Caterpillar clothing - The worldwide workwear brand - from the USA, Australia, Canada to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and India

Caterpillar Workwear’s Heritage - Growth from CAT apparel USA to a modern day global brand

The CAT brand has an extensive and rich history stretching back over 100 years. Renowned for their cutting edge technologies and innovation in construction and workwear across every continent, Caterpillar have risen from their humble beginnings of two rival manufacturing companies, uniting to become the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, gas turbines and diesel engines. And it is not just the machinery that Caterpillar has a global reputation for, CAT clothing has been developed to ensure workers are equipped and armed to perform at their best worldwide, no matter what the conditions they are used in.

The CAT logo

The recognisable yellow and black CAT logo is synonymous with reliability, quality, and performance. As such, Caterpillar is recognised all over the world for these qualities, shown throughout different aspects of construction, skilled professions and trades.

Caterpillar clothing Canada to Caterpillar workwear Australia - clothes designed for diverse conditions

Given this vast operating area, Caterpillar clothing stores must carry workwear for different climates and seasons in a multitude of countries. The comprehensive Cat Workwear range covers everything from hard wearing Caterpillar work boots popular in Australia and Ireland to the Caterpillar t-shirts, ideal for hot working conditions in countries such as India. Everything in between is also covered, including work pants, shorts, hoodies and coats. No matter your working environment or time of year, you can certainly find Caterpillar apparel that suits your working life.

As an industry-focussed business themselves, Caterpillar clothing know how to ensure their gear meets the needs and requirements of workers in different industries across the world, and workplace safety and regional safety standards are well understood and catered for. Because of this, CAT use a variety of different materials to create their garments. For example, their range of hi visibility, reflective gear is used to keep you seen in poor light conditions, and use of Cordura and similar materials reinforce the most vulnerable parts of the workwear and extend the life of the products.

CAT apparel designed different climates - from Caterpillar clothing South Africa to Caterpillar UAE

Whether because of a country’s typical temperature, the conditions of the workplace or simply seasonal changes, it is inevitable that different workwear is needed to suit different workers. For example, Caterpillar clothing in South Africa will have more of a focus on providing workwear for hotter, humid conditions, and will include features to enhance the suitability for those conditions. As another example, Caterpillar workwear in Australia can afford to be more focussed on clothes like t-shirts, shorts and sunglasses, which can protect well against the sun but still keep you ventilated. Special features have been developed that help for hotter climates including antimicrobial fabrics for the t-shirts to protect against odours, using insect repellent fabric to repel flies, ants and mosquitoes and being made of breathable fabric to help sweat escape. A lot of these features can be acquired through the use of Bamboo fabrics, which naturally keep you dry, comfortable and protected.

An image of A Caterpillar Cap and Sunglasses being modelled

Caterpillar sunglasses are packed with qualities making them instantly ready for sunny places like Australia, South Africa and India. Not only do Caterpillar use lenses that are tough and equipped with anti-scratch, anti-fog and cushioning materials, but they also block out up to 99% of UV rays, which is extremely important for your eye and skin health. Skin cancer is one of the world's greatest dangers and outdoor workers need even more protection than the general population. In some parts of the world where the risk is highest, such as Australia, this is of critical importance. The CAT workwear Australia range includes many items with sun protection features for exactly this reason.

On the other side of the coin, we have countries with unpredictable weather and generally colder climates like Canada, the UK and Ireland. Caterpillar UK clothing has to cater to frequent weather changes along with the expected seasonal changes. This may prompt more of an emphasis on layered clothing, such as wearing a Caterpillar fleece or vest rather than a coat or just a shirt. The same goes for Ireland and Canada. The Caterpillar clothing Canada range includes highly insulated clothing to deal with the extremes of cold as well as the hotter extremes described above.

For the stormy days, Caterpillar jackets and coats are more than prepared. The vast majority are at least waterproof, windproof or breathable, usually a combination of all three. When these three features are present in a Caterpillar coat, and if it also has taped seams to provide that little extra protection, Caterpillar will award that garment the storm blocker plus badge, which proves that it's more than capable of dealing with the weather.

An image of a Caterpillar Jacket being Waterproof-tested

If it’s explicitly cold temperatures you are working with, Caterpillar stock plenty of work coats and jackets which are insulated through additional layers of cold blocking material being included in the weave, ultimately keeping you warm for longer. If the garment is also breathable, you don’t have to worry about this insulation making you too hot, as it will be well ventilated.

Caterpillar clothing for the changing seasons

An image of a Caterpillar Hoodie being worn

Adaptability is key to a successful workwear brand. There is plenty of potential for garments to be worn all year round, but in different ways. Items like Caterpillar Hoodies and Fleece can be worn as items on their own in spring and summer, as an outer layer, but are equally as suited to being worn as middle layers underneath a CAT jacket or coat. This idea of adaptation is perfectly encapsulated by a versatile Caterpillar softshell jacket. This flexible, lightweight jacket makes for an ideal middle layer but can also be worn as an outer layer jacket if need be.

Caterpillar Work Boots - globally recognised safety footwear from CAT

Used not just in the UK and US, but all over the world, from Australia and Ireland to Malaysia and Singapore, Caterpillar Work boots have developed a reputation for excellence. These shoes are packed with features, with everything from the essential steel toe caps and slip resistant soles, to the workplace specific qualities like removable foot beds and high heat resistance for up to 300 degrees Celsius. These are both intended to help you in your workplace and outside of it.

An image of Caterpillar Boots being modelled


In a similar fashion, some Caterpillar safety shoes are better suited to different types of terrain. Some have been made from the highest quality waterproof leathers and have mesh lining to guarantee comfort. Rainstorms in Ireland or South Africa will be no trouble with a pair of these Caterpillar safety boots. 

Caterpillar worldwide - manufacturing in Indonesia, America, Malaysia and more

CAT has a long history of operating in Asia, both for manufacturing purposes, services, and research and development. In India alone, Caterpillar has three manufacturing plants and two key offices. In addition, Caterpillar has an over 80 year old partnership with Tractors Malaysia, who work together to market premium heavy equipment in Malaysia. Through their 17 locations across Malaysia, Tractors Malaysia sell Cat’s extensive range of machinery and industrial material handling equipment to the masses.

Caterpillar's operations in Asia

Caterpillar have had a growing presence in Indonesia since 1971, and they currently have two plants there today. While there they have continuously invested in local charities to enhance education and basic human needs.

CAT has been supporting the republic of Singapore since the early 20th century, with their first coordination facility opening later on in 1967. You can easily find nearly every department of Caterpillar’s operations represented in Singapore, from marketing to distribution. 

Lets not forget the influence of Caterpillars home country, America. CAT Footwear USA and CAT apparel USA are truly the beating heart of the Caterpillar worldwide workwear business. They have over 60 different facilities in the US alone, effectively forming  a crucial part of the USA construction infrastructure. 

Caterpillar Workwear delivered worldwide

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