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      Scruffs Jackets - the full collection, and our view

      With a mantra to make workwear that ‘gets the job done’ at an affordable price, whilst also looking the part, Scruffs take care to apply this philosophy to all the types of clothing in their range. In our opinion this is clearly demonstrated by the Scruffs workwear jackets range. Work jackets and coats are among the most important types of garments a worker could need, responsible for protecting them from the weather, keeping them warm while also needing to be an effective piece of workwear in terms of practicality and utility. Using established style trends, Scruffs make their coats and jackets look good enough for use both on and off the worksite. This, in addition to the numerous features that are present in the Scruffs workwear jackets range, is what allows Scruffs product range to not only look professional, but act like it as well.

      Scruffs Coats and Scruffs Waterproof Jackets

      The features and materials that go into Scruffs work coats are of a high standard, often similar to other brands of a higher price. Let's start by checking out an all-rounder Scruffs jacket; the Scruffs worker jacket. It’s ready for all types of weather thanks to its fully waterproof design, made possible thanks to a 100% hard wearing polyester build coupled with taped seams and an adjustable hood that can be pulled down at will to defend you from rain and wind. What’s more, the workwear jacket has storm flaps on the front to prevent the elements attacking you from all angles. If we take the weather protection qualities away, we are still left with a superb work jacket. The already-discussed hard wearing polyester is also reinforced with Ripstop, which almost guarantees the garment a long life. For utility, the trade jacket has 3 outer pockets and 1 internal pocket, so you can keep your tools and equipment to hand at all times. All the jackets in Scruff’s work range can also be personalised with your branding if you wish, thanks to the streamlined designs exhibited.

      Scruffs Softshell Jackets

      A large number of Scruffs jackets are softshell jackets. Softshell is a light material that is water resistant and can protect the wearer from light rain. It’s also easier to integrate stretch material into softshell material, allowing many of these Scruffs jackets to offer the wearer an increased amount of movement, a quality always useful while at work, or outside of it. Softshell material is also usually fairly breathable, allowing for good ventilation and, as a result, a more comfortable time wearing the jacket. Breathability is especially important when wearing the garment all day, as many workers will be doing with Scruffs softshell jackets, The Scruffs worker softshell jacket is a great example of what a softshell jacket can be. This Scruffs soft shell jacket has been fitted with fleece lining to amplify the warmth it retains, as well as having the water resistant exterior improved further by the adjustable hood, cuffs and hem. Other Scruffs softshells have their own unique advantages to each other, such as the Scruffs pro softshell having reflective detailing for enhanced visibility, or the Scruffs trade tech softshell jacket combining all the features of the other jackets to create something that has everything you could need from a work jacket. One of the most popular of all jackets is the Scruffs Expedition Jacket. This is a lightweight work jacket with a body-mapped design that provides Thinsulate insulation, and softshell sleeves that provide stretch when reaching. It’s a stylish and highly practical work jacket from Scruffs and we can understand the popularity.

      Scruffs Winter Jackets

      Scruffs also have jackets that are excellent at protecting you from the coldest environments. While there are many of Scruffs softshell jackets with fleece lining, their most notable example of a Scruffs winter jacket is probably the Scruffs thermo jacket. The Scruffs trade thermo jacket is padded with Insatherm® padding which helps insulate the coat and allows body heat to be retained. The build is also made from softshell nylon fabric, which means that it is not only water and wind resistant, but also is still lightweight and flexible despite the padding. The elasticated hood, cuffs and hem also contribute to the retention of warmth whilst also not allowing wind to get in.

      Our review of the Scruffs Workwear Jackets range

      To summarise, the Scruffs work jackets range is a comprehensive and functional range of jackets with good use of fabric technologies and features. The range is stylish and appealing and none of it would look out of place as casual wear outside a work environment. In our Gurus opinion, you are getting a garment that will last and that you can wear everywhere, for an affordable price at that!

      We deliver Scruffs Jackets Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Scruffs jackets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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