Blaklader Workwear Jackets - A closer look

4 of the best Blaklader Jackets reviewed

Blaklader Workwear offers a diverse collection of jackets designed for a huge range of working conditions, professions, and environments. Whether it be for harsh cold winter environments, something lighter for summer, or something for the interim seasons, there is no doubt they have lots to offer. Blaklader have a considerable range of safety work jackets too - everything from certified flame retardant jackets and waterproof jackets to a massive Blaklader hi vis jacket collection. Blaklader indeed have a lot of choice on show - part of the reason for this review in fact!

An image of the Blaklader 4930 Knitted Jacket

Blaklader’s attention to detail with workwear has made them a real force in the workwear industry. They have a growing army of advocates who sing the praises of the durability and functionality of their workwear and are very brand loyal. Naturally, this extends to the reputation of their coats and jackets as well, so you are likely to find a durable and comfortable Blaklader workwear jacket to meet your needs within their range.

Whether it’s a winter jacket, parka jacket, softshell jacket or waterproof jacket you are after, the big question is whether they really live up to their reputation? Our Gurus take a look at a selection of four of Blaklader’s very best to take a critical look at the true breadth and quality of Blaklader clothing.


Blaklader Winter Jacket - 4890

The first Blaklader work jacket they looked at was the Blaklader 4890 lightweight winter jacket. Ideal for working in chillier temperatures, thermoplastic-taped seams help ensure that the 4890 is waterproof, while the membrane layer ensures that the coat maintains a good level of breathability, letting moisture circulate away from the body. Not to mention this winter jacket is also fully windproof, as is crucial when worn in colder environments.

While not certified as a high-viz coat, this two-tone jacket does feature tough reflective details on the sleeve and cap to still provide some degree of visibility.

An image of the Blaklader Lightweight Winter Jacket 4890

As for more details on the finish itself, the hood of the coat is both removable and adjustable, something we really like both from a style and versatility point of view. The hood has also been lined with a mesh to help air circulate, which increases ventilation so you can remain cool and get rid of sweat more quickly. The 4890 work coat features two front chest pockets and two chest pockets for storage and an adjustable hem and sleeve end so you can wear it however is most comfortable and practical for you.


Blaklader Knitted Jacket - 4930

Looking for something you could wear not just for work, but also leisure? Look no further than the Blaklader 4930 knitted jacket - in our view, a stylish looking piece of kit, but with real technical qualities embedded as well. This Blaklader knitted jacket features highly practical workwear characteristics like reinforced shoulder and elbow sections to improve tear resistance for tasks in a tough work environment. Likewise, this Blaklader 4930 knitted jacket has a high-visibility yellow colour option, showing how this item has a genuine and technical place in the work environment. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that what we like most about this Blaklader jacket is how smart it is for a workwear-geared jacket. It definitely wouldn’t look out of place being worn off-site when out and about. The jacket has been created with comfort in mind and has a smart-looking hood. Add in being available in a variety of two-tone colour combinations, and this knitted jacket offers the best of both worlds in terms of technical performance and stylish appearance.

An image of the Blaklader Workwear Knitted Jacket 4930

It’s a perfect combination, in our Gurus opinion - great for people who want style and comfort while still benefiting from fabric performance and functional detail for the workplace.


Blaklader Hi-Vis Rain Jacket - 4323

Leaning hard into the more functional aspects of workwear we have the Blaklader 4332 High-viz rain jacket. This Blaklader hi vis jacket is fully waterproof certified EN 343, meaning it meets the European standard as having the highest level of rain protection they measure. There is a great difference between a jacket simply made from water-repellent fabric and something that has been created, tested, and certified as waterproof clothing. Rather than just protecting you from the odd rain shower, Blaklader have made this coat fully waterproof to ensure protection across the zips, seams and pockets.

Although this Blaklader Hi Viz jacket is lightweight, it still feels very strong and durable. It isn’t clunky to move around in and has accessible pockets and adjustments which can be altered to best suit the wearer. For example, this Blaklader rain jacket features an extended back and adjustable bottom edge, hem, sleeves and even hood (which can be freely detached when required.) We love the level of versatility on offer here - something that Blaklader are very well known for in their workwear.

An image of the Blaklader Hi-Vis Rain Jacket 4323

Critically, this relatively light-weight raincoat also provides full high-visibility characteristics ensuring you not only keep warm and dry during wet and overcast weather, but also stay safe at work in poor light conditions. This coat is class 3 on the EN ISO 20471 high-visibility rating standard. Certification is based on the surface area of reflective tape and fluorescent material on the garment and the material which contrasts with the high-viz parts. Level 3 shows the highest level of compliance with this regulation possible - you won’t have a problem being seen!

If you would like to learn more about Blaklader's Hi-Vis range of workwear, you can click here to look at our verdict on the range.

Blaklader Softshell Jacket - 4749

Lastly, our gurus took a look at Blaklader’s 4749 softshell jacket, which is, simply put, one of the top workwear softshell jackets we have tested. Functionally, this Blaklader softshell coat is waterproof up to 10,000mm, breathable at a rate of 4000 g/m², windproof and sports a 3-layer softshell. These three layers consist of an outer layer, membrane, and a fully bonded inner layer. Since the membrane is sandwiched in-between the other two, it is completely protected and will last, and provide protection for longer.

An image of the Blaklader Softshell Waterproof Jacket 4749

Like most of Blaklader’s fleeces, jackets and coats, the 4749 features plenty of pockets and adjustable features. Other than the expected pockets on the front and on the inside, there are also chest pockets for extra space. In terms of functionality and comfort, the collar of this coat has been fleece-lined, keeping your neck warm on the coldest of days. Additionally, there is an adjustable hem with an attached drawstring and Velcro on each sleeve for adjustment there. 

The subtle dark reflective tape on the coat’s shoulders and back gives it that extra visibility but also keeps a very outside-of-work casual look, much like the 4930 knitted jacket discussed earlier in this article. With its 3-layer softshell, capabilities in various environments and reflective tape, it is certainly work oriented, but has the appearance of casual wear that would not look out of place outside of work.

In conclusion: Our overall view on the Blaklader jacket range

With all being said, the one opinion our gurus all share regarding Blaklader jackets is that you do indeed get what you pay for. Sometime costing a bit extra than some other brands, but you get a reliable brand that offers quality coats, jackets and fleeces that last. Not to mention a large enough selection that you are almost certain to find a highly suitable garment whatever work you do!

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