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      Wellies are, by nature, designed with a number of features to help deal with some of the biggest challenges thrown at your feet during a tough working day. They need to be made suitable for a diverse range of industries and professions - everything from farm and construction work, right through to highway, railway, or even quarry work. Of course, the best safety wellingtons provide way more than just protection from rain and muck. Buckbootz wellies fit these criteria to a tee.

      One of the most significant innovations in the whole Buckbootz business was the Buckbootz neoprene rubber safety wellington, which became the no.1 product of its kind across all of Europe. With achievements like that coming from their wellingtons range, why wouldn't you want a pair of those wellies for yourself?

      Types of Buck Boots Wellies

      Buckler wellies are split into distinct types. First, there are S5 wellies, otherwise known as neoprene rubber boots. These are the buckler safety wellies, the S5 safety rating representing all the features incorporated into each pair. 

      To attain the S5 rating for their wellies, Buckler needs to include all the features of S1, 2, and 3 along with the new features necessary for the S5 rating. S1 covers the need for antistatic electrical resistance and at least 20 joules of energy absorption on the heel of the wellie. S2 adds in water resistance and S3 is only obtained if the Buck boots wellie has a penetration resistant midsole up to 1100 newtons. The final step to get an S5 rating, a safety rating Buckler only has achieved on their wellies so far, is to use rubber or polymeric material to make the uppers of the boot. Fortunately, Buckler neoprene wellies fit these criteria nicely. Buckler safety wellies have achieved the highest safety certification possible, showing why they know their stuff when it comes to wellington boots, and all footwear for that matter. We also have a vast selection of non-wellie Buckler safety boots if they would suit your needs better.

      Then there are Buckler non-safety wellington boots, such as the BBZ5020 boot. These boots still have the same qualities that make them wellies, like being waterproof and having a K3 rubber sole, but without those features that are unnecessary for some. If all you need is a pair of wellies to wear across wet and muddy terrain, having heat and oil resistant outsoles aren’t needed. For simply being able to get the job done, a Buckler non-safety wellington boot is also an option worth considering.

      Features of Buckler wellingtons

      Described as the “wellie of its generation”, the Buckler BBZ6000 safety wellington boot has a lot going for it. It’s the signature product of the wellies range. It is available in a variety of two-tone colours and packed with safety features, some expected some not.

      On the inside of the boot, the Bbz6000 has detachable cushion insoles, which can be easily taken out for cleaning or to be replaced with your own insole if you’d prefer. The interior also features the structured aerospenser honeycomb breathable lining, letting moisture escape the wellie from any part of the boot.

      Moving to the outer part of the buckbootz bbz6000, there are more typical safety features. The steel toe cap and anti-penetration midsoles do a great job of protecting each part of the boot from collisions and piercings. The outsole, like the outside of the boot, is a K3 outsole made from rubber and is both oil and slip-resistant to the highest degree.

      The neoprene rubber outer layer guarantees waterproof protection and has been styled with distinctive hi-vis lining which can be rolled up and down when extra visibility is necessary. 

      To add to this already amazing list of safety features, the Buckler bbz6000 has been fitted with cold insulation, meaning these boots can operate with comfort in temperatures as low as -17 degrees for 30 mins. This already versatile boot has only improved further with this addition.

      While the Buckler bbz6000 is the poster child of how excellent Buckler can make wellingtons, they have recently gone one step further and made its younger brother; the Buckler bbz8000. Using a different assembly process and including a variety of new safety features and lightweight components compared to the bbz6000, the buckbootz bbz8000 is among Buckler's best products, hence why we put it in our top 5 Buckbootz boots article.

      Vivid 360-degree reflective presence and 150m visibility, EN certified ankle impact protection, and Achilles support are just some of the new safety features the Buckler bbz8000 wellies include. However, there are still those classic features like toe and midsole protection, only much more lightweight than previous Buckler wellies allowed for.

      Buck Wellies Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Buckler Wellington Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa,  the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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