The top 5 Rockfall Safety Boots

Rockfall have developed a strong reputation for creating technically advanced safety footwear which has led to them becoming a growing name in the workplace footwear industry. There is a wide assortment of different Rockfall boots, shoes and trainers with specific features and characteristics to ensure comfort and safety in a multitude of working environments and conditions. Rock Fall are particularly well known for their range of Rockfall Boots. We’ve taken a look at five of the most popular Rockfall boots to see what they’re made of.

Rockfall Titanium Boots

Beginning with one of the most popular Rockfall safety boots, we have the Rockfall Titanium Boots. Also known as the Rockfall RF4500 boots, the Rockfall Titaniums are highly robust, non-metallic and packed with technical features.

Being 100% non-metallic, the Titanium boots are naturally anti-static and don’t conduct electricity. Furthermore, by not using metals, the overall weight of the Titanium boot is kept down, increasing ease of movement and comfort for the wearer. The decision to commit to a metal-free design has resulted in a composite toe cap being used to protect the front of the shoe from falling debris or collisions. The composite toe caps don’t conduct heat or cold like steel toe caps would, so they don’t have a negative effect on the temperature of the boot. 

An image of the Rockfall Titanium Boot

The Rockfall titanium safety boots use specialist features implemented by industry veterans to enhance its overall suitability for the job at hand. One such feature is using Force 10 nitrile rubber outsoles. These outsoles give the Rockfall RF4500’s brilliant abrasion resistance and the capacity to work undeterred by freezing cold or scorching hot conditions; the grip on the titanium boots will be resolute regardless. The inside is coated in an activ-tex waterproof membrane, which affords the titanium boots a high degree of waterproofing and breathability through its moisture wicking capabilities.

Other key features include the IMPACT SHIELD internal digging plate, which reinforces the midsole of the boot and increases underfoot stability, and the use of R-Ten abrasion resistant thread which doesn’t deteriorate when exposed to the elements and will increase the life of the boots.

We have also made a video about the Titanium Boot, showcasing what it looks like and its features.

Rockfall Monzonite Boots

The Rockfall Monzonite boots are similar to the titanium boots in regards to how many technological features they have. They have Force 10 and R-TEN qualities just to name a few, with plenty more also applicable. Rockfall Monzonite comes with IMPACT SHIELD Metatarsal protection built-in, which is an internal fitting that provides increased protection for your feet. The impact shield internal met guard is non-metallic, shock absorbing foam and is integrated into the tongue of the boots to provide said protection.

In addition, the Rock fall rf540 monzonite boots are equipped with 3M’s thinsulate tech, to keep your feet warm and comfy without packing a lot of additional weight into the shoe.

An image of the Rockfall Monzonite Boot


As opposed to Activ-tex membrane, the Rock fall monzonite boots take advantage of Sympatex’s moisture tech waterproof lining laminate. This laminate excels at wicking moisture from within because of a hydrophilic outer layer that transfers it through an intermediate buffer layer so that the sweat is kept out of your boot during extraneous activity. The moisture is then dispersed from the outside of the boot. This configuration supports dynamic breathability and is well-suited for use in any climate.

Rockfall Alaska Boot

Purpose-built for freezing conditions, the Rockfall Alaska boots could be the cold temperature boot you need.

An image of the Rockfall Alaska Boot

Rockfall Alaska has been built using specialist materials that have been certified as appropriate for temperatures as low as -40 degrees - whether for indoor or outdoor use. Insulation is of utmost importance when designing footwear for cold conditions. Rock fall Alaska boots use one of the best insulation options available: 3M’s Thinsulate technology. But this isn’t just the same Thinsulation as on other Rockfall boots. The specialism of the Rockfall Alaska boot uses Thinsulate B600 ultra; the ultimate insulation for cold weather boots. It is still thin, warm and lightweight, but even more so in all these areas and even more durable for long periods of wear. The warmth and comfort of Thinsulate is only heightened by the fur lining the Alaska boot has on the interior and the insole.

The outsole is also crucial when building a boot intended for cold conditions. You need to have a firm grip and protection from the hazards on the ground. Hence why the Alaska boot has a shock absorbing nitrile outsole. The outsole has been SRC slip resistance approved to the highest level on the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard and is both oil and chemical resistant.

You can find out video showcasing the Alaska Boot on our YouTube channel.

Rockfall Texas Rigger Boots

Rigger boots function as an option half-way between safety boots and wellington boots. The most popular Rockfall rigger boot is the Rockfall Texas rigger boots. These boots have a midsole that has been reinforced with an IMPACT SHIELD internal digging plate, to increase underfoot stability on uneven terrain. And, for convenience, the Texas boots include pull on loops, so you can get in and out of the boots as quickly as possible.

An image of the Rockfall Texas Rigger Boots

Other standout features of the Texas Rigger Boots include the complete level of protection it affords. There is a composite protective toe cap for robust toe protection, the aforementioned IMPACT SHIELD midsole, and a 300 degrees heat-resistant outsole. These Rockfall Rigger boots are SRC slip resistant and have grip capable of being used to climb ladders stably.

The Texas boots are very versatile and their skillset makes them an effective footwear choice in almost any industry; from construction and engineering to quarry and off-shore work.

We have a Rockfall Texas Rigger Boot video on our YouTube channel if you'd like more information.

Rockfall Silt Wellies

Rockfall Wellington boots are designed for work in the worst outside conditions possible, performing in the coldest, wettest and most dangerous terrain you may encounter. The features in Rockfall wellies will help you overcome these big challenges your feet may face at work. These same features make Rockfall Wellingtons widely applicable to a wide variety of different industries.

An image of the Rockfall Silt Wellington Boots

Among the most popular of the Rockfall wellies collection is the Rockfall Silt Wellington boot. These Rockfall RF290’s are anti-static, have extra protective toecaps and midsoles, are SRC slip resistance rated, and are oil resistant. In addition, they have an Activ-Tex waterproof membrane for further protection against water, stacked on top of the existing water resistance provided by the Neoprene upper.

For comfort, the Rockfall RF290 wellies have an Activ-step footbed, made from Rockfall’s finest anti-fatigue materials, including polyurethane. Add in a breathable and moisture-wicking mesh, and you’ve got a boot that’s as comfortable as it is resilient.

The Rockfall Silt Wellington Boot also has a review on our YouTube channel for your convenience.

Our verdict on Rockfall Boots

Designed specifically for a variety of industries and environments, Rockfall work boots not only have versatile applications but are prepared for all eventualities. The construction is strong and packed full of safety features which actually makes them some of the most complete safety footwear items around. On top of this, our Gurus felt the classic style and comfort of Rockfall boots made them a top choice. Rockfall’s focus on creating and utilising cutting-edge techniques in their shoes and accessories helps them create, in our opinion, some of the best safety footwear in the market.

Rockfall Boots delivered worldwide

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