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Jan 16, 2024

Best Knee Pads for Tiling in 2024: Expert Review for Precision and Protection

Five of the best knee pads for tiling reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the world of professional tiling, one's knees are as vital as their hands. With a vast array of knee pads available, choosing the right one can be daunting. Factors like comfort, durability, and protection level are paramount. Our team at Workwear Gurus, combining expert opinions and customer feedback, delves into this variety to bring you a curated list of the top knee pads for tiling in 2024. We feature products that have not only gained popularity but have also impressed us with their unique features.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Fento Max Knee Protection
  • Blaklader 4032 Knee Pad Gel 25Mm - Mens (40321207)
  • Portwest KP40 Ultimate Gel Knee Pad
  • Snickers 9169 D3O Ergo Craftsmen Kneepads
  • Helly Hansen Kneepad Xtra Protective - 79571
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Knee Pads for Tiling

Fento Max Knee Protection

The Fento Max Knee Protection stands out with its enhanced ergonomic design. The longer length of this model, compared to the Fento Original, offers additional protection, vital for professional tilers. Its ergonomic wedge distributes pressure evenly across the lower leg, reducing the risk of knee and back issues. After some use, these knee pads contour to the shape of your knees, providing unparalleled comfort and stability. The broad, flat surface ensures extra stability, crucial for precision in tiling. Moreover, its water repellent nature and durable materials make it a long-lasting investment.

What we liked:
-Ergonomic design for even pressure distribution.
-Custom fit to individual knee shape over time.
-Exceptionally wear-resistant and stable.
-Water repellent with replaceable inlay.

Our verdict:
The Fento Max is an exemplary product for professionals who prioritize ergonomic support and durability in their workwear.


Blaklader 4032 Knee Pad Gel 25Mm - Mens (40321207)

Blaklader 4032 is a testament to comfort meeting protection. The 25mm gel material not only ensures comfort but also provides effective protection during prolonged kneeling. Its compatibility with various trousers marked M1G and H1G, along with its certification (EN 14404 2004+A1 2010, type 2, Level 1), speaks volumes about its quality. The extra-wide fit and soft interior make it an ideal choice for those who spend long hours tiling floors.

What we liked:
-25mm gel material for superior comfort.
-Extra-wide fit for effective protection.
-Certified and compatible with various trousers.
-Soft interior for prolonged use.

Our verdict:
Blaklader 4032 is an excellent choice for floor tilers seeking a blend of comfort and certified protection.

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Portwest KP40 Ultimate Gel Knee Pad

The KP40 from Portwest is a fusion of innovation and comfort. Its silicone gel adapts perfectly to the kneecap, ensuring comfort, while the tough PVC shell offers reliable protection and longevity. The ergonomically designed straps prevent any discomfort at the back of the leg, a common issue with many knee pads. Certified to CE and EN 14404:2004+A1:2010 Type 1 Level 1, itmeets stringent safety standards. Its wide area distribution of weight makes it ideal for those who need stability in varied working conditions.

What we liked:
-Silicone gel for adaptive knee comfort.
-Durable and abrasion-resistant PVC shell.
-Ergonomically tested straps for comfort.
-Meets high safety and quality standards.

Our verdict:
The Portwest KP40 offers an ideal combination of innovative comfort and robust protection, suitable for diverse tiling environments.


Snickers 9169 D3O Ergo Craftsmen Kneepads

Snickers 9169 D3O Kneepads represent the pinnacle of technological advancement in knee protection. The use of D3O® material provides exceptional impact protection, a crucial aspect for tilers. Its ergonomic design ensures that the pads remain in the right position, offering consistent protection. The pads are compatible with the KneeGuard™ system, making them versatile for various work trousers. Their machine-washable feature adds a layer of convenience, ensuring that the pads remain clean and hygienic.

What we liked:
-Advanced D3O® material for impact protection.
-Ergonomic design for optimal knee positioning.
-Compatibility with the KneeGuard™ system.
-Machine-washable for easy maintenance.

Our verdict:
Snickers 9169 is an innovative choice for those who value advanced technology and convenience in knee protection.

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Helly Hansen Kneepad Xtra Protective - 79571

Helly Hansen's Kneepad Xtra Protective excels in providing comfortable and breathable knee protection. The multi-punched holes offer excellent ventilation, a feature that stands out in prolonged usage scenarios. Their size and composition provide high wearing comfort, making them suitable for extensive kneeling tasks. The ability to wash them at high temperatures without removing them from pants is a significant advantage for busy professionals.

What we liked:
-Perforated holes for better ventilation.
-High comfort during extended kneeling.
-Washable at high temperatures.
-Durable rubber foam material.

Our verdict:
The Helly Hansen Kneepad Xtra Protective is perfect for professionals seeking breathable, comfortable, and convenient knee protection.



The range of knee pads reviewed demonstrates the breadth of options available in 2024, each excelling in different aspects of comfort, protection, and functionality. From the ergonomic excellence of the Fento Max to the innovative technology of Snickers 9169, these selections cater to varied professional needs. They represent some of the best choices in the market for anyone considering purchasing knee pads for tiling.

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