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      Dunlop Acifort Wellies represent a significant advancement in the realm of workwear, particularly in the category of wellington boots. These boots, a unique invention by Dunlop, are designed to provide workers with unparalleled comfort and protection, making them an ideal choice for a range of industries. The Acifort line is the result of Dunlop's commitment to innovation, combining PVC, nitrile rubber, and polymers to create a boot that stands out in terms of durability, resistance, and flexibility.

      Acifort®: A Unique Blend of Durability and Comfort

      Acifort® is Dunlop’s proprietary blend that ingeniously combines PVC, nitrile rubber, and polymers. This combination results in a boot that offers a significantly longer lifetime compared to standard PVC boots. The inclusion of nitrile rubber is a key factor in enhancing the boot's resistance to oils, fats, blood, and various chemicals, making it a reliable choice for environments where such exposures are common. Additionally, the polymers integrated into Acifort® add flexibility to the boots, ensuring increased comfort during long hours of wear. This innovative material composition underscores Dunlop’s focus on delivering boots that are not just protective but also comfortable for day-long wear.

      Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty Wellies

      The Dunlop Acifort Heavy Duty Wellies are designed for the toughest work environments. They cater to the needs of workers who face challenging conditions daily, such as in construction, agriculture, or industrial settings. These heavy-duty wellies are built to withstand rough and rigorous use, ensuring longevity and reliability. Their robust construction provides essential protection while maintaining comfort, a critical factor for professionals who spend extended periods on their feet.

      Dunlop Acifort S5 Wellies

      The Dunlop Acifort S5 Wellies are a cut above in the safety footwear segment. These boots are specifically designed to meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard for safety footwear, classified under the S5 category. This means they offer not only the fundamental protective features of wellington boots but also additional safety elements like a 200-joule toe cap protection and a closed seat region. The S5 Acifort wellies are ideal for environments where foot safety is paramount, such as in construction sites, manufacturing units, or any workplace where foot injuries are a concern.

      Dunlop Acifort Non-Safety Wellies

      For environments where the risk level is lower, or where safety toe caps are not a requirement, the Dunlop Acifort Non-Safety Wellies offer an ideal solution. These boots retain all the benefits of the Acifort range — durability, resistance to chemicals, and comfort — but without the additional safety features like steel toe caps. They are perfect for work environments that require long-lasting, comfortable footwear but do not necessitate the highest level of protection.

      Dunlop Acifort Wellies Delivered Worldwide

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