Blaklader x1900 Trousers, Shorts, Tool Vests, Painters Pants & more reviewed

What is the Blaklader x1900 range and who is it designed for?



We tried-out some of the Blaklader Workwear X1900 collection with the help of  our Gurus. The Blaklader X1900 range is designed for ultimate performance and comfort, whilst also being modern in cut and stylish in appearance. This range is for craftsmen and women in multiple skilled trades so we garnered feedback from  electricians, plumbers, carpenters and various construction workers to get their thoughts.


The first thing our testers noticed and loved was the stretch fabric. Blaklader use Cordura stretch fabric to provide the optimum balance of quality, function, style and comfort. Not just Cordura 500, but top grade Cordura 1000 - so no expense is spared on ensuring durability. This is designed to give ultimate comfort while still proving hugely strong. The guys appreciated the freedom of movement in the Blaklader stretch trousers and said they were able to be comfortable whilst moving around throughout the day. 


But it wasn’t just the comfort-factor, the products in this range are really hard-wearing too. The Blaklader work trousers come with Cordura reinforcement of fabric around the knees, great when on a job you’re on your hands and knees all day long. As well as the knees, other hard wearing areas such as pockets and the hem above the boot are reinforced in many cases to ensure a really long life to the garment and is intended to make sure these traditional weak spots don't bring that to a premature end.


The guys who tried the Blaklader X1900 pants, ranging from guys in their twenties to their forties, all thought the range looked modern and stylish - not always what they expect from high quality performance wear where practical is the main goal. Their feeling was that it wasn’t just functional, it was pretty fashionable too - a lot of that was down to the modern slim-fit cut.


Blaklader are well known for their workwear trousers, it's no surprise really that Blaklader X1900 pants feature heavily in the range. The Blaklader X1900 trousers collection includes Blaklader workwear trousers in 4-way stretch fabric and stretch denim. You can also buy shorts, tool vests and more within the same Blaklader X1900 range.


As well as the usual products for men, there is also a large women’s range with their specialist fit. Each product is available in a wide-range of sizes and fits, so that you can be comfortable and is designed to provide a fitted look no matter what size and shape you are. 



Blaklader 1990 and 1999 trousers - Blaklader X1900 Denim Stretch Trousers

Blaklaer 1999 Trousers - Blaklader X1900 Pants


Some of our gurus tried the Blaklader 1990 trousers whilst another group tried the Blaklader X1999 trousers. All our gurus had a very similar experience with these great products. The main difference between the Blaklader 1990 trousers and the Blaklader 1999 trousers is the fit. The Blaklader 1990 pants are a more traditional straight-fit with a high waist whilst the Blaklader 1999 pants are a more modern slim-fit with a low-rise waist and low-slung crotch. 


Both these Blaklader trousers have 2-way stretch with stretch-panels in the crotch, calf and knee-pocket. They  found that these gave them great flexibility so they could work in comfort all day long. Those who tried the 1990 liked the fact that the legs were pre-bent for added contouring shape.


Our gurus appreciated the thoughtful design touches that really helped make a difference during their working day. There are two belt loops on the sides with a button for a hammer loop. A d-ring in the waistline to attach a key chain or ID card. They felt secure that the seams wouldn’t rip due to the 3 needle stitching on the inner leg seams and the reinforced crotch seam. 


Blaklader X1900 Trousers - lots of handy pockets


Last but not least, the pockets! These trousers have so many well thought-through pockets. There is a back pocket with bellow that easily stores chunkier items. The leg, telephone and kneepad pockets all have some sort of closure to help you keep your important items in place. One of the most thoughtful touches is that all Blaklader trousers have reinforced pockets for those sharper objects like nails and rules so that they don’t wear through and ruin your clothes or cut your skin. 


OUR VERDICT: It’s a tough choice between these two hard-working trousers but we’d pay that bit extra for the slim-fit Blaklader X1999 trousers every time. The style is worth the money. For women, the Blaklader 7990 is a great option. We have lots of Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters who rave about these pants



Blaklader 1998 Trousers - Blaklader X1900 4-way-stretch pants

Blaklader 1998 Craftsman Trousers - 4-way-stretch Blaklader X1900 pants

The Blaklader 1998 trouser is the flagship trouser in the Blaklader X1900 range. That’s why we simply had to get a team of our Workwear Gurus to try this product and put its advanced performance and outstanding comfort to the test. 


When trying on the Blaklader 1998 trouser, the first thing that our gurus noticed was the soft-feel on the inside of the trousers. It feels so good next to the skin because the fabric is brushed on the inside. This is a real point of difference from other stretch trousers, even those at the top end of the market. It almost feels like you're wearing comfortable sweat pants rather than work trousers!


Then, once the products were on, our gurus could really feel the difference in movement. That’s because the Blaklader 1998 trouser comes with an even more  four-way stretch rather than the usual two-way stretch. As the name suggests, 4-way-stretch allows seamless movement in all directions, even with a more fitting trouser. The product also has a water-repellent finish - handy for anyone who works outside. We've all been caught in a rainstorm and it's great to not feel any damp feeling afterwards! These Blaklader workwear trousers are also perfect for working in hot climates as the mesh panels on the back of the knees help with ventilation, breathability and comfort.  


Craftsmen carry a lot of stuff around with them and they need to know where it is to access it quickly. Isn’t it frustrating when you’re stuck with your head under the sink and you can’t find your spanner? That’s where these great pockets come in… The Blaklader 1998 trouser comes with large tool pockets as standard. These are strong, reinforced and able to hold an impressive 5kg of weight, and who would want to carry something heavier than that in their pocket? . 


