Top 5 Portwest Bib and Braces

Bib and brace garments give the wearer the capability to use their arms completely unrestricted while still protecting the chest, back and legs from any potential hazards or stains. This freeflow design means that bib and brace is particularly a great choice for work where freedom of movement is a necessity, such as for painters and decorators. Portwest bib and brace overalls build upon these foundations of what bib and brace garments offer and expands their features to create practical and specialised clothing suited to a variety of professions and environments. We reviewed five of our favourite Portwest bib and brace trousers to highlight what they bring to the workwear table.

1 -  Portwest Texo contrast Bib and Brace

Starting off, the TX12 Portwest Texo contrast bib and brace. The texo range is known for its remarkable comfort, primarily as a result of the cotton the range is made from, which is also present in the 60% cotton TX12 bib and brace. Furthermore, the elasticated back waist and hook and loop at each leg end ensure the wearer gets a good fit, which only increases their personal comfort even more. The Texo fabric also has other advantages aside from comfort, such as being rated 50+ UPF fabric, which will block out 98% of harmful UV rays and protect your skin.

An image of a Portwest Texo contrast Bib and Brace Overall

The practicality and utility found in the Texo TX12’s is amazing, with a durable, reinforced design being complimented by the inclusion of ten useful pockets. All stress points on the texo contrast bib and brace have been bartacked to reduce the potential damage to the seams, and thus prolong the life of the garment. Among the pockets included in this garment are kneepad pockets to facilitate knee pads being worn for the user's benefit when necessary. Additionally, the TX12 is non-shrinking and retains its exact shape and size after repeated washes. These factors added up both strengthen the Texo bib overalls, while also ensuring it lasts the wearer for longer.

2 - Portwest S488 contrast Bib and Brace

Aside from being practical and comfortable, the next most desired features of bib and brace workwear are protection from the unpredictable elements and, for many professions, to have hi visibility characteristics. The Portwest S488 is a standout option here. This Portwest waterproof bib overall protects your chest and legs from the elements with its 100% polyester weave allowing it full waterproofing and breathability, made possible by the inclusion of taped seams. 

An image of a Portwest S488 contrast Bib and Brace Overall

This waterproofing is all present alongside hi vis aspects of the design like the use of two-tone vibrant colour combinations and reflective tape which help you remain seen in dark working conditions. Cleverly, Portwest have used contrasting colours throughout the S488 garment to help the bib and brace hi vis elements standout even more. This is especially useful at the bottom of the legs as this is where the bib and brace is most likely to contract dirt. By having this be in a contrast section, the hi vis on the legs is not diminished as it would be if the entire build was one hi vis colour. 

The flexibility is certainly no slouch in the S488 either, thanks to an elasticated back panel and adjustable side opening allowing a degree of freedom of movement sometimes missing by similar bib and braces on the market.

We think of the Portwest S488 as a brilliant bib and brace garment thanks to its utility and practical features. It's an excellent choice for workers across all industries who are looking for hi visibility, waterproof bib and brace workwear garments. 

3 - Portwest FR07 Bizflame Ultra Two-tone Bib and Brace

Working in a hot environment around various hazards? Have a look at the Portwest FR07 bib and brace overall. Offering multi-protection against whatever the workplace throws at you, these are among the most functional garments Portwest have to offer across their entire portfolio, not just out of their bib and brace selection.

An image of the Portwest FR07 Bizflame Ultra Two-tone Bib and Brace Overalls

Being part of the Bizflame Ultra range, the FR07 bib and brace has been made from 80% cotton, 19% FR polyester and 1% carbon fibre and takes full advantage of the qualities each provides them. The cotton-majority mixed with the flame retardant fabric gives the FR07 bib and brace hard wearing comfort, and full protection against radiant, convective and contact heat. The FR07 is 100% metal free and anti-static which helps it achieve this high degree of heat resistance. This has afforded the FR07 the EN ISO 11612 safety certification for protecting against heat and flames and the EN 1149-5 certification for being an anti-static garment.

Additionally, the FR07 flame retardant bib and brace uses sewn-on flame-resistant reflective tape at the bottom to give it a degree of hi visibility, which will help the wearer standout whilst also not being too bright, meaning the FR07 can still be worn discreetly if desired. Sometimes you don't need full hi visibility and would rather wear workwear clothing that isn’t so in-your-face, but remains effective. This Portwest hi vis bib and brace does just that.

These features result in the FR07 having a plethora of other certifications; such as EN 13034 protection against liquid chemicals and EN ISO 11611 suitable for welding.

Not to mention the ten utility pockets this Portwest bib and brace overall brings to the table, including two-tier kneepad pockets, back, front and chest pockets.

4 - Portwest S489 contrast Bib and Brace

The Portwest S489 bib and brace will protect your chest and legs from getting wet whilst also being able to keep you warm and comfy. The taped seams used fully prevent water penetration, earning it the EN 343 class 3 certification for being a waterproof bib and brace, and, being a lined bib and brace overall, this same lining on the inside that makes the wearer so cosy also helps it achieve the EN 342 safety certification for being a thermal bib and brace; offering sufficient protection in cold environments. Thanks to the elasticated back, it's easy for the wearer of the S489 to reach a comfortable fit that doesn’t feel restrictive.

An image of the Portwest S489 contrast bib and brace Overalls

Thanks to the hi vis orange and yellow these bib overalls come in, and the additional reflective tape used throughout the design, it gains the EN ISO 20471 Class 2 certification, one of the highest hi vis certifications that can be awarded, helping you stand out in low light situations.

Like most Portwest bib and brace trousers, there is ample storage space in the form of numerous utility pockets, capable of holding everything from phones and stationary to tools and materials.

5 - Portwest PW346 Work Bib and Brace

Lastly, we have a bib and brace which is part of the Portwest PW3 range, known for its superior construction, design, and appearance. It houses some of Portwests best products, the PW346 bib and brace included. From a construction standpoint, this bib overall really stands out, with its key abrasion points having been reinforced with sturdy oxford fabric and triple stitching on all seams guaranteeing maximum durability and a long lifespan for the garment.

An image of the Portwest PW346 Work Bib and Brace Overalls

As for design, Portwest have ensured that this bib and brace comes loaded with plenty of pockets and utility options for the everyday worker. Along with the useful ruler and cargo pockets, there are specialised additions like the top-loading kneepad pockets you can use to protect your legs from harm, and the hammer loop you can use to keep your work tools on you at all times.

Performance-wise, the PW346 is made from polycotton fabric, known for its comfort and resilience, and which has also been rated UPF 50+, meaning it blocks out up to 98% of harmful UV rays and keeps the wearer protected from more than just typical workplace hazards.

The PW346 is an excellent choice for any worker in need of a reliable and well-functioning Portwest bib and brace.

In conclusion...

Portwest have yet again shown why their design philosophy of affordable, quality workwear is a popular and leading force in the marketplace. The Portwest bib and brace range is filled with great options for workers across various industries and professions, so we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with their selection.

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