Caterpillar Work Socks - The CAT sock collection

Caterpillar Work Socks - The CAT sock collection

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      Cat Work Socks

      Always present but hardly ever discussed, socks are a fundamental part of your workwear outfit. A comfortable pair of socks can improve your working day by doing much more than cushioning your feet as you move about all day. Caterpillar work socks are a popular choice amongst workers. 

      Caterpillar socks features

      Across the Caterpillar socks range, there are plenty of different features you will only find in workwear socks; features that makes them well-suited to use in the workplace. The majority of Caterpillar workwear socks have a reinforced toe and heel, so as to be suited to being worn alongside steel toe boots. In addition, all Caterpillar work socks include a highly stretchable top, so the socks can be worn easily and compression can be kept to a minimum. As standard, most Caterpillar boot socks are capable of being washed at the industry standard of 40 degrees celsius, meaning that each pair is guaranteed to hold up for a long period of time without a need for a replacement pair.

      The Caterpillar thermo socks keep your feet warm - and the cold out - through natural temperature regulating properties. They achieve their aim of protecting you against the cold by having a cushioned base on the socks, which both works as insulation and as protection against friction generated by movement. the reinforced toe and heel make them a comfortable and good fitting choice with Caterpillar work boots. The thermo socks come in a two-tone colour combination of black and grey with the CAT logo being in a contrasting grey to really stand out.

      Next, we have the Caterpillar work socks. Living up to the name, these socks have features that have been designed around the workplace. They focus on not just comfort but also, accident prevention. First, to ensure that each sock fits correctly, there are alignment points on these socks so the wearer can match their heel and base up with the different sections in the correct manner. An example of such alignment points is the anatomically correct Y heel. The soft mix of cotton and polyester results in a comfortable and durable material making the socks warmer and stronger, especially at the top, where socks may begin to rub you after a while. Lastly, the main part of these socks is anti-slip, tying back to the original purpose of these socks; safety at work.

      Also in the range are the Caterpillar crew work socks, which come in a pack of three. Caterpillar considers them the “essential men’s workwear accessory”, and with a claim like that, you can be sure that Caterpillar has put their 100 years of experience to good use with these Caterpillar work socks. Compression has been kept to a minimum here, helping improve your circulation while wearing the socks. There is cushioning strategically placed around the heel and toe so that the socks can be paired up with steel-capped work boots. CAT alignment points are present here as well so that your feet are in the correct places of the sock. This is beneficial from a comfort point of view, as it helps to prevent the excess fabric from rubbing against the skin.

      Caterpillar work socks - socks sizing

      We provide socks in 2 sizes, one for feet sizes 6-11 and 11-14. These are ostensibly men's Caterpillar socks but they are actually a unisex item.

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      Caterpillar Socks delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar socks to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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