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      A great clothing choice for most all situations, t-shirts and shirts have become a go-to for workers around the globe due to their relative comfort and ability to look good anywhere. They can be personalised for corporate identity to make a straightforward outer layer, or be used as part of a layering system to keep the wearer’s body temperature optimal no matter what the conditions throughout the day.  

      Portwest polo shirts are ideal for workers who are constantly surrounded by heat or are working outside in warm weather. Appropriate for such conditions, Portwest polos make use of breathable fabrics which bead away sweat and moisture to keep the wearer cool and dry whilst working. 

      Portwest t-shirts are equally as capable in their abilities as polo shirts are. Portwest t-shirts focus on being comfortable and lightweight whilst not compromising the flame retardant and hi-vis features that Portwest polos have. Still using premium materials in the design process and the long life of the garments helps Portwest’s t-shirts standout when compared to the sea of other workwear t-shirt manufacturers out there.

      Portwest Hi Vis T-shirts and Hi Vis Polo shirts

      Given the high likelihood of the workers wearing these shirts being in hazardous and hot environments, Portwest has ensured to create plenty of shirts that have safety features integrated into the design. Portwest hi-vis shirts are made in bright colours and have been further enhanced through additional reflective strips to help the wearer standout in low light conditions and become more noticeable, reducing the likelihood of an accident occurring. As a result of the hot workplaces that Portwest polos are being worn in, one of the most common safety features included in the range is actually being flame resistant. The Portwest hi-vis FR77 long sleeve polo shirt is an excellent example of a Portwest polo shirt that includes all of these features. This fluorescent yellow shirt has an innate resistance to contact, radiant, and convective heat, with specific areas of the shirt being given distinct treatment to achieve this effect, such as the ribbed cuff being flame resistant. Even the hi-vis reflective tape that's been sewn onto the Portwest hi-vis polo is itself flame retardant! To further impress, Portwest has gotten their inherent flame resistant qualities certified to not reduce their effects with washing, guaranteeing Portwest fr t-shirts and shirts a long and effective life.

      If a simple, smart, and stylish Portwest polo shirt is all you need, the Portwest Naples polo shirt is among the best out there. This shirt has been made from polycotton fabric which is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. What's more, this fabric has been rated as being 50+ UPF, which means it blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays; effective protection against the sun. The shirt is available in both mens and womens sizes, and a very extensive range of colours, so there's no question you can find a style and fit for you.

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      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Portwest T-shirts to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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