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      As with any other part of your work outfit, it is important that your footwear is appropriate for the job and is fully capable of handling everything your job requires of you. Hence why most hands-on, practical workers in hazardous industries wear safety boots.

      Working outside? Perhaps in the construction or forestry industries? You'll certainly need some waterproof boots that are non-slip and have a strong midsole to protect you from any sharp objects on the ground. Inside most of the day? A toe cap to protect you against falling debris and collisions would be ideal, not to mention having climate control breathability features to stop moisture from building up in your boots.

      Buckler safety boots encompass the majority of Buckler Bootz's footwear offerings. As long as there are at least a couple of features like steel or composite toe caps, or hi-visibility accents, the boot, regardless of type, is a safety boot.

      Buckler safety boots have a number of characteristics and features that make them a great manufacturer to go with when looking for some safety boots of your own. They have different types of boots, like Buckler safety wellies and Buckler safety dealer boots, as well as boots in each specific range that have been designed to accomplish different tasks.

      Buckbootz Safety Boots features

      Despite the variation in features, there are still some characteristics that continue throughout, the fundamentals of a great safety boot, regardless of that boot's individual purpose. 

      It’s standard for the outsole of Buck safety boots to be strong, but they are also SRC slip-resistant in accordance with the EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standard. SRC slip resistance greatly reduces the risk of slipping, especially on ceramic or metal surfaces. The firm grip the outsole provides is only increased further by the outsoles all being oil-resistant. There are several different types of outsoles used in Buckler dealer safety boots, each with its own distinct advantages. The outsole used with all Goodyear welted leather outsoles is the buckler K3 sole. The K3 sole weighs less due to the wave-like structure seen on the bottom of the boot and has the aforementioned maximum slip resistance. The strength and durability of the outsole are also high, meaning the lifespan of the boot is certainly going to be a long while. 

      Buckler also makes use of other outsoles. The Buckshot 2 outsole is featured on Buckler safety boots in the Buckshot 2 range and is particularly renowned for having some of the best anti-abrasion test results achievable. Aside from this, the Buckshot 2 rubber outsole also looks good, with wave-effect sipes and deep cleats for additional traction. The Buckshot 2 sole is featured on the Buckler BSH002 waterproof hiker safety boot among others. For the more intense workplaces, we have the deep-cleated rubber sole we use on our Nubuckz, Bucks Viz, and Dealerz boot ranges. These outsoles have been specifically designed to interact with a polyurethane top sole and feature a ribbed anti-scuff toe at the front. Perhaps the crowning feature of this sole though, is that it is capable of withstanding up to 300 degrees worth of heat; certainly useful for those industries that operate with hot equipment regularly. The BVIZ1 S3 boot is just one example of this outsole being used on a Buckler boot.

      Other defacto safety features include a resilient toe cap and an anti-penetration midsole. These can come in one of two forms. Firstly, there is the traditional steel toe cap and midsole, as seen on the Buckler b1150sm safety dealer boot and the bbz 6000 safety wellington boot. Buckler steel toe cap boots have proven to be reliable and strong, as a steel toe cap will lessen the impact of any falling debris or other collisions with the front of your boot. The same praise can be said for a steel anti-penetration midsole, doing a fine job of stopping sharp objects from getting to your feet. The other variant is implemented on Buckler non-metallic safety boots, such as the Buckler bsh008wpnm waterproof safety boots and the BVIZ 1 collection of hi-visibility lace boots. In these instances, the steel toe cap and midsole are replaced with a composite one, sometimes using fiberglass. The advantages of using a composite material as opposed to metal are the anti-static state the boot is now left in, and the lighter weight the boot now has as a result, which can enhance ease of movement.

      Just because you’re choosing a Buckler safety boot, it doesn’t mean you are compromising on style. Boots like the Buckler largo bay boots bring the style of the street to a work-ready safety boot. The Largo bay boots include all the safety features discussed so far and more, such as scuff protection and water resistance. It truly wouldn’t look out of place off the worksite. 

      Some of the very best Buckler work boots are actually Buckler safety wellies. Boots like the bbz6000 offer a lot of the same features as other Buckler safety boots but in the familiar form of wellies. If you prefer the Wellington's form factor, our Buckler safety wellington boots may have something for you.

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