Mascot Work Boots & Shoes - The Mascot Safety Footwear Range Reviewed

Mascot Footwear Review - Safety Boots, Shoes & Sneakers

Mascot Workwear is a major player in the workwear industry. Particularly well-known for their Mascot trousers, jackets, extensive hi vis and other Mascot clothing, one collection that is often overlooked is the Mascot footwear collection.

Mascot Safety Footwear Mascot Footwear Review

Mascot shoes and Mascot safety boots are growing in reputation as high performing safety footwear. And their range of options available is also growing substantially. Employing some of  the latest material and feature trends in the market, while also implementing their own design features, Mascot safety footwear comes with excellent shock absorption, optimum flexibility and the correct protection for your working day as standard. The versatile collection of shoes varies widely, containing everything from traditional Mascot work boots to more casual Mascot shoes that have the same quality, fit and design as Mascot’s other workwear.

We tasked our Workwear Gurus with investigating this lesser-known aspect of Mascot workwear to find out more.

Mascot Safety Boots - (F0453-902 Work Boots)

Starting out strong, we have the F0453-902 Mascot safety boots, a popular seller, and for good reason. Packed with features and with S3 level protection protection, these boots are well-suited for a large variety of working environments.

Mascot Safety Boot Mascot Footwear Review

These boots use the innovative BOA fit system to achieve an effortless and comfortable fit. The BOA system utilises a micro-adjustable dial on the side of the boot, which can be turned to tighten and loosen the strong, lightweight laces on the boot. Once your foot is in, it is so simple to make the F0453 Safety Boots conform to your preferred fit.

Our Gurus believe the resilience is what really makes these safety boots stand out the most. Aside from generally being made of extremely durable and high-quality materials, the boot has a truly large amount of specific protection built in. The aluminium toe cap for example, is ergonomically designed so that it is excellent at protecting your feet whilst kneeling for long periods of time. 

The use of a special textile on the bottom of the boot not only increases comfort and warmth by putting another layer in between your foot and the ground but is crucial in avoiding one of the most prominent dangers of the worksite; nails. Having a textile midsole can better protect against such sharp objects over a wider area than, say, a steel one could, as the textile can be more easily integrated into the boots design. Add in the Mascotex and Thinsulate insulation, and it’s no wonder why our gurus rate the F0453 safety boots so highly.

Mascot Safety Shoe - (F0451-902 Safety Footwear)

Is you are after a Mascot safety shoe that complies to the same S3 safety standards with all the best Mascot footwear features, the Mascot F0451-902 Safety Shoe may be to your liking. 

Featuring the same toughness as the other Mascot high range footwear, the F0451 also has the BOA easy fit system and the nail protection textile inner sole. Towards the back of the shoe, there is a custom Mascot-patented multi-functional shank. This makes these Mascot safety shoes ideal for working on uneven ground or up on ladders, where the extra stability comes in handy.

Mascot Safety Footwear Mascot Footwear Review

The rubber sole in the F0451 safety shoes, and similar Mascot footwear, is very capable. It has been especially designed for demanding environments and, as such, can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C. In addition, the sole is both oil and petrol resistant and sturdy enough to reduce the likelihood of slipping. What’s more, it’s even non-marking and won’t leave any scuff marks behind after them, making them suitable for both inside and outside work.

The insoles are pretty impressive too. They are removable, anti-static and tested to be ensure they will be long-lasting. They have been specifically designed to improve comfort and breathability by absorbing and removing moisture from the inside of the Mascot Safety Shoes. We all know how important feeling cool and dry in your shoes is during a working day.

On the subject of comfort while on your feet, the insole is itself shock absorbing. Several of our customers have remarked how impressed they have been with the performance of the F0415 Safety Shoes, especially since they are £36 less than the similar F0453 Boots.

Mascot Safety Boots - (PU Boots F0852-703 (Wellington Boots))

PU safety boots are Mascot Wellington boots by another name. These Mascot safety boots are suitable for professions where grip and dry feet are of paramount importance. If you work around animals or on slippery surfaces, it’s important to keep your feet warm and protect your toes while ensuring you remain steady. Mascot’s flagship PU safety boot is the F0852-703 safety footwear.

Mascot Safety Boots PU Rubber Mascot Footwear Review

Making these boots out of polyurethane makes them waterproof and flexible, not to mention naturally more resistant to oils, acid and fats compared to the traditional PVC, all of which come in handy across various industries. In addition, the outer sole is both oil and petrol resistant. Additionally, this boot incorporates a steel toe cap and midsole for nail protection.

These wellies are washable at the industry standard of up to 40° C, which maintains a high level of hygiene by removing bacteria, both from the insole and the outer boot. Given how dirty the intended environment for these boots is, the ability to wash them this thoroughly is a major plus from our Gurus perspectives.

Mascot Safety Shoes - (Mascot F0303-901 Safety Shoes)

While the F0303-901 Mascot shoes are very much high performing S3 level safety shoes, it’s very clear to see from their appearance that they were created to function like typical casual trainers, but with some of the enhancements expected of workwear. In the F0303 shoes case, little compromise has been made when transferring workwear boot features into a more casual looking trainer. 

Mascot Shoes Mascot Footwear Review

The F0303 safety shoes are metal free, instead opting to utilise a composite material for the toecap and Phylon for the midsole. Not only does this help the safety shoes maintain their relatively more casual look, but also works to reduce the weight of the shoes in general, increasing comfort and ease of movement. In the toecap’s case, the composite material doesn’t conduct heat or cold like a steel toe cap would do, which increases comfort in both warm and chilly environments. The Phylon midsole is a more comfortable base than steel would have been and gives the shoe more of an elastic comfort.

The rubber outer sole of these Mascot safety shoes has the kind of features you’d expect in more expensive safety boots. Aside from being oil and petrol resistant, the sole has Mascolayer textile nail protection integrated into it. This soft and durable textile was created by Mascot to give their footwear range the capability to be nail-protected, without having the weight that steel protection would add to the shoe. We were equally as impressed with the insole in these shoes, because they are as lightweight and flexible as the rest of the shoe and even acts as a great shock absorber - something that is important in reducing foot pain.

Our verdict on the Mascot safety boot and work shoe collection

Just a glimpse of these items in the Mascot footwear range shows that Mascot shoes and Mascot safety boots are high quality kit. The brand has certainly developed a loyal customer following for their quality Mascot work clothing and it’s fair to say that they seem to be applying the same care and attention to detail in their footwear as they do with their other workwear ranges. It isn’t just the quality that we were impressed with, but also the variety of the range and how there really is something for most all working environments.

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