9 of the top Caterpillar workwear logo items reviewed - T-shirts, caps, hoodies and more

The Caterpillar Clothing Brand

With a long history of success, the Caterpillar brand and CAT logo have become iconic symbols of good quality across the globe, both in the construction and workwear industries. Wearing the CAT clothing brand for yourself certainly provides reassurance of this.

In addition, CAT brand clothing has moved with the times, creating well designed, stylish items that are wearable outside of the work environment too. The CAT shoe brand and CAT logo clothing became desirable street fashion during the 1980’s, leading to an increased amount of clothing lines being designed to be worn both in the workplace and also outside within leisure time. As part of this, the Caterpillar brand became one of the pioneers in creating workwear that was not just functional, but also looked good, something that has continued to the present day. 

The Caterpillar Workwear Brand Logo

These days, teams of designers specifically create items for leisure ranges as well as the workwear ranges. This ensures that Caterpillar brand workwear is both technically advanced for a workers needs, while remaining stylish, well recognised gear. CAT logo clothing has today become synonymous with both design and substance that CAT has constantly offered throughout it’s long and distinguished 100 year history. 

Caterpillar clothing rightly bears the logo prominently on much of it’s range. Our Gurus have taken a look at 9 of the most popular CAT logo clothing items out there.

1. The caterpillar Trademark Logo T-shirt (short sleeve)

An image of the Caterpillar Trademark logo T Shirt

Perhaps one of the most prominent and obvious examples of Caterpillar brand clothing is the Caterpillar trademark logo t-shirt. This classic Caterpillar T-Shirt promises day-long comfort through its 100% cotton fabric, and includes the CAT logo proudly shown on the front in the form of a high density 3-D print.

2. The Caterpillar Trademark Logo Long Sleeved Shirt

The Caterpillar CAT Trademark long-sleeve T-Shirt

If you’d like something a little warmer that’ll keep a chill off the arms early in the morning, late in the evening or in the interim seasons, the Caterpillar trademark logo long-sleeve t-shirt may be more to your liking. It functions well as a baselayer, and is available in orange, blue, green and of course black. As such, this t-shirt certainly makes a statement and has become a somewhat iconic item in the CAT Logo clothing range. The long form Caterpillar logo has been printed on the right sleeve and the usual Cat logo is emblazoned on the chest. This Caterpillar shirt also features a spandex rim trim and a wire management loop on the outside back neck, to increase workplace safety. There are other Caterpillar long-sleeve t-shirts available, including the custom banner long sleeve t-shirt, a more classic jersey-style shirt.

3. The Caterpillar Bluetooth Beanie hat

An image of the Caterpillar Bluetooth Beanie Hat

For those jobs in colder conditions, a Caterpillar branded beanie may be just what you need. In this case, a standout of the Caterpillar beanie range is the Caterpillar Bluetooth Beanie hat. This hat has an embroidered Caterpillar twill patch on the front. As the name suggests, this beanie has a built-in Bluetooth microphone inside, with the assigned controls on the outside next to the logo. The caterpillar brand continues to be at the forefront of fashion technology.

4. The Caterpillar Trademark Microsuede Cap

The Caterpillar Trademark logo Microsuede Cap Unisex

But what about headwear for hotter conditions and protection against the sun? Well, the Caterpillar trademark micro suede cap can certainly be a great choice. Using the obvious yellow and black colour scheme, this cap embroiders the Caterpillar logo on the front with pride. The underbill of this CAT baseball cap has also been highlighted in yellow in order to contrast the main body of the cap. Add in the fact that the inside of the cap is 100% cotton, and we have further evidence that this classic Caterpillar cap makes for an excellent staple for any workwear wardrobe.

5. The Caterpillar H20 Water Resistant Hoodie

The Caterpillar H20 Water Resistant Hoodie

Warmth and comfort are both well encapsulated by a Caterpillar Hoodie, which works well as both a middle or outer layer for your workwear outfit, depending on the time of year and conditions outside. A CAT hoodie has become a very well known article in the Caterpillar range, a classic clothing item. As well as being a symbol of quality, durability, style and performance, here the use of the logo has clever practical purposes too. For example, the lightweight Caterpillar H20 Water-resistant hoodie gives you the CAT logo in a reflective print to keep you visible and safe while on the job. By making the logo high vis, CAT has assured that not only is the wearer safer, but the part of the hoodie that your eyes are drawn to most is their logo, as it is the most prominent part.

6. The Caterpillar Canyon ¼ zip sweatshirt

The Caterpillar Canyon 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

Not a fan of hoods? A Caterpillar sweater may suit you better. The Caterpillar Canyon ¼ zip sweatshirt could offer you the same comfort as a hoodie, but with more of a fleece style. This Caterpillar sweatshirt has the CAT logo to the left of the chest in a contrasting colour to the black or grey main body. In addition, a second contrast logo is on the back of the sweater neck, this time it’s the long-form logo. No matter which way you are facing, it will be noticeable that you are wearing a Caterpillar jumper.

7. Caterpillar Digger Safety Glasses

The Caterpillar Digger Safety Glasses

Keeping your eyes safe is of paramount importance given the numerous dangers in the workplace, so why not do so in style? We have a number of CAT safety glasses available on our website, ones which pair style and function well. One of our top Caterpillar sunglasses are the Caterpillar Digger Safety Glasses. These wraparound glasses feature Cat branding on either side of the nylon frame and Caterpillar yellow hinges. Aside from the Cat branding, these glasses’ polycarbonate, anti-scratch lenses are more than capable of protecting your eyes from workplace hazards.

8. Caterpillar Jersey Dotted Gloves

The Caterpillar Jersey Dotted Gloves

All the Caterpillar gloves we stock have the Cat branding on them, whether it be on the back of the palm, or the top of the glove near the wrist. The Caterpillar Jersey Dotted Gloves have been designed as Caterpillars everyday use or work site gloves, and as such have the yellow contrast Cat logo weaved into the heavy cotton jersey cotton that makes up the main glove. These heavy duty Cat gloves are more than ready for the jobs you throw at them, as they have a rib knitted wrist and micro-dot PVC used on the palm, to enhance grip.

9. The Caterpillar Concord Fleece

The Caterpillar Concord Fleece Jacket

Unsure about the weather for the day? It’s hard to go wrong with a Caterpillar fleece jacket. They are lightweight, warm and work as either an outer layer or a middle one, depending on your requirements. The Caterpillar Concord Fleece is a standout from the fleece range, offering comfort, warmth and style at a reasonably low price, especially for a CAT logo fleece. This CAT branding is on its own separate logo patch and has been attached to the left chest of the Concord fleece. Other aspects of Caterpillar’s identity are shown throughout the fleece, such as the yellow contrast front zip.

CAT logo clothing delivered worldwide

At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar branded clothing to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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