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      Blacklock Safety Boots

      Blackrock safety boots contain a variety of different characteristics and features that ensure the protection of the wearer's feet from various forms of hazards. With the variety on offer with Blackrock’s work boots range, you’ll certainly find a pair that uniquely suits your industry and job role well.

      The Blackrock Work Boots range

      A key trademark feature of any safety boots range is the toe cap. Implemented to protect the wearer from falling objects and collisions, a toe cap can be found in anything that calls itself a safety shoe. While Black rock steel toe cap boots are Blackrock’s bread and butter, there are also Blackrock composite safety boots that include a toe cap made from a composite material like fiberglass. This offers all the advantages of a traditional steel toe capped safety boot but in a metal-free form, which is lighter and doesn’t conduct heat, nor electricity to the same degree, making them a must for workers who face these elements.

      Toe caps are just scratching the surface of the safety features that Blackrock have incorporated into their work boots range. For starters, the midsole is usually penetration resistant and made of a similar material as the toe cap on the same boot, meaning the bottom of your feet are protected to the same degree of your toes, especially against sharp objects on the ground. Speaking of the outsole, many of Blackrock's safety boots have additional reinforcements there to combat environmental hazards. For example, the Olympus Blackrock waterproof work boots have a heat resistant outsole, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 300°C, which are ideal for professions like sheet metal workers. Other common outsole features include SRC slip resistance, to help you remain firmly planted, being anti-static, which is brilliant for workers who are subject to sparks and technology. Many Blackrock outsoles are also fuel/oil resistant for workers in manufacturing plants and mechanics.

      Blackrock chukka boots are one of the best pairs of boots in Blackrocks entire portfolio. Aside from possessing many of the same characteristics seen above, they utilise leather on the upper of the boot, which helps create a degree of waterproofing for the wearer, not to mention warmth. And from an ergonomics point of view, the energy absorbing heel on the chukka work boots is great as it reduces foot fatigue, which is ideal for drivers or other workers that are on their feet all day.

      Blackrock’s safety boots can be divided into different types of boots, with their own unique advantages and disadvantages each. Blackrock have rigger boots, which use pull loops rather than laces or zips, meaning they can be pulled on and off with ease. These Blackrock rigger boots also tend to have kick plates on the heel to provide an even easier time removing them. Then there’s Blackrock dealer boots, which embody a timeless fashion and slip-on nature whilst still having many of the best work boots features included in the build.

      Blackrock as a workwear brand places a large emphasis on tactical footwear. Simply put, tactical boots are designed to deliver high performance for the workers that need it. This range has been made with military and emergency services in mind, but their philosophy of pairing practicality with comfort means they are widely applicable to workers across a multitude of industries and countries. Padded insoles and a flexible body allow for better control on the pedals while driving and make the boots more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Then on the protection side, there is slip resistance and penetration-resistant midsoles protect against unsafe surfaces and sharp objects. These qualities ensure that Blackrock tactical boots are useful for everyone from police and paramedics, to deliver drivers and security personnel.

      Blackrock also has a number of safety wellingtons boots, made chiefly from PU rubber. They include many of the features we have already discussed such as protective toe caps and midsoles, Kick spurs on the heel for easy removal, an anti-slip, anti-static and fuel oil resistant outsole and an energy absorbing heel that works to reduce foot fatigue.

      We deliver the full Blackrock work boots worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Blackrock boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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