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With safety standards at the forefront of industry these days it's no surprise that Hi Vis workwear is one of the fastest-growing segments in the workwear industry - and Blaklader Workwear is one of the best known brands in Europe for quality and variety. While Blaklader are known for their extensive Blaklader work trouser collection, Blaklader Workwear are also highly regarded with their huge range of clothing that allows workers to stay easily visible in different conditions and environments. It is designed to ensure safety and comfort whilst working in all weathers. 

The range includes high vis trousers, high vis shorts, high vis jackets, high vis overalls, high vis shirts and t-shirts, high vis chaps and even a high vis kilt! 


Blaklader Hi Vis workwear - mens and womens

All items in the Blaklader hi vis range are fully certified to European Standards with a number of products in each of the three classes, where class 1 provides the basic level of visibility all the way up to class 3 which provides the ultimate visibility. You can read more about this in another of our blog posts about hi vis classifications but for now we'll avoid the technical detail and summarise: The classification is based upon the amount of fluorescent and reflective material on the item. Each piece of clothing has its own rating and it’s also possible to combine different garments to reach a higher rating. For example, combining the Class 2 High Vis softshell jacket with the Class 2 High Vis trousers with stretch attains a Class 3 rating. 

These are the different ranges for you to choose from: 

  • Stretch: The first high vis trousers to benefit from Blaklader four-way stretch fabric. Designed for tough jobs without compromising comfort and fit. 
  • Retro-look: A slimmer-fit range with an attractive retro look. 
  • UV Protection & Ventilation: From when you need to be easily visible whilst working in hot and sunny conditions. This range provides maximum freshness with a range of Blaklader hi vis t-shirts.
  • Extreme Comfort: A range of softshell jackets and trousers to provide ultimate comfort and maximum functionality whilst still be clearly visible. 
  • Lined jackets: Warm, watertight and ventilated for the toughest conditions. 
  • Visible: Modern workwear with high vis detailing for when that extra visibility is helpful but not required. 
  • Rain fighters: On top of the different levels of visibility, Blaklader also carry a range of different weather-proof solutions in their high viz range. Level 1 offers basic styles in a pliable lightweight fabric; level 2 is for those who want something more durable for work; level 3 provides extremely durable fabrics for those who work in the toughest conditions. 
  • Flame resistant: For ultimate safety and protection, Blaklader offer a small range of high visibility and flame retardant jackets and trousers. 

We asked a team of our gurus to put these products to the test and let us know what they thought. 


H2: Blaklader 1508 Hi Vis Trousers (Blaklader X1500 Hi Vis Work Trousers)

Blaklader 1508 Hi Vis Trousers (Blaklader X1500 Hi Vis Trousers)


The 1508 High Vis Trouser is from Blaklader Workwear’s popular X1500 range. It is a top-quality high visibility trouser that’s perfect for craftsmen. It provides a modern design and good fit. This one falls into the Class 1 certification under EN ISO 20471. Not just classic orange work trousers, they’re available in a range of colours - navy blue / high vis yellow, navy blue / orange, black / high vis yellow and black / red. The trousers include 50mm and 70mm wide reflective tape around the thighs and ankles.


A few of the team who tested the trousers knew a little about the strength of Cordura fabric and appreciated how its incorporation could make the Blaklader pants last a lot longer than other competitor offerings. They appreciated the pre-bent knees for freedom of movement as they were used to high visibility clothing that didn't really consider the 'fit' in quite the same way.  This is something a lot of our customers seem to have come to expect from the Blaklader X1500 range.  


The design features were really thoughtful and helped them throughout their working day. Everyone found the many pockets to be placed in the right places and with the right closures to help keep their items stashed away safely. Blaklader don't scrimp on things that other brands do. Holster pockets were particular large and nicely accessible. The corners of them are diagonally cut to prevent nails or other items getting stuck in the corners - a nice, thoughtful touch.


The team also liked the idea that these could be industry washed at 70 degrees and still retain their high visibility status. This is because it’s made from 65% polyester, 35% cotton twill and weighs 300g/m2. 


OUR VERDICT: A high-visibility workwear trouser that provides great comfort and good pocket features. The favourite colour combination among the testers was the hi vis red trousers, something a little different from the usual. 


Blaklader 1997 Hi Vis Trousers (Blaklader X1900 Hi Vis Trousers)

 Blaklader 1997 Hi Vis trousers with 4-way-stretch (Blaklader X1900 Hi Vis Trousers)

The Blaklader 1997 High Vis trousers are part of the premium X1900 Blaklader collection. They are certified to EN ISO 20471 class 2 and offer protective clothing with high visibility. 


We gave these Blaklader High Viz trousers to a group of construction workers who were working before dawn and after dusk to crack on with the job despite the reduced daylight in winter. 


The team really liked these comfortable and versatile high visibility trousers from Blaklader. They found them to be extremely flexible and comfortable because of the four-way stretch fabric. The mesh ventilation on the back of the knees was an extra touch to provide added comfort when putting in the hours on the job. The Cordura used to reinforce the hardest wearing areas is the highest grade Cordura 1000 so no expense has been spared there. 


