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      What are the benefits of a Caterpillar fleece?

      Want the style of a hoodie, the comfort of a T-shirt, and the warmth of a jacket? A workwear fleece is certainly a great answer. As an outer or middle layer of your work outfit, a Caterpillar fleece can be a versatile and practical addition to your working wardrobe.

      Cat fleece jacket material

      Fleece fabric is much warmer than wool, as it is usually made out of polyester. The polyester, in some cases, is modeled on wool, to give it the same pleasant texture that natural wool has but with the warmth of polyester; making polyester fleeces the ideal combination of the best aspects of both.

      Aside from the comfort, the main benefit of a Caterpillar fleece is how well it retains your body heat. Especially important in winter, the fact that the polyester doesn’t let much moisture through it allows this inner moisture to be heated up by the body and thus you have a warm layer between you and the outer side of the fleece. However, fleece is a wicking material that will lead moisture away from your skin, preventing sweat from lingering. You are getting the warmth from the body, but the moisture isn’t clinging to your skin.

      Polyester's other most prominent quality is just how lightweight it is compared to other materials like wool. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to another layer, such as under a coat or over a t-shirt, because the polyester fleece won’t add on much weight or make you feel encumbered, yet you get the benefit of warmth and comfort anyway. Furthermore, since a CAT fleece jacket is so lightweight, it isn’t a pain to take around with you either, in the same way, a hoodie or jacket may be.

      Caterpillar Concord Fleece

      An example of a Caterpillar fleece jacket is the Caterpillar Concord Fleece. This is, as expected, made from polyester and as such is both warm and light. This Caterpillar fleece sports a cadet-styled collar to keep your neck warm and protected from strong wind and cold. In addition, the main contrast zip on the front has been fitted with a storm flap, to further decrease wind or water getting inside the fleece. Throw this on over a t-shirt when temperatures begin to drop, and you’ll be thankful.

      Caterpillar fleece features

      Caterpillar fleeces are as adjustable and versatile as other Caterpillar workwear clothing. Some CAT fleece jackets, like the Caterpillar AG Fleece pullover, have adjustable cords at the bottom to make it a better fit. This fleece also has a drop tail hem for additional protection at the back. Those Caterpillar fleeces with adjustable hems can be altered to restrict the flow of air into the garment. By doing this, the jacket is further windproof.

      Fleeces are not naturally windproof so by incorporating features like adjustable hems, cadet collars, and extended drop-tail hems, Caterpillar has ensured that their fleeces are as capable as they can be when dealing with windy conditions. Combining a CAT fleece with a windproof jacket or coat could also alleviate this problem.

      Caterpillar fleece jackets delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar Fleeces to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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