water at the start of the working day and squeeze to get rid of the excess water. You then get the cold water keeping you cool all day, and the vest won’t even wet any clothes you have on under it. The cooling mesh used on the inside increases breathability further and ensures the vest is also comfortable enough to be worn all day. It's this level of innovation that makes Portwest the fastest-growing workwear company in the world.

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