These trousers look great on and that’s due to the slighty tapered leg that complements the mid-waist and low crotch.  Another neat touch is the reflective detailing on the pockets and the calves to make sure you’re visible at night whether you’re working on just walking home from work. 


These Blaklader trousers use top quality materials that are built to last. The knee pad pockets use Cordura, a super strong reinforced material with stretch included for comfort and durability. Like a lot of Blaklader workwear, the seams are triple-stitched and covered by a lifetime guarantee. A move that shows just how confident Blaklader are in the quality of their products. 


OUR VERDICT: There’s a reason why the 1998 Blaklader Trousers are one of our best-sellers here at Workwear Gurus. The team who tried this didn’t want to give them back and we know that the trousers will go the distance thanks to their strong stretch fabric and modern, timeless style.



Blaklader 1079 Painters Trousers (Blaklader X1900 4-way-stretch Painters trousers)

 Blaklader 1079 painters trousers - Blakader X1900 painters pants


We asked a team of painters to try out the Blaklader 1079 Painters Trousers whilst they were painting our headquarters here at Workwear Gurus. They were used to Painters clothes that were more typically throwaway quality that doesn’t last so were really interested to try out this more advanced, technical gear. How would the Blaklader Painters Trousers fare? 


All the team found that these Blaklader Painters trousers were particularly comfortable - allowing good movement while manoeuvring around, climbing up and down ladders etc. The 4-way stretch fabric provides ease-of-movement in all directions, this means that it didn’t restrict movement no matter how you move. It certainly kept our painters feeling very comfortable all day long. They liked the mesh ventilation at the back of the knees which they felt helped stop them working up a sweat. Clearly pretty useful for indoor work.


Throughout the day, the Painters found a number of advanced design features that made small but noticeable differences. These details include specially designed pockets for brushes and putty knives, plus holster pockets for extra bits and pieces. They were also impressed by how easy they are to wash, helping to prevent build-up of paint that risks making the products stiff and cardboard-like over time.  


The team liked how they come in three different leg-lengths and a big variety of waist-sizes. This helped them to choose the right fit so that they’re spared the embarrassment of a builders bum whilst reaching down to paint the corners. They’re only available in traditional Painter's white but Blaklader Workwear have the other X1900 trousers in other colours for those who prefer it.


OUR VERDICT: These painters trousers last. No matter how tough the job, they’re comfortable, functional and stylish. At the top of the market when it comes to advanced painters pants. Please also read our full Blaklader painters collection review.




Blaklader 1987 Shorts - the Blaklader X1900 Shorts

 Blaklader 1987 work shorts - Blaklader X1900 shorts - US, UK, worldwide

Shorts are obviously great for working in hot weather - but are not just a summer thing. We often hear from customers who like to wear shorts when they’re working indoors. It keeps them cool and provides extra manoeuvrability. We got a team of local tradesmen to try the Blaklader 1987 shorts whilst they fitted an industrial kitchen in their local hospital.


These shorts are similar to the Blaklader 1998 trousers in many ways. They use the same high-tech materials like four-way stretch and Cordura reinforcement. 


Although shorter in length, they don’t fall short on design features especially when it comes to pockets. The back pockets come with a bellow so it expands and the team could fit plenty of bits and bobs in there. The team found the reinforced ruler pocket and back pocket particularly helpful and knew it would help prevent holes developing in those frequently worn areas. 


The only thing some people missed was somewhere to stash their nails but Blaklader have already thought of that. If you want the added functionality of nail pockets, then try the Blaklader 1988 shorts. 


OUR VERDICT: These Blaklader work shorts are great for hot jobs. We’d naturally recommend going with the 1988 version if you want somewhere to stash those screws, nails and other bits and pieces safely while on the job.


Blaklader 3119 Tool Vest - the Blaklader X1900 Tool Vest



Blaklader 3119 Tool Vest - Blaklader X1900 Tool Vest - US, UK worldwide

We find that a lot of carpenters like to wear a tool vest as it adds functionality to their normal wardrobe. It helps them carry lots of tools, which are easily accessible to them whilst they work. So we gave a team of carpenters working on a stage-design at our local theatre a few to try… 


This Blaklader waistcoat has two 'Napoleon pockets'. If, like many of us here, you were wondering what a Napoleon pocket is then it’s a pocket in the chest that comes in really handy for stashing things you need at the ready. Our carpenters used theirs to hold the set design drawings and were impressed how this pocket could hold a full A4 pad of paper without it significantly crumpling or creasing. 


The Blaklader tool vest also has numerous other pockets. The chest pockets, one with a flap for easy access and the second with buttons to store a knife safely. The removable nail pockets at the back was helpful but easily removed for a sleeker look. Our testers never worried about it becoming too heavy, even when the pockets were full. That’s because it comes with a waist strap to help take the load and strain off your neck. 


As you wear a vest over the top of your other clothes they can easily make you too warm. This was never an issue for our carpenters even though they were working in a stuffy theatre. They stayed cool whilst working hard because of the mesh on these waistcoats that helps them stay cool. It’s a lightweight item with some strong functionality thanks to the Cordura which reinforces key areas. 


OUR VERDICT: Undoubtedly our favourite option for a workwear waistcoat. Thoughtful pockets. Cool mesh. Quality finish.



You get what you pay for. This range isn’t cheap but it is one of the best for premium performance wear. We think it’s worth that extra investment for a quality item that lasts, and looks good too. Blaklader never compromises on quality, we don’t think you should either.  

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item from the Blaklader X1900 range in every size and colour available so you have the full choice of items available to you. 

We specialise in Worldwide shipping and deliver the full Blaklader X1900 range regularly to the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Europe and Worldwide