5 of Buckler Boots' best boots reviewed

Who are Buckler Boots?

As a brand built on the mission of creating excellent work footwear that overcame the common shortcomings of the industry, it’s not a surprise that Buckbootz have developed a wide selection of quality footwear that spans across several different product ranges, each with an express purpose. Their innovative and reliable manufacturing process incorporates a plethora of different materials and techniques to make their premium boots, shoes and trainers standout in a crowded market. We’ve taken a look at 5 of Buckler’s best footwear offerings from across their range and see what makes Buckler the brand they are.

Buckler BBZ8000 Wellies

Available in a variety of different vibrant two-tone colour combinations, the Bbz 8000 wellington boots are the latest instalment on Bucklers signature wellies line, building on the long-lasting success of the Bbz 6000 boots. Using a new manufacturing process to its older brother, the buckbootz 8000 is a shining example of what Buckler’s innovation and continuous improvement can create.

An image of the Buckler Boots BBZ8000BLOR Wellington Boots

Beginning with some of the more standard safety features, the buck boots bbz8000 wellies have non-metallic toe caps and midsoles. The difference between these protective features here and their usual properties is that the toe cap and midsole on the bbz 8000 wellies are super lightweight. Composite protection is already lighter than steel, so with the use of a special weight-saving bonding process and the emphasis on making these composite protection features even lighter than usual, Buckler have made an S5 level protection wellie that is still the same length as its polyurethane competition.

The buckler boots bbz 8000 wellies include a multitude of features that aren’t typically seen on work wellies, not even bucklers own bbz6000 boots. The hi vis on the 8000 boots has been cranked up to 11, with its reflective enhancement giving you a full 360º presence for upwards of 150m! The hi vis effect is even further enhanced by the contrast between the hi vis colours used on the design of the wellies, and the aerospencer breathable hi visibility lining used to tie the whole design together. You will certainly be seen wearing these, no matter what you’re doing at work. A distinctive and very practical style innovation.

Another example of such an exclusive feature is the forms of temperature regulation on these boots. Equipped with both hot and cold insulation, the buckbootz 8000’s are certified for temperatures as hot as 150°C and as cold as -17°C, capable of withstanding either extreme for 30 minutes at a time. The versatility this provides truly makes these Buckler wellington boots a great choice for most intensive work environments.

We have another article that goes in-depth on the range of Buckler Wellington boots, if you would like to learn more about it.

Buckler B701 Safety Rigger Boot

Next, we have a Buckler safety rigger boot; specifically, the Buckler b701SMWP. This reliable boot shines in both convenience and practicality and can be used for a variety of different tasks. Buckler Rigger boots have been made as an amalgamation of Buckler wellington boots and traditional lace-up Buckbootz safety boots. Boots like the 701’s are designed to be taken on and off quickly and easily, with no need for laces or straps. Instead, the buckler b701 boots have a kick off pad on the inside and reinforced pull-on loops on the sides to help you achieve the quick boot entry or exit you need.

A standout feature of this rigger boot is the built-in ankle support, enhanced by Buckler’s shaped leg stems and padded ankle areas to give you instant comfort the moment you slip them on, no adjustment needed. Ideal grip and comfort are achieved. 

An image of the Buckler Boots B701SMWP Wellington Boots

Moving to the outside of the boot, the buckler b701’s have an oil-resistant K3 rubber outsole that has been tested to the maximum slip resistance specs according to EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards. The weight saving wave effect Sipes in the K3 sole along with the durability built up over several iterations of the K3 sole ensures you can be confident in every step you take.

The upper is made from waxed brown crazy horse leather and is fully waterproof, ensuring these boots can withstand the weather conditions just as well as the rest of your outfit. Additionally, leather boots will last you a while and are naturally breathable, improving your already great comfort by removing moisture from within the boot and letting cool air in to regulate temperature.

Buckler B1150sm Safety Dealer boot

One of the most popular boots out of not just the Buckler Dealer boots range, but Buckler’s whole safety boots arsenal, the Buckler b1150sm boots are a signature of the brand and an excellent choice for tough, everyday working environments. The B1150 style was introduced over 22 years ago and has continued to develop ever since, with constant new iterations keeping it ahead of its competitors. One such iteration brought with it a new feature, the Buckflex built-in shoe horn. This is a Buckler boots protected, proprietary design and has several advantages. Primarily it helps a wearer get the boot on and off comfortably and not inducing any heel dig when the wearer is operating foot controls. Plus, ankle support is also present, making any work with these boots less tiring.

An image of the Buckler Boots B1150SM Dealer Boots

The b1150 dealer boot has been adapted to meet modern needs, with a much wider fit and range of sizes, so they can be accessible to as many people as possible. This has also made it necessary for the steel toe caps in the boot to become wider also. This and the use of the lightweight K3 rubber outsole, which is oil and slip resistant, make the latest version of Buckler Boots’ b1150 boot a standout product from their vast footwear offerings.

We feel the b1150 boot would perform well in either the agricultural, construction or trades industries.

Buckler B301sm Leather Safety Lace Boot

Made prominent by its anti-penetration midsole, the Buckler “hard-as-nails range” represented the most durable footwear in the Buckbootz arsenal. Despite the anti-penetration midsole now being utilised on the vast majority of Buckler’s boots, the hard-as-nails sub-brand remains, and still stands for the same qualities it used to. The Buckler 301sm safety boots are at the forefront of this range.

An image of the Buckler Boots B301 Safety Boots

As well as a solid, steel toe cap and midsole, the B301 still has plenty of other things going for it. It’s wide fitting leather build houses an energy absorption region. This stores energy from your movement and uses it to push back and give you more of a spring in your step, whilst helping reduce fatigue. Additionally, the rubber anti-scuff toe at the front will keep your boots looking nice for the majority of their long working life.

The B301 is further cemented as a classic safety boot with its comfy fit, thanks to the wideness of the body and the laces allowing for a secure fit, and excellent K3 outsole, fully capable of resisting oil and having been tested to meet the highest slip resistant specifications.

Buckler Non-Safety B1400 Boots

It's easy to overlook non-safety boots when looking to purchase your own work footwear, but to do so with Buckler’s non-safety boots offerings would certainly be a mistake. A prime example of this potential is the Buckler b1400 non-safety dealer boot.

An image of the Buckler Boots B1400 Non-Safety Boots

Sporting an identification tag so it stands out from its safety orientated brethren, the b1400 doesn’t compromise it's appearance because of its non-safety focus. It maintains the same rugged leather look as its safety counterparts. 

The b1400 again features the Buckflex shoe horn to make it easy to get in and out of the dealer boot comfortably and quickly. 

Our verdict on Buckler Boots

Thanks to constant innovation and improvement, Buckler has been able to establish a portfolio of great boots and wellies, packed full of features and style. This list only scratches the surface of what Buckler has available, so we feel confident in saying that if you need work footwear, they will likely have something that suits your needs.

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