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Jan 16, 2024

Best Knee Pads for Laying Floors in 2024: A Review of Top Picks for Flooring Professionals

Five of the best knee pads for laying floors reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

For professionals in the flooring industry, knee pads are not just another accessory; they are an essential tool for safety and comfort. In 2024, the choice of knee pads is more extensive than ever, with numerous factors like material, durability, ergonomics, and specific job requirements to consider. Our team at Workwear Gurus has taken a deep dive into this diverse market. We bring you a comprehensive review, combining our expertise with real customer experiences, to guide you through the best options available on our website and beyond.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Fento Max Knee Protection
  • Blaklader 4032 Knee Pad Gel 25Mm - Mens (40321207)
  • Portwest KP50 Non-Marking Knee Pad
  • Snickers 9119 D3O Lite Floorlayer Kneepads
  • JCB Knee Pads
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Knee Pads for Electricians

Fento Max Knee Protection

Fento Max Knee Protection is an advanced version of its predecessor, offering longer length for extra protection and ergonomic benefits. Ideal for flooring professionals, its ergonomic wedge aids in evenly distributing pressure, preventing knee and back issues. Over time, it conforms to the shape of your knee, providing a custom fit. Its broad, flat surface ensures stability on various flooring types, making it a reliable choice.

What we liked:
-Ergonomic design for pressure distribution.
-Custom-fit to knee shape.
-Water repellent and wear-resistant.
-Broad surface for stability.

Our verdict:
Fento Max is an outstanding option for flooring professionals seeking long-lasting comfort and ergonomic support.


Blaklader 4032 Knee Pad Gel 25Mm - Mens (40321207)

Blaklader 4032 is specifically designed for floor laying and tiling. The 25mm gel material offers supreme comfort and protection, especially during extended periods of kneeling. Its extra wide fit and soft inner lining make it a go-to option for flooring professionals. Certified to work with specific trousers, this knee pad ensures compliance with safety standards while providing comfort and flexibility.

What we liked:
-Comfortable 25mm gel material.
-Extra wide fit for better knee alignment.
-Soft interior for prolonged comfort.
-Certified for professional use.

Our verdict:
Blaklader 4032 stands out for its comfort and is ideal for flooring professionals who spend long hours kneeling.

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Portwest KP50 Non-Marking Knee Pad

Portwest KP50 is designed to offer protection without leaving marks or scratches on flooring surfaces. Its ergonomic design and adjustable straps provide a secure and comfortable fit. The lightweight, non-marking materials make it suitable for work on sensitive flooring, while the breathable fabric ensures comfort during extended use.

What we liked:
-Non-marking material for floor protection.
-Ergonomic design with adjustable straps.
-Lightweight and comfortable.
-Breathable fabric for air circulation.

Our verdict:
Portwest KP50 is a top choice for professionals working on delicate flooring, offering protection without compromise.


Snickers 9119 D3O Lite Floorlayer Kneepads

Snickers 9119 D3O Lite is designed for the dynamic demands of flooring work. The D3O® LITE material offers excellent impact protection while retaining its shape. The ergonomic design ensures that the pads stay in place and distribute pressure evenly, a crucial feature for mobile professionals. Their certification and durable design make them a reliable choice for various flooring tasks.

What we liked:
-Enhanced impact protection with D3O® LITE material.
-Ergonomic design for stability and comfort.
-Retains shape for longer periods.
-Certified for professional work.

Our verdict:
Snickers 9119 is an excellent choice for professionals seeking advanced protection and a design that accommodates mobility.


JCB Knee Pads

JCB Knee Pads offer a perfect blend of durability, comfort, and protection. Their ergonomic design and ultra-lightweight make them suitable for various flooring tasks. These knee pads fit most workwear with knee pockets, making them a versatile choice for different professionals.

What we liked:
-Ergonomic and ultra-lightweight design.
-Versatile fit for various workwear.
-Durable and comfortable.
-Certified for safety and performance.

Our verdict:
JCB Knee Pads are an ideal choice for flooring professionals looking for a lightweight, versatile, and reliable knee protection solution.



In 2024, flooring professionals have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing knee pads. From the ergonomic and custom-fit Fento Max to the versatile and ultra-lightweight JCB Knee Pads, each product reviewed offers unique features catering to different needs in the flooring industry. These top picks stand out for their combination of comfort, protection, and suitability to the work environment, making them some of the best choices for professionals in the field.

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