Buckler Boots Wellies Showcase

Introduction to Buckler’s Wellies

Buckbootz wellies were designed with a clear mission in mind: to effectively deal with hazardous terrain and potential dangers in the workplace while providing comfort and well regulated temperature for the feet over the course of an active day. They have been designed to be suitable for a diverse range of industries and professions - everything from farm and agricultural work, right through to highway or railway repair and construction or even quarry work. That's a lot of expectation being placed on Buckler’s shoulders and their wellies, can they live up to it?

Buckler bbz6000 Safety Wellingtons

The best safety wellingtons need to provide way more than just protection from just rain and mud. These Buckbootz safety wellies do just this, with a complete suite of enhancements and features making them very capable footwear in a multitude of situations. These safety boots, specifically the Buckbootz bbz6000 wellies, are actually one of the most significant innovations in footwear that Buckler has made as a brand. They are rightly proud of their achievement, shouting loudly that their neoprene rubber safety wellington they pioneered became the no.1 product of its kind across all of Europe. Buckbootz themselves refer to the Bbz6000 as the “safety wellington of the generation'' because of this achievement. It's certainly the signature product of the wellies range. With accolades like this, it’s easy to understand the appeal in Buckler as a brand, especially their range of Buck boots wellies.

The bbz6000 wellies are available in a range of two-tone colour combinations and are packed with the safety features expected of S5 boots. To acquire the S5 safety rating, Buckler had to include all the features of S1, 2, 3, and 4 footwear along with the additional features necessary to achieve the coveted S5 rating in the bbz6000 wellies. These features make the bbz 6000’s the icons they are.

An image of the BBZ6000 Buckler Wellington Boot

The S1 features include making the wellies antistatic, and capable of at least 20 joules of energy absorption at the heel of the wellie. In addition, the outsole must be oil resistant. S2 takes things a bit further, requiring boots like the bbz6000 to prevent water penetration from the upper of the boot. S3 requires a boot to include a penetration-resistant outsole of 1100 newtons. This is usually either a steel midsole (as is the case with the Buckler bbz6000) or a composite material, each with their own advantages. The requirement to get S4 is having your boot built mainly from polymer or rubber so it is completely leak and waterproof. Since the only Buckler footwear made from either of these materials is their wellies, attaining the S4 safety requirement is something unique to Buckler’s wellies rather than being applicable to their entire range of footwear. The final step to get the S5 safety rating is to create a wellie with all of the features from the first four stages, which is no issue for Buckler. Since the bbz6000 has all of these traits and more, they are certified as S5 boots.

As well as practicality, the appearance of footwear is of paramount importance. The primary goal of achieving functional benefit can lead to compromises in this space, however the buckbootz s5 bbz6000’s don’t suffer this fate. The steel midsole is joined by a steel toe cap to help protect you from debris or collisions. The neoprene rubber outer layer needed to gain the waterproof properties needed for the S5 safety rating has been styled with distinctive hi vis lining, which can be rolled up and down when extra visibility is needed. The K3 rubber outsole is the result of enhancing the already excellent K2 outsole’s long-life characteristic even further. Featuring wave-effect sipes, the outsole has improved traction on all kinds of terrain, allowing the wellie to achieve the desired, high level of slip resistance to achieve it’s S5 rating.

The Buckler bbz6000 is just as capable on the inside. The interior uses structured aerospenser honeycomb breathable lining, which improves comfort by allowing moisture to escape the inside of the boot. Then there are the cushion insoles which give solace to your feet and can be easily taken out for cleaning or even be replaced with your own insole if you’d prefer.

To add to this already amazing list of safety features, the Buckler bbz6000 has been fitted with cold insulation, meaning these boots can operate with comfort in temperatures as low as -17 degrees for 30 mins. This already versatile boot has only improved further with this addition.

Buckler bbz8000 Safety Wellies

While the Buckler bbz6000 is the prime example of how excellent Buckler can make wellingtons, they have gone one step further and made a more recent incarnation; the Buckler bbz8000. Using a different assembly process to its older brother and including a variety of new safety features and lightweight components compared to the bbz6000, the buckbootz bbz8000 is among Bucklers’ poster child products. 

A couple of the most prominent new features the buckbootz 8000 has when compared to it’s bbz6000 cousin include the vivid 360 degree reflective presence and 150m range of visibility. Rather than just including hi vis patches on key parts of the boots, the bbz8000 wellies are almost entirely covered in hi vis colours. You certainly won’t struggle to be seen wearing these. 

An image of the Buckler Boots BBZ8000 Wellington Boots

Another new inclusion is the EN-certified ankle impact protection and achilles support, which, as the name suggests, protects those parts of your leg from potentially becoming strained or irritated. However there are still those classic features like toe and midsole protection, only much more lightweight than previous Buckler wellies allowed for. 

The buckbootz 8000’s are 100% metal-free, opting to use composite material for its toe cap and midsole. This is how they are able to be so much lighter. In addition, having no metal in the build whatsoever certainly reduces the risk from electricity as the boots are grounded and not capable of conducting any.

Another example of such a unique feature is the forms of insulation the buckbootz bbz8000 wellingtons have. Equipped with both hot and cold insulation, the buckbootz 8000’s are certified for temperatures as hot as 150°C and as cold as -17°C, capable of withstanding either extreme for 30 minutes at a time. The versatility this provides truly makes these wellington boots a great choice for most intensive work environments.

Buckler Non-Safety Wellingtons

Lastly, it's worth remembering that Buckler also designs and manufactures Buckbootz non-safety wellies. They have two main wellies of this variety readily available; the Buckbootz bbz5020 and bbz5666.

The Buckler bbz5020 are rubber non-safety wellies designed for men. They contain everything you need for being out in wet and muddy conditions, whether at work or not. These olive green wellies are fully waterproof and use the brilliant K3 rubber outsole to give them a great feeling of traction thanks to them being rated SRC slip-resistant. The natural durability of the outsole also helps these boots to have a long life, especially as they don’t need to be subject to the same harsh conditions that safety wellies may be subject to. These boots also feature detachable cushion insoles, which are comfortable but also removable so you can insert your own if need be, which may better suit your feet.

An image of the Buckler Boots BBZ5020 Wellington Boot

The all-purpose, everyday non-safety wellies from the womens buckler boots range are the bbz5666 wellies. Sporting near identical specs to the buckbootz bbz5020, the key differences are that these are available in royal blue rather than green and they include flared rubber straps at the front and back.

An image of the Buckler Boots BBZ5666 Non-Safety Wellington Boots

Our verdict on Buckler Wellies

Buckler safety wellies have achieved the highest safety certification possible, and have created some of the most recognisable safety footwear in the industry, certainly showing that they know their stuff when it comes to wellington boots, and all footwear for that matter. 

Buckler Wellies delivered worldwide

At Workwear Gurus, we stock the entire Buckbootz wellington boot range. We deliver Buckler Wellie boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa,  the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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