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      Dealer boots, sometimes also referred to as Chelsea boots, are hard-wearing, ankle-high, leather boots suited to being worn for both leisure and work. Buckler dealer boots usually include an elastic side panel which, along with the loop on the back, helps the wearer pull these Buckler slip-on boots on and off with ease.

      Buckbootz' standout dealer boots incorporate their custom “Buckflex” feature which drastically reduces heel dig and makes each boot easier to take on and off. The features Buckflex adds don’t compromise the lightweight and ankle support these boots offer, only enhancing the appeal of the boot overall.

      Most Buckler dealer boots are made from leather, due to their natural waterproofing, recognisability, and professional aesthetic. This leather is all attached together through the use of triple-stitched seams, guaranteed to last longer and prolong the life of the boots as a result.

      Types of Buckler Dealer Boots

      Buckler makes dealer boots in both safety and non-safety variants. There are plenty of characteristics in the safety boots range that make them suitable for the dangers of the workplace, the aforementioned BuckFlex built-in shoe horn being just one of them. Buckler safety dealer boots, such as the Buckler b1150sm boot have a region specifically dedicated to energy absorption, to reduce the impact of each step on your foot, and increase the spring in your step at the same time.

      The Buckler b1150 is that good, it featured in our top 5 Buckler boots article.

      Naturally, Buckler dealer safety boots also need to have sturdy and resilient outsoles, leading to the Buckler Chelsea boots range using rubber outsoles of the highest caliber; those with SRC slip resistance and oil resistance. Sticking on the topic of the bottom of the boot, Buckler safety dealer boots are frequently fitted with anti-penetration steel midsoles, to reduce the risk of sharp objects on the floor piercing your boot. Then there's also the ever-important steel toe cap at the front of the boot to protect your feet from falling objects and collisions. The Buckler 1990sm is a great example of a Buckler safety dealer boot, containing many of the features listed above.

      Buckler Safety Dealer boots are also present in a few more ranges of Buckbootz boots; Nubuckz, Bucks Viz, and, appropriately, Dealerz boots. The Dealer boots belonging to one of these three ranges stand out thanks in part due to their injection-molded, deep-cleated rubber outsole, certified by the European S3 HRO SRC standards as capable of withstanding the highest levels of heat and oil exposure that are tested for. The front of this outsole also has a ribbed anti-scuff toe. The Dealerz boots collection uses metal-free toe caps and midsole protection as well as a reflective safety strip to increase your visibility in a subtle way. This is in addition to the S3 standards-certified features the Dealerz range has already as standard.

      However, what if you want the convenience of a dealer boot, but the safety features aren’t necessary? Well, there's also a range of Buckler non-safety dealer boots to look through. The non-safety range still features boots equipped with the Buckflex shoe horn for easy access and the same tough Goodyear welted leather and triple stitching that ensures the non-safety boots are as durable as the safety ones are. The main variation between different non-safety Buckler dealer boots is the styling of the leather on the outside. Notable boots in this range include the Buckler b1300, Buckler 1500, and the Buckler 1400 boots. The B1400 boots in particular were, like the b1150 safety dealer boots, good enough to make it into our top 5 Buckler boots article.

      Since innovation has been so key to Buckbootz’s success, it's only natural that they would create a range dedicated to this continued effort. Enter the Buckler hybridz boots. To show the hybridz range in a practical sense, we have the Buckler HYB2BR safety dealer boot. This boot has been designed to have the convenience and slip-on nature of other Buckbootz dealer boots, but with the addition of fitting adjustment as provided by laces. This boot can still be slipped on with the pull loop at the back, but the laces can be adjusted to ensure your feet have an optimum fit, and you have comfort. Along with this flexibility, there are numerous safety features that are to be expected of Buckler dealer boots, such as the max level SRC slip resistance, water-resistant uppers, and anti-penetration midsoles. 

      Buckler buckshot dealer boots are much the same as the rest of Bucklers dealer boots, but with even more safety features added in. Buckler Buckshot boots make use of the Buckshot outsole, which has among the highest anti-abrasion results that can be achieved. All the Buckshot outsoles have also been rated as having the highest slip resistance measured by the EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standard.

      Buckler Dealer Boots Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Buckler hybridz Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa,  the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Guru's collection to see our entire range of different dealer and Chelsea boots from all the top brands.