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Blackrock Safety Trainers

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      Despite being best known for their Blackrock boots, Blackrock also manufacturer other types of work-based footwear. Looking professional and stylish, Blackrock safety trainers bring footwear features to a more traditionally casual form factor. For example, some, like the Blackrock Hudson trainers, look just like typical trainers, but they actually have a steel toe cap and protective midsole integrated, not to mention an energy-absorbing heel and an anti-slip and anti-static outsole. 

      What's more, Blackrock also has the other side, the more work-central trainers that look just like what they are, superb working footwear. The Blackrock Tactical Ensign Trainer is a great example of this, having been created with the emergency services in mind. Every part of the ensign trainer has a feature that protects it. These work trainers use a lightweight, composite midsole for protection, as well as use waterproof leather on the upper to keep the wearer's feet dry. The insole is padded and breathable to allow moisture out, which is essential for long working days. Finally, the outsole is packed to the brim with features, being anti-static, oil resistant and being able to withstand heat of up to 300°C. And this is just one of the trainers in Blackrock’s range.

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