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Scruffs Shorts

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      An absolute must in warm weather or hot working environments, wearing shorts at work does by no means equal having reduced utility or practicality of their long-legged trouser relatives. With many of the same features, fabric technologies, pocket etc still built in, there is no compromise on practicality. The ventilation and freedom of movement they offer makes Scruffs work shorts a great choice of workwear for warm indoor or outdoor workplaces.

      In keeping with Scruff's aim of having workwear to cater to different working professions, there are scruffs workwear shorts focussed on flexibility, those focussed on practicality and utility and of course these that are great all-rounders.

      Features of Scruffs Workwear Shorts

      If all you need is something to act as your go to, no fuss, work shorts, the Scruffs trade shorts are just what you need. Your classic work shorts, with the pockets you need and built to last. This includes Holster pockets, a ruler pocket, and a phone pocket, not to mention the deep cargo pockets and zipped pockets on the leg. If this isn’t enough space for your gear, the hammer loop and D - Ring can also help you carry your hardware on your person at all times.

      As a good example of the flexible shorts, there are the Scruffs trade flex shorts, designed to be unrestrictive and freeing. These Scruffs work shorts benefit from having flexible stretch panels in key areas and sporting a relaxed slim fit for flexibility. These Scruffs slim fit work shorts are, however, still built to last and have durability, thanks to the inclusion of ripstop fabric and triple stitching of the seams.

      The Scruffs flex shorts also have a holster pocket variant, which improves the practicality of the shorts greatly by allowing the wearer to keep much more of their tools and equipment on their person. The fact that these holster pockets exist in addition to the cargo pocket, and tool loops included on all versions of the Scruffs trade flex shorts shows how Scruffs can make a pair of shorts that contains everything your average worker could need from them.

      Aside from utility and flexibility of these shorts, they are also surprisingly comfortable thanks to their polycotton blend construction, the polyester contributing to the durability and the cotton ensuring increased comfort, only enhanced further by the stretch panels in the build.

      Our Review of the Scruffs Shorts range

      We are pleased to report that the Scruffs workwear shorts collection is a concise range but one that still includes a good and affordable selection of work shorts for all occasions. No hassle, no flashiness, just effective and at a great price point.

      We deliver Scruffs Shorts worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Scruffs shorts to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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