Portwest Jackets - Top 5 Article

One of, if not the most prominent, items of workwear in Portwest’s arsenal is the Portwest jackets collection. Having such a wide variety of jackets, with different features and being aimed at different audiences results means they almost inevitably stock something suitable for your workwear jacket needs. We at Workwear Gurus have taken a look at their range for you to highlight some of the best of the Portwest jackets portfolio in order to help you make an informed decision as to which one you should get for yourself.

1 - Portwest T400 PW3 Winter Jacket

The Portwest T400 is a hi vis winter jacket that incorporates both some of the workwear industry’s most recent fabric technologies and traditional characteristics to create an effective, warm jacket that will serve you well in any cold environment. One such recent feature is the new Insulatex heat reflective lining panel on the inside of the coat. This panel keeps the jacket’s wearer warm by reflecting body heat that would usually escape the jacket back towards the wearer. By taking advantage of this otherwise wasted heat, the wearer stays warmer and more comfortable while working. What's more, this Portwest winter jacket has quilt lining on the inside to make it even more cosy.

An image of the Portwest T400 PW3 winter jacket

To help you stand out in winter, this Portwest jacket comes in a selection of six two-tone colour combinations each sporting either hi vis orange or yellow as the main colour. Additionally, the T400 jacket uses HiVisTex Pro reflective tape to further enhance the jackets visibility. This tape has made a name for itself in the workwear industry for being lightweight, flexible, and most importantly segmented. This results in this reflective tape being used on all different types of workwear garments, regardless of shape, as the tape isn’t restricted by the bends, creases and folds of the garment. These hi vis measures resulted in the T400 jacket being given the EN ISO 20471 Class 3 certification, the highest class currently awarded.

There are additional features of note regarding this jacket, including the use of durable texpel stain resistant finish on the jacket to help it remain fully hi vis for as long as possible without the design being muddied by everyday use. There are also several inclusions implemented purely to make the fit of this jacket as good as it can be; such as the hood being ergonomically shaped, the addition of hook and loops on the cuff, and those same cuffs being quick-dry and never uncomfortable.

2 - Portwest C469 Hi Vis 3 in 1 jacket

Portwest’s range of 3-in-1 jackets give you options when wearing them, usually consisting of a tough, waterproof and breathable outer jacket that contains a warm fleece-like inner layer as well. This inner layer can be detached from the outer layer leaving you with three possible configurations of how to wear this jacket; both the outer layer and inner layer together, the inner layer on its own (perhaps if the weather isn’t too bad) or the outer layer on its own (you want to be protected from the elements but also not get too hot). The C469 hi vis jacket is one of Portwests finest 3-in-1 jackets and is deserving of being on this list given its multitude of features. In addition to the jacket itself being versatile enough to be worn in several different ways, the sleeves are actually detachable as well so they can be adjusted to fit the style you are going for as well.

An image of the Portwest C469 Hi Vis 3 in 1 jacket

Like the majority of Portwests jacket offerings, the C69 is fully waterproof and windproof thanks to taped seams, making it ready for the harshest conditions you may be subjected to at work. Similarly, the jacket is available in either a hi vis orange or yellow and has reflective tape to ensure you remain visible while working in low light conditions. You certainly aren’t losing out on Portwests signature functionality by choosing a 3-in-1 jacket, if anything you are simply getting more of it!

3 - Portwest DX474 Softshell Jacket

Portwest’s DX4 range was made to be a dynamic collection of Portwest workwear that focuses on freedom of movement and flexibility whilst still delivering the same Portwest workwear features expected of them. In this case, the DX474 jacket features a sports-inspired design, with a lightweight, breathable, water-resistant and windproof polyester being used for the majority of the build. What's more, the fabric is ripstop, which will go a long way to prolonging its lifespan, only adding more value to your purchase.

An image of the Portwest DX474 Softshell Jacket

Rather than prominently sporting a vibrant hi vis primary colour, the DX474 instead comes in either black or blue, a refreshing difference compared to a lot of Portwest's other top-quality jackets. However, this doesn’t mean that this Portwest softshell jacket is entirely without visibility-enhancing elements. There is reflective piping used on key areas like zips, drawcords and the hood that will illuminate you somewhat but also aren’t too bright that you can only wear this jacket in a work setting. As it stands, with the discrete hi vis piping, the DX474 softshell can be worn in a casual setting as much as at work, certainly increasing the value you are getting out of this jacket overall. To further emphasise this point, this jacket has been styled to incorporate characteristics that make it more modern in appearance, such as having a longer length back pre-bent, dynamic-shaped sleeves and a grown-on hood which is both stylish and practical.

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4 - Portwest TX50 - Lille Hi Vis Jacket

Looking at one of the more utilitous Portwest jackets now, the Portwest TX50 is a hi vis two-tone jacket with over ten different pockets of ample storage space for your everyday working needs. This includes specific pockets for an ID badge and a phone, a back pocket intended for cap or glove storage, along with several zipped pockets on the chest and back that can hold everything from loose change to tools.

An image of the Portwest TX50 - Lille Hi Vis Jacket

The construction of this Portwest hi vis jacket is another strong point. Tough polyester is mixed with comfortable cotton to create the build, paired with a Texpel stain resistant finish to reduce the impact of dirt on the hi vis effect of the jacket. Speaking of the hi vis effect, the TX50 has been certified as meeting EN ISO 20471 class 3 hi vis safety standards criteria and, what's more, will retain said hi vis quality for over 50 washes, which, when combined with the stain resistant finish, creates a Portwest hi vis jacket that will last you for years to come.

5 - Portwest T402 PW3 Hi Vis Softshell Jacket

Lastly, we come to the Portwest T402, which is much like the T400, only instead of being a winter jacket it's a softshell one. It is the definition of what a modern workwear jacket should be; stylish and functional. The Polyester-Elastane combination of materials gives the T402 hi vis softshell jacket windproofing, water resistance and breathability; the big three features that elevate any garment they are part of. Built up warmth from the wearer is distributed through the breathable surface of the jacket where the water simply beads off the water-resistant fabric’s surface and evaporates. This is also what keeps rain out. As for windproofing, additions like a curved back hem on the jacket prevent wind from getting to the wearer very easily.

An image of a Portwest T402 PW3 Hi Vis Softshell Jacket

Like other popular Portwest hi vis jackets, the T402 can come in six colour combinations, with either orange or yellow as the primary colour in the design. To complement these main colours, this Portwest softshell jacket makes use of the renowned, lightweight and flexible HiVisTex Pro segmented reflective tape on the chest, shoulders and arms, only working to further increase the noticeability of yourself and your jacket.

There are also a couple of extra additions that increase the utility of the jacket further. The Ezee zip system at the front allows for quick and easy fastening of the jacket, even if you are encumbered by work gloves. They have been designed for just such a situation. Then there's the concealed phone pocket and various zip pockets which make carrying miscellaneous items no problem.

In conclusion...

Portwest continues to deliver affordable workwear that is practical and relevant in the modern workplace. Hi vis, waterproof, windproof, breathable; even something as specific as Portwest welding jackets. Regardless of industry, you’ll likely find something within this range that will suit your individual work needs, a process we at Workwear Gurus are more than happy to help you with.

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item from the Portwest range with all sizes and colours available. We specialise in global shipping and deliver the full Portwest range regularly to the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Europe and Worldwide.

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