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      Much like the Dealer boot, the Rigger boot is a pull-on work boot designed to ensure comfort and practicality in the workplace. Buckler Rigger boots operate in the work-based footwear industry as an amalgamation of Buckler wellington boots and traditional lace-up safety boots. The lace-less, convenient, pull-on nature of wellies is expertly paired with the ankle support of lace-up work boots to create the rigger boot.

      The features of Buckler Rigger Boots

      A Buckler rigger boot comes with plenty of safety features that will make them more than a match for most working situations. The signature feature being the built-in ankle support, enhanced by Buckler’s shaped leg stems and padded ankle areas to give you instant comfort the moment you slip them on, no adjustment is needed. Aside from their ankle support, Buckler Rigger boots also incorporate waterproof, breathable membrane systems to protect you from wet weather whilst also helping the temperature inside of the boots stay regulated, increasing your comfort even further. Certain Buckler boots, like the Buckler B701smwp, also have a kick-off pad and reinforced pull-up loops to make getting the boots on and off quickly, as they have been designed to, as quick and easy as possible.

      There are also more features expected of Safety Buckbootz Rigger boots, including using a strong outsole that has been tested for at least slip and oil resistance. Buckler Rigger boots use outsoles that are capable of much more than just this. The Bsh010br boot has a Buckshot rubber outsole, which has some of the best anti-abrasion effects achievable, and the Buckler b701 has a K3 rubber sole, with weight-saving wave-effect sipes.

      This is just scratching the surface of Bucklers Rigger boots offerings. Between them, they have a complete plethora of features that add up to make these rigger boots a great fit for any workplace. At the front, there are anti-scuff, steel safety toe caps to minimise the pain from any potential falling objects or collisions with your rigger boot. 

      Each Buckler Rigger boot still has its unique features and characteristics though. For example, the buckler b701, being anti-static, significantly reduces the risk of an electrical build-up and the potential danger of sparking an ignition. In addition, the Buckler b701 boots have energy absorption in the heel of 20 joules, cushioning each step you take, and using that energy to give you more spring in every step you take. The insole of the bsh010br boots is a memory insole that gives your feet comfort and support each time you wear them, as it remembers the contours and shape of your feet. The Buckler bsh010br boots also have the S3 tag, meaning they are equipped with steel penetration-resistant midsoles capable of withstanding 1100 newtons worth of force and have water-resistant leather uppers to prevent moisture from entering the boot.

      We are so pleased with the Buckbootz b701 rigger boot, we even included it in our top 5 Buckler boots article.

      Aside from the water resistance, leather as a material for Bucklers’ rigger boots does have its other advantages. It is naturally breathable, so the temperature inside your boots will be properly regulated. High-quality leather-like the crazy horse leather used on Buckler rigger boots is durable enough to suit the most demanding work environments and will outlast boots made of most other materials.

      Buckler Rigger Boots Sizes

      Alongside the feel of the insole, the size of the rigger boot you choose is the defining factor in being comfortable in your footwear. Width and length are also important, as they are with any item of footwear. To learn more about the foot size of Buckler Rigger boots, you can simply check one of our Buckbootz shoe listings, as they contain an international footwear size conversion chart for both men's and women’s shoes respectively. 

      Buckler Rigger Boots Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Buckler rigger Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa,  the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Feel free to browse the entire Buckler footwear range - we stock all items - or take a look at our main Workwear Guru's collection to see our entire range of different rigger boots from all the top brands.