Like a lot of other Blaklader workwear products, the thing that made these stand-out from other products are the pockets. The back pockets are reinforced and can fit a lot in thanks to the bellow seams and flap over the top. They also have reinforced nail and rules pockets to help prevent annoying holes that can reduce the lifetime of the garment. Not that you have to worry about that with Blaklader as all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee on the triple-sewn seams. In fact they are the only workwear brand that offer this.


These Blaklader Hi Vis pants come in a huge range of sizes, three different leg-lengths and two different colour combinations of yellow work trousers - navy/yellow and black/yellow. 


OUR VERDICT: Stand-out from the crowd in the Blaklader 1997 High Visibility trousers. We review Blaklader X1900 trouser range in more detail here


Blaklader 1384 Hi Vis Rain Trousers


Blaklader 1384 Hi Vis rain Trousers - UK, US, worldwide


High visibility clothing is always important.  But, by the very nature of outdoor work involved for many wearers, it's often very important to have high visibility products that protects them from the elements-  especially the wind and rain. 


We gave the Blaklader 1384 High Visibility Rain Trousers to one of our customers who works a lot outside to try on a wet and windy day. 


He first noticed the good fit, and ease putting them on thanks to the fact they are very lightweight and feature adjustable elastic and drawstring waistband as well as the adjustable leg bottom. When out in the rain, he claimed he didn’t feel a drop of rain or a gust of wind - the trousers are both windproof and waterproof thanks to the welded seams.


These Blaklader High Vis rain trousers protect against the elements and also conform to Class 2 EN ISO 20471. They have two stripes of 65mm wide reflective tape around the calves and come in high vis yellow, orange and red. They come in eight different sizes from XS to 4XL and the adjustable features provide extra versatility of fit. 


OUR VERDICT: Perfect for chucking on over the top of a lightweight pair of trousers when the conditions take a turn for the worst.


Blaklader 4491 Hi Vis Softshell Jacket


Blaklader 4491 Hi Vis Softshell Jacket


 Our gurus have commented how soft and lightweight the jacket was and were pleasantly surprised that it was also quite a stretchy feel to the fabric. They described it as comfortable and warm in general - but with good temperature regulation. Being windproof and waterproof it performed well when in the rain. Basically they said that it’s soft and stretchy like leisurewear but tough, windproof and waterproof like workwear.  


This Blaklader Softshell offers class 2 protection according to EN ISO 20471 with reflective tape and detailing on both the body and the sleeves. 


We gave the Blaklader 4491 High Visibility Softshell jacket to one of our construction worker customers to try. Our tester liked how they had designed the jacket with darker sections in those areas that can get particularly grimy, like around the cuffs and pockets. The drop-hem at the back also helped to keep their bum dry and prevent annoying drips soaking their trousers. The hem also has a drawstring to stop drafts getting in and velcro on the sleeves to stop the wind blowing up the arms. 


They come in a wide range of colours and sizes. We stock the full range here at Workwear Gurus. 


OUR VERDICT: Extreme comfort, high visibility, stylish fit. Perfect for windy and rainy conditions with a removable hood so it doesn’t get in the way if the weather perks up.


Blaklader 6763 Hi Vis Winter Overall


Blaklader 6673 Hi Vis Winter Coverall - UK, US Worldwide


The Blaklader Hi Vis winter overall is made for the toughest conditions. We gave it to a team of roadside workers who are used to the need for both hi vis and weather protection in their line of work. They could feel the quilt-lining that sits below the breathable wind and water-tight material. They said kept them snug and warm but they didn't get sweaty. This is because the breathable fabric allows moisture to evaporate - together with the help of the under-sleeve ventilation. The collar is also fleece-lined for added warmth and  the removable hood has a warm-lining. The trousers come with an in-built snow gaiter with velcro button and opening to stop snow working its way in and over the boot. After all, nobody wants wet feet when they’re working in the cold, wet and snow. 


A lot of customers mention the thoughtful design touches when commenting on Blaklader Workwear. The buys who tried these Blaklader winter overalls commented that the pockets provided easy access to the items that they need to carry to do the job while keeping them separate from personal items like phones and snacks that they need throughout the day. 


These winter overalls come in two different leg-lengths, a range of sizes and four different colour combos. They have reflective tape on the body, sleeves, shoulders and legs. 


OUR VERDICT: These Blaklader Winter Overalls will certainly keep you dry visible and warm in the most wintery of conditions.



The Blakalder Hi Vis range has a huge variety of items from T-shirts and summer wear to heavy winter gear. The top end gear is some of the best for premium performance wear. 

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item from the Blaklader Hi Vis range - all sizes and colour variations - so you have the full choice of items available to you. 

We specialise in worldwide shipping and deliver the full Blaklader hi vis range regularly to the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Europe and Worldwide