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      Good workwear accessories can make a big difference to comfort, fit and function of your workwear. No matter what the rest of the workwear outfit is, the need for additional garments to supplement the capabilities of the wearer as well as making it easier to quickly adapt to the work environment you are in. With the help of these workwear accessories, these goals can be achieved.

      When Scruffs promise “we’ve got you covered, head-to-toe”, they really mean it. With a varied range of workwear accessories at their disposal, including Scruffs socks, hats, belts and gloves, you can kit yourself out with whatever you need for your work environment.

      Why not get a Scruffs hat or Scruffs beanie?

      The Scruffs hat range is compact, with only 7 items, yet has the most types you could want for all conditions and all at a reasonable price.

      One of the many reasons why you’d want a work hat is obviously for warmth, especially during the winter months or in a cold work environment. One of the most popular Scruffs hats is the Scruffs trade bobble hat. This hat features 3M Thinsulate lining, a great insulator, widely used in the industry, that helps the hat dry quickly and retain heat. What's more, the trade bobble hat also contains stretch material to ensure a comfortable fit. Typical of the Scruff’s style, this bobble hat, along with other Scruffs hats, wouldn’t look out of place down the pub or on a long walk. It can be worn anywhere at any time.