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Dec 26, 2023

Top Scruffs Shorts for 2024: Detailed Review and Recommendations

Three of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

Selecting the right pair of work trousers isn't as straightforward as it may seem. With a plethora of choices available, the decision extends beyond mere aesthetics and taps into practicality, comfort, and longevity. Factors such as fabric durability, pocket placement, and flexibility all play critical roles in determining the perfect pair for hardworking professionals. In this sea of choices, it's imperative to consider customer feedback and expert opinions to navigate toward the best investment.

 Enter the Workwear Gurus, a team dedicated to meticulously reviewing workwear, not only based on their expert insight but also by incorporating the valuable experiences of customers who have put these products to the test in real-world scenarios. This collaborative approach ensures that our recommendations stand up to the daily demands of various trades and activities. Among the vast array of workwear shorts on offer, we have zoned in on three standout pairs for the 2023/2024 season.

These selections not only rank highly on our list but have garnered popularity for their distinctive features and reliable performance. Let's dive into each of these and explore what sets them apart, ensuring you make a choice that fits not just your size but your work life as well.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Scruffs Stretch Shorts and Best Scruffs Slim Fit Work Shorts
  • Best Scruffs Cargo Shorts
  • Best Scruffs Ripstop Shorts and Scruffs Work Shorts
  • Our recommendation

Top 3 items in Scruffs Shorts Range

Best Scruffs Stretch Shorts and Best Scruffs Slim Fit Work Shorts

Scruffs Trade Flex Holster Pocket Shorts

As the name suggests, the Scruffs Trade Flex Holster Pocket Shorts are engineered for those who value both flexibility and functionality. The blend of polyester and cotton ripstop fabric at 220gsm ensures a lightweight feel without compromising on durability. Meticulously designed with triple-stitched seams and robust canvas pockets, these shorts withstand the rigor of various trades. The easy access holster, cargo, and mobile phone pockets are smartly laid out for convenience, while the stretch panels and a flexible slim fit allow for unrestricted movement. These are shorts made for the dynamic worker who doesn't want their gear to slow them down.

 What we liked:
 - Lightweight ripstop fabric that doesn't sacrifice toughness.
 - Stretch panels and slim fit for superior mobility.
 - Intuitive pocket arrangement for tools and essentials.
 - Durable construction with triple-stitched seams and a reliable YKK zip fly.

 Our verdict:
  The Scruffs Trade Flex Holster Pocket Shorts offer an impeccable balance of durability and comfort. They are an ideal choice for tradespeople who require their workwear to be as flexible and resilient as they are.

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Best Scruffs Cargo Shorts

Scruffs Trade Shorts

Durability meets classic styling with the Scruffs Trade Shorts. These shorts are cut from a lightweight twill fabric, reinforced with heavy-duty canvas pocketing, and brought together with triple-stitched seams, all of which contribute to a robust garment that doesn’t shy away from hard work. They feature an array of pockets including a cargo pocket, a rule pocket, and a secure zipped pocket, alongside a mobile phone socket, making them as practical as they are tough. The addition of a hammer loop, tool loops, and a D-ring caters to a variety of tools and accessories, ensuring everything has its place.

 What we liked:
 - The balance of lightweight fabric and reinforced canvas for durability.
 - The practical assortment of pockets and loops for tools.
 - Comfortable regular fit that suits various body types.
 - Reinforced seams for increased longevity.

 Our verdict:
  For those who prefer a more traditional cut without sacrificing functionality, the Scruffs Trade Shorts are a standout. Their thoughtful design and robust construction are indicative of a pair of shorts built to last.

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Best Scruffs Ripstop Shorts and Scruffs Work Shorts

Scruffs Trade Flex Shorts Graphite

The Scruffs Trade Flex Shorts Graphite mirror the functionality of their counterparts but stand out with a distinct aesthetic. The graphite hue paired with the lightweight ripstop fabric offers a modern twist to workwear. These shorts maintain the flexible fit and movement-friendly stretch panels that are synonymous with the Trade Flex series. Durability is once again at the forefront, with canvas pockets and reinforced seams. The cargo and mobile phone pockets, tool loops, and D-ring continue the trend of combining form with function, catering to the modern tradesperson's needs.

 What we liked:
 - The sleek graphite colorway for a contemporary look.
 - The consistency of the ripstop fabric for enduring comfort.
 - Flexible fit tailored for active job roles.
 - Strategic pocket placement for efficiency and convenience.

 Our verdict:
  The Scruffs Trade Flex Shorts Graphite are for those who want to make a subtle style statement while enjoying the practical benefits of well-crafted workwear shorts. They are a testament to Scruffs’ commitment to merging function with fashion.

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After thorough analysis and consideration, it's clear that Scruffs has a formidable range of work shorts to choose from, each with its unique strengths. The Trade Flex Holster Pocket Shorts, Trade Shorts, and Trade Flex Shorts Graphite all emerge as top contenders for the best workwear shorts in 2023/2024. They are not just pieces of clothing but are tools designed to enhance productivity and provide comfort to the hardworking professional. The Workwear Gurus confidently recommend these shorts as some of the best in their category, and they are indeed worthy of consideration for those looking to purchase premium workwear shorts.

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