Top 5 Wellington boots for work

For wet and muddy terrain, Wellington boots are arguably one of the most practical forms of footwear on the market. They are of great use both on and off the worksite, farm or other wet and muddy locations. While simple in their waterproofing nature they are often very different in practice with different levels of comfort, protection, insulation, fit and style.  

With such a vast range of options out there, our Gurus break down some of the basics to look for as we showcase 5 of the best work wellies on the market and illustrate what makes them unique and well-suited to a variety of outdoor working environments.

Rockfall Silt Wellies

First up are one of our best selling selling Rockfall items, the Rockfall Silt wellies, a great offering from an increasingly popular safety footwear brand. It’s not too surprising to see why these wellies have become so popular, they cater to most all wellington boots wearers out there. These wellies are comfortable to wear for days at a time, due to inclusions like the Rockfall proprietary Activ-step anti-fatigue footbed which provides slight bounce back for each step you take, reducing the impact of each step while walking. There is also the breathable and moisture-wicking mesh to help your feet stay cool and dry.

As far as durability and protection are concerned, the Rockfall silt work wellies don’t disappoint. The boots come with a protective toe cap and midsole and a Rockfall FORCE10® solid nitrile rubber outsole which has been proven to dramatically improve abrasion resistance and performance in the heat and cold.

Something else that stands out about the Silt wellies is that they are entirely non-metal in their construction, making them anti static and reducing the heat and cold they are prone to absorb, keeping your feet at a normal temperature and ensuring the Silt wellies can be worn all year round.

You can take a closer look at these Rockfall wellies, along with some others from Rockfalls range in our top 5 Rockfall boots article. The Rockfall Silt Wellington Boot also has a review on our YouTube channel for your convenience.

Buckler bbz8000 Safety Wellies

Sticking with the metal-free theme, we have the Buckler Boots BBZ8000 Safety wellies. Built upon the foundations of the mega successful BBZ6000 work boots, these new boots are more lightweight than their predecessor and have become quite the standout from Buckler’s safety boots range as a whole. These wellington boots are probably one of the most feature-packed items of safety wellingtons around.

For protection purposes, the BBZ8000’s pack so much in while still managing to keep the weight down overall. Part of how they can achieve this is by keeping the entire build non-metallic, which also reduces the risk of static build up or electricity becoming an issue. No metal also means these wellies have both hot and cold insulation, being able to withstand temperatures as high as 150 degrees and as low as -17 degrees for 30 mins at a time. The lightweight and various forms of protection allow these Buckler boots to function well in a multitude of environments.

Other safety features in these wellies include an EN certified ankle impact protection support, which provides strong support to the ankle and achilles, unlike the unsupported, floppy way most other wellies are. There is also a super lightweight nano safety toecap, a lightweight anti-penetration midsole and maximum rated SRC anti-slip outsole.

A major selling point of these wellies is that they are highly visible from all angles, sporting 360 degrees of reflective material that helps you be seen for up to 150m away. It won’t be hard to find you if you’re wearing these boots. Plus, the hi vis is spread all over the build, rather than just the bottom, so when the wellies get muddies, the hi vis effect is not lost.

You can check out our Buckler Boots Wellies showcase article for more items in this range.

Dunlop Prurofort Wellington boots

Next up is another top contender, the Dunlop Prurofort work wellies. Wellies as work footwear are often associated with the agricultural industry due to their unique design and common use in that field. Of the wellies we’ve looked at in this list, these Dunlop boots are perhaps the most appropriate for such use.

With the mud, water and slippery terrain commonly found in agricultural work environments, Dunlop knew it was important to include a good outsole on these wellingtons. Firstly, the outsole is SRC rated, meaning it offers one of the highest grades of slip resistance possible, crucial for providing protection against wet surfaces including both ceramic and steel surfaces covered with water and any clearing products. In addition, this outsole is dirt repellant which helps create a perfect amount for grip. That's not all though, as the outsole is also a heat retaining one, which helps to ensure comfort at cold temperatures of up to -50 degrees.

Dunlop’s thermal work wellies are S5 safety rated and include both a steel toe cap and a midsole for protection against falling objects and hazards on the floor respectively. The build as a whole is lightweight, despite the numerous features they pack into them, meaning these boots can be worn all day long without fatigue. Having an energy absorbing heel provides further ergonomic support.

To top it all off, these dunlop work wellies have a tear and wear resistant shaft, meaning these boots will last you a good while.

Mascot F0852-703 Wellington Boots

As a slightly less obvious option, we’re looking at the Mascot F0852-703 PU wellington boots.  These boots are less feature-rich, but offer the benefit of offering most of the basics and being produced by a top workwear brand whose products last and last. 

PU boots simply means they are made from PU rubber, which most wellington boots are. The PU stands for polyurethane, which is a rubber material that is naturally resistant to water,oils, acids and fats, which, along with the ultra-slip resistant sole, already makes these boots a go to choice for agricultural workers or those working in a slippery work environment all day. Furthermore, the waterproof nature of these work wellies means they can not only function well in wet conditions, but also are fully washable up to 40 degrees Celsius, so you can keep them nice and clear for hygiene's sake.

As far as toughness goes, the PU design affords these wellies a certain degree of protection, as discussed earlier, but what adds to this is the other safety inclusions. For example, these waterproof work wellies come equipped with a steel toe cap as well as a steel midsole, which are great for protecting your feet from common workplace hazards such as nails.

If grip and protection from the elements and other substances is what you need from your work wellington boots, the Mascot F0852-703 wellies work well.

We also have an article discussing some of the best Mascot work boots and shoes, which the F0852-703 wellies were included on.

Buckler bbz5020 non safety wellies

It isn’t always a job necessity to get wellington boots with a whole cavalcade of features. Sometimes all you need is a pair of boots that do exactly what they need to do and protect against the elements with no hazard protection necessary. These are partly why non safety footwear is so appealing. The Buckler BBZ5020 is the non-safety wellie that stands out from Buckler boots’ range as being the classic wellies that you wear in muddy or wet conditions, whether at work or not.

These boots also feature detachable cushion insoles, which are comfortable but also removable so you can insert your own if need be, which may better suit your feet.

The upper and lining are made from neoprene, making these wellies resistant to water and the K3 rubber outsole helps give you superb grip. Naturally these materials also guarantee a long life for the boots also.

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