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      Why wear Cat Sneakers?

      Sporting more of a casual look than CAT boots, but also not compromising on a lot of the same workwear features as other Caterpillar Shoes, CAT sneakers are great for use both on and off the worksite. Due to their leisurely appearance, work-orientated build quality, and versatility, Caterpillar trainers can successfully function across many different types of work environments.

      Caterpillar Trainers - fabrics and technologies

      As with other types of Caterpillar branded workwear, Cat footwear utilises numerous different fabrics, materials, and techniques to create the most effective products they can. The upper, insole, midsole, and outsole can each be made from a variety of materials to suit the purpose of the shoe, everything from becoming penetration protection to avoid painful accidents or including water-repellent fabrics to stave off moisture when working near water.

      One of the most important parts of a shoe is the insole. The insole, or footbed, ensures comfort on the inside and must be well-prepared for continuous wear for long periods of time. Some Caterpillar Safety shoes, like the Moor work safety trainers, utilise materials like Poliyou for their insoles. Poliyou is an excellent fabric for the task of being the trainer's insole because it is a breathable, cushioned, antibacterial foam structure. Aside from being comfortable, this also means that bacteria won’t build up from long periods of wear, as Poliyou’s antibacterial properties will remove the bacteria from the shoe. This also further enhances the already great breathability that Poliyou affords the shoe.

      While on the subject of the footbed, another material Caterpillar uses for this area is Polyurethane, (or PU). Polyurethane foam is well-suited to being used as a footbed for a few reasons. For one, it has natural shock-absorbing capabilities which lend well to those who are highly active during their work. The absorbed energy isn’t simply dispersed and wasted though, it is returned to you and gives you more support while moving. PU foam also doesn’t compress and as such, its effectiveness won’t deteriorate over time like a purely EVA footbed would.

      Caterpillar applies the same type of design philosophy to the materials that make up the upper section of their Cat sneakers, that being using different materials where necessary. Caterpillar consistently has decided to use different meshes for the uppers of their trainers and it's easy to see why. Mesh is usually made from Nylon or Polyester and is quite stretchy, meaning it makes for a flexible enough material to cover the whole top part of the shoe, and also has been woven fairly loosely, making it highly breathable and ideal for letting moisture rise and escape the shoe. In addition, the mesh's lightweight means the Caterpillar shoes are easy to move around in.

      Caterpillar Trainers Safety and Protection features 

      Given the vast quantity of different garments and footwear manufactured by Caterpillar Workwear, it is paramount that they keep in line with safety standards to ensure all their workwear is fit for purpose. As such, all Caterpillar trainers adhere to the EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standard. This standard separates footwear classifications like slip resistance and toe cap protection into sub-classifications, so customers know not only which safety features they have with their shoes, but also at exactly what level the safety features are graded at. 

      Equally as important to the insole is its counterpart; the outsole. The outsole on the bottom of the shoe is what provides the majority of the protective features that each pair of Cat sneakers has, so using different materials here will grant the pair different types of protection. Outsoles can be equipped with everything from slip protection to heat protection at up to 300C. Other materials can give the outsoles protection against oil, fuel, and penetration by sharp objects, all three of which are plentiful across workplaces. The outsole plays a big part in the strength of the shoe. 

      Aside from protection from workplace hazards, Caterpillar trainers are well known for being very durable in general. Inclusions like a scuff cap on the toe and heel increase this durability by protecting key areas from cuts and abrasions. 

      The importance of toe caps in both the durability and protection of the wearer can’t be understated either. Caterpillar utilises both composite and steel toe caps across their Cat trainers, each with its own unique advantages. A composite toe cap is made from a mixture of materials, sometimes including fiberglass, kevlar, and carbon fiber. As a result, they are usually much lighter than steel toe caps and have the added benefit of not conducting electricity. Composite toe caps like those seen on the CAT Byway Safety Shoe and the Streamline Safety Trainers fulfill the basic criteria of the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard in that they are capable of protecting against 200 joules of energy. On the other hand, steel toe caps offer more protection and can handle higher joules than similarly sized composite toe caps. Steel toe caps can be found on the Caterpillar extension safety shoe. 

      Caterpillar Trainer Design and Appearance

      Caterpillar trainers protect you from types of workplace hazards while looking stylish and laidback. The design of Caterpillar shoes is always centered around creating a pair of shoes that can excel in multiple different scenarios. For example, shoes like the Caterpillar Byway Safety Sneakers are athletically inspired, shown by their lightweight and slip resistance. These qualities would be excellent to see in sports trainers, where speed and mobility are of paramount importance, but in this instance, they make for excellent work trainers as a firm grip and ease of movement are equally, if not more, important in the workplace. These Caterpillar trainers have a look similar to sports trainers, but they also have additional Caterpillar workwear design features integrated such as utilising a 6 eyelet loop lace-up system to ensure a comfortable fit. They also have an impact and compression-resistant toe cap. Caterpillar sneakers are designed to not just be fit for a single purpose, but for many different purposes.

      As part of their casual design, Cat safety trainers come in a variety of vibrant colours. From the more conventional black and charcoal grey to navy blue nights, these shoes carry a variety of different looks, so you are bound to find one you like.

      Caterpillar Shoe Sizes

      Alongside the feel of the insole, the size of shoe you choose is the defining factor in being comfortable in your trainers. It is crucial to get the front arch of the foot correct, so you have enough room for your toes and so that the toe cap is in the correct place whilst you are wearing the sneakers. Width and length are also important, as they are with any item of footwear. To learn more about the foot size of Caterpillar shoes, you can simply check one of our Caterpillar shoe listings, as they contain an international footwear size conversion chart for both men's and women’s shoes respectively. 

      Caterpillar Safety Shoes and Sneakers Delivered Worldwide

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