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Portwest Safety Trainers

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      For decades, trainers have been the go-to choice of footwear for light work and even casual occasions outside of work, which makes them distinct from most work boots. They are meant to be worn all day whilst remaining comfortable and enabling work to be done safely. Portwest safety trainers standout from the rest of the market because of their unique and varied styles of trainers that contain the safety features necessary for work in the modern workplace. 

      Portwest Safety Trainers

      All Portwest trainers come equipped with a toe cap and midsole made of either steel or composite material as a means to protect the front of the wearer's feet from collisions, piercings, or falling objects. 

      Portwest Steelite Trainers and Compositelite

      Those trainers with a steel toe cap and midsole fall under the “Steelite” brand, where composite toe caps and midsoles make those trainers part of the “Compositelite” range. The main advantage of Portwest steelite safety trainers using steel is that it is generally more durable than composite for hard-wearing parts of the trainers and can be more easily made into different shapes, sizes, and styles, which is especially important given the uniqueness of each of Portwests’ steelite trainers. Compositelite has its distinct advantages as well, as composite and fiberglass materials weigh less than steel does, meaning the trainer as a whole will weigh less, and unlike steel, composite toe caps and midsoles don’t conduct heat or electricity, minimising the risk from both these elements, which may be crucial if the industry you work in involves being around them.

      The features included in Portwest sneakers, including the Portwest lusum safety trainer, encompass much more than just these materials though. Portwest trainers have an energy-absorbing seat region, which absorbs the impacts from your steps and uses that same energy to give you a spring in your step. It's also expected of safety footwear that they include some aspect of slip resistance, which Portwest trainers live up to by having SRA and SRC slip resistances that make their trainers slip-resistant on ceramic and steel surfaces. Similarly, another expected feature of safety trainers is that the outsole is resistant to oil and fuel, which only improves the slip resistance further. 

      Depending on the purpose of each pair of Portwest safety trainers, there are specific safety features that will be implemented on just those shoes specifically, such as the Portwest lusum safety trainer having an outsole capable of withstanding 300 degrees of heat, or the Portwest Argen trainer having a water-resistant upper.

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