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      Blackrock Safety Shoe Collection

      Despite being mostly known for their range of Blackrock work boots, Blackrock also produce a good range of safety shoes for workers across a variety of professions and industries. Ideal as a uniform standard, Blackrock shoes are capable of both looking smart and carrying practical, work relevant features that help the wearer in their day-to-day work environment.

      Similarly to work boots, Blackrock safety shoes can come with both composite and steel toe caps and midsoles, for protecting the wearer from falling objects and collisions. Similarly, these shoes also have the capacity for a strong outsole, one that is shock absorbent, anti-slip, anti-static and fuel/oil resistant as well. In some cases, Blackrock shoe outsoles can even withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees! 

      The Blackrock shoe range contains suitable footwear for a wide range of industries. To maintain the smart and formal appearance, Black rock shoes are usually fitted with a leather upper, which has the additional effect of adding partial waterproofing to the shoe as a whole. If you work in hygiene and care, you can get Blackrock shoes designed to be worn in a PPE capacity, like the Blackrock hygiene slip-on shoe. This shoe has a water resistant upper, making it machine washable, and, with the addition of a  lightweight, anti-slip PU outsole that is self-cleaning, anti-static and resistant to oils, acids and fuel oil, it is a brilliant choice for food preparation and health professionals. The tactical officer shoe is metal free, resulting in reduced weight and is fitted with a EaziStep padded and breathable insole for comfort, important for emergency services professionals who will be in these shoes all day.

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