Technology innovations in clothing: The STRETCH fabric revolution

Unless you've spent the last five years living under a rock, you'll have noticed that casual trousers and jeans have undergone a major transformation with the introduction of STRETCH fabrics. If you still haven't tried one on, drop what you're doing now and go and buy one. You will never go back! The freedom of movement and comfort is game-changing and provides the additional benefit of allowing designers to slim the silhouette of the trouser without compromising comfort. And a slimmer silhouette benefits anyone regardless of shape or size!

Now all serious workwear brands have begun incorporating stretch technology into their ranges. The benefits for the professional tradie are even more pronounced, dramatically improving ease of movement when performing tough jobs in awkward positions and increasing comfort throughout the day. Additionally, STRETCH trousers are much less tear prone and therefore last longer. And just like in the fashion world, the addition of STRETCH has allowed workwear brands to design slimmer and more fitted trousers, improving looks without sacrificing comfort and mobility.


Mascot Workwear world leaders in stretch pants

Mascot Advanced Trousers are renowned for performance stretch fabrics. Some products such as the Mascot Advanced 17279-311 trousers even offer 4-way-stretch for complete comfort and freedom of movement.

The Mascot Accelerate range also has a significant number of work pants - and indeed jackets and other clothes - with stretch

Caterpillar Workwear has been at the forefront of STRETCH technology, with a number of styles in the range including:

  • H20 Defender Trouser - pound for pound this is arguably the most versatile work trouser available today, this slim-fitting trouser incorporates a cotton-rich STRETCH fabric, water-resistance, Cordura knee protection, and removable holster pockets.
  • Floorlayer Flex Trouser - includes STRETCH fabric as well as breathable STRETCH panels in the seat area and behind the knees, not to mention ultra-durable Kevlar knee protection. This is the non plus ultra of trousers for the pro and it looks the business too
  • Operator Flex Trouser - a cargo trouser with stretch fabric and breathable stretch panels at the waist and crotch area, this garment was designed for "operators" and any trade that involves spending lots of time in and out of vehicles. The comfort of these trousers is ridiculous

All of these garments are available from