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      Introduction to Rock Fall Boots

      Rockfall is a business dedicated to creating excellent safety boots. They place an exclusive focus on creating cutting-edge footwear and shoe accessories with industry-leading technology implemented throughout their range. This mission helps them create not just the best possible Rockfall boots and Rockfall shoes, but some of the best safety footwear on the market. Designed specifically for a variety of industries and environments, Rockfall work boots not only have versatile applications but are prepared for all eventualities and are actually some of the most complete safety footwear items around.

      Rockfall Safety Boots Characteristics

      Rockfall Safety boots have a plethora of safety features that make them suitable for use in a variety of different workplaces. Rockfall boots partner with a variety of industry innovators like 3M and Sympatex to deliver some of the finest technical and most advanced work boots on the market.

      Rockfall Force 10 boots are equipped with advanced workwear features to increase their durability. These features include using the Rockfall Force10 advanced scuff cap technology for the toe area of Rockfall work boots. These scuff caps are made from tough thermoplastic polyurethane and are extensively tested with grit paper to ensure they can withstand extreme abrasion and constant contact with harsh or rough materials like limestone, concrete, and saltwater.

      Then there are the Rockfall Force 10 reliable nitrile rubber outsoles. Rockfall safety boots with these outsoles have been flex tested in temperatures as extreme as -40 degrees and are proven heat resistant. 

      Slip resistance on Rockfall Boots

      The intricate tread pattern on the bottom of the outsole means Rockfall Force 10 boots come with the highest levels of slip resistance. This creates Rock Fall boots that are extremely capable of performing in all terrains and environments. Couple this with the incredible abrasion resistance, and you have a boot ready for most situations.

      Insulated Rockfall Work Boots

      Rockfall's relationship with 3M has ensured that Rock fall shoes can be given their Thinsulate technology. Thinsulate insulation still keeps you warm like any other but doesn’t pack on any extra weight as typical padding would. By keeping the shoe lightweight, you can increase the ease of movement and, by extension, the comfort of the wearer substantially, whilst still keeping them warm in cold or damp conditions.

      Rockfall Steel Toe Cap Boots

      Of course, another safety feature used in Rockfall footwear is the toe cap. Rockfall steel toe cap boots are more than capable of protecting the wearer from falling objects or collisions with his feet. Rockfall use both metal and composite toe caps across their footwear range, so you get to choose the one best suited to you and your working needs.

      The Rockfall Alaska Safety Boots and Rockfall Titanium Work boots both serve as great examples of a composite or non-metallic toe cap being utilised rather than a steel toe cap one, and still providing as much protection without compromising comfort.

      Rockfall Waterproof Boots

      Rockfall has several different waterproof membranes they use in their footwear. Activ-Tex and Sympatex are advanced technologies that ensure you stay dry and comfortable whilst wearing footwear that includes them. This is thanks to them being highly breathable and moisture-wicking materials. This ensures that heat and sweat from active feet are regulated and are allowed to escape the Rockfall boots, making for a more comfortable working day.

      Types of Rockfall Boots - Wellies, Rigger Boots, Work Boots

      While the Rockfall range contains traditional lace-ups, the Rock fall work boot collection spreads much wider than this. Rockfall Boa boots employ the highly regarded Boa dial closure method to ensure close fitting and easy adjustment. Likewise, for work where zip closure is desirable, YKK zips are added to some of the Rock Fall boot collection.

      Rockfall is equally well known for their Wellies. Rockfall Wellington boots have the same attention to detail as the rest of Rockfall’s boots do and live up to their purpose of being fit for a wide variety of environments and workplaces. They are highly robust and use only the most effective materials for the job.

      Furthermore, functioning as a midpoint between traditional lace-up safety boots and Rockfall wellingtons, there are Rockfall rigger boots - known for their comfort and foot protection when out on the job.

      You can check out a variety of the top Rockfall boots, including Rigger boots, and Wellington Boots, in our article regarding the top 5 Rockfall boots. Furthermore, our YouTube channel has reviews of the Rockfall Texas Rigger Boots and the Rockfall Silt Wellington Boots, so you can have a more in-depth look at those boots specifically.

      Rockfall Boot Sizing

      Alongside the feel of the material on the insole and any special techniques used in the build, the size of boot you choose is the defining factor in being comfortable in your Rockfall boots. To learn more about the foot size of our Rockfall Boots, you can simply check one of our Rockfall shoe listings, as they contain an international footwear size conversion chart for both men's and women’s feet sizes respectively.

      Rockfall Boots Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Rockfall Boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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