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      54 products

      Work Shorts

      For the hot days on the job, work shorts are a must-have. Whether you want lightweight shorts or shorts of a thicker material, we have a range of products for you. Not just relevant for those who work outdoors on hot summer days, work shorts can also be an indispensable investment if you work in situations with high temperatures or humid environments such as within industry, production or storage.

      Our shorts come with and without holster pockets with high durability ensured through use of fabric technologies. Either way, we know the importance of multiple pockets to ensure room for plenty of tools, your keys, cell phone etc. External pockets are frequently made of CORDURA®, ultimate strength and hard wearing properties. At the same time, you will find products in the range where the bottom of the nail pockets and ruler pockets are produced in the puncture resistant material Kevlar®. Some are even available with removable holster pockets, which can be zipped off when the pockets have to be emptied or the shorts need to be washed.

      In order to ensure a high quality, the shorts in the assortment are reinforced with triple stitched seems on the legs and crotch. This ensures an ultimate comfort, which at the same time extends the products’ life. Our shorts include stretch panels, 100% stretch or standard work shorts of a sturdy material. Stretch, elastic materials give a unique freedom of movement that gives you superb comfort throughout the day. We also have a large selection of traditional work shorts in both twill and canvas. Canvas is lightweight and sturdy, the soft twill of 100% cotton is extremely pleasant and the sturdy twill is highly durable. All of the materials keep shape and colour even after repeated washing.

      Hi Vis fluorescent shorts with the EN ISO 20471 certification ensure complete safety from a visibility standpoint. Many products have also had a Teflon® treatment, which ensures that your shorts are dirt resistant so that the product will remain visible for a longer period of time. Shorts also come in a range of other colours and sizes that will work for your company’s image and your own personal preference