The Blaklader X1500 Workwear Collection - Reviewed

A close-up look at the Blaklader X1500 Range


When people think of Blaklader, they probably first think about the sheer range they have on offer. High performance gear designed for all types of trades and that excels in tough conditions. A product range centred around the wearer with real thought to detail. Quality, durable clothes with real comfort and style.

The Blaklader X1500 range of clothing is no exception to this and is indeed one of Blaklader Workwear's best selling collections. The Blaklader X1500 range offers a straighter, slightly looser more classic fit than the equally impressive Blaklader X1900 range alternative. Designed for craftmen of all kinds of trades, this range encompasses Blaklader X1500 trousers, pants and shorts. Hard-wearing and largely cordura reinforced, most items are available in a variety of different fabrics including cotton, denim, polyester and canvas.


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Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the workwear within this specific Blaklader range.


Blaklader X1500 Craftsmen Trousers - 1500

A standout of the X1500 range, the Blaklader 1500 Craftsman Trousers offer the practicality and design required for workers in many trades. These trousers include CORDURA-reinforced nail pockets, leg pockets and ruler pockets for convenience and versatility whilst on the job. With pre-bent knees and angled front pockets, the detailed functionality of Blaklader workwear is certainly on full display here. Not only is the stitching itself strong, but Blaklader have ensured that it has been cleverly crafted. For example, the large rear pockets on the 1500 craftsmen Trousers are stitched on at the crease of the cotton. By attaching the pocket where the fabric is regularly bent anyway, it can further help stop the stitching splitting.

One thing that our Workwear Gurus have always liked is the 'Lifetime Seam Guarantee' they offer to back up the confidence they have in their products - they are in fact the only workwear company to offer this. In the unlikely event that the stitching did split, the 1500 Trousers, like all Blaklader workwear is covered under their lifetime seam guarantee, meaning they will repair or replace the trousers for you if this should occur.

An image of the Blaklader X1500 Workwear Trousers 1500

These Blaklader trousers also incorporate CORDURA (which is up to 10x stronger than cotton) around the hems, to prevent them fraying and generally lasting much longer than they potentially would otherwise. On one leg, you’ll find a knife holster, pencil holder and a concealable badge ID holder which can always be tucked inside if you don’t want it to be shown. In addition, the 1500 Trousers include a waterproof lined pocket for you to keep your phone and other devices safe in. Our Gurus felt that any tool or item you need for work will have a place in these trousers -  there are plenty of well thought-out pockets here!

Blaklader X1500 Painters Trousers - 1510

Blaklader have a history of making clothing to suit all hands-on professions. The  Blaklader 1510 Painters Pants are an excellent example of this. These trousers have been designed to suit the needs of painters, plasterers, and brick layers. These 100% cotton painters’ trousers are double layered to ensure paint spills don't seep through to the skin. They are also well kitted out with special pockets for tools like brushes, trowels, and knives.

An image of the Blaklader X1500 Painters Trousers 1510

During development of the 1510 Pants, Blaklader’s rigorous testing process included giving them to existing industry professionals to ensure they were practical enough for the job.

In addition to this, all Blaklader workwear is manufactured in their own factories in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, meaning they have greater control over the specifications of the garments and control of their fabrication. By having full control over quality and specifications, as well as incorporating feedback and opinion from painters and plasterers, Blaklader have been able to ensure that each item of their clothing is the best it can be for its intended audience.

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Blaklader X1500 Shorts - 1502

Shifting to a different section in the Blaklader X1500 range, we have the Blaklader 1502 Shorts. These Blaklader offer the same standout practicality and utility as the rest of the X1500 range whilst being a great choice for working during warmer weather. Blaklader are constantly testing with professionals in the industry when they are developing new products, so, as with the painters trousers mentioned above these shorts have undergone the same rigorous testing process as the rest of the X1500 range. Like the majority of the Blaklader Workwear X1500 collection, the 1502 Shorts come with nail, back, ruler and leg pockets; all reinforced with CORDURA.

An image of the Blaklader X1500 Workwear Shorts 1502

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the 1502 Shorts. On the left side, we can see a pocket with two different sections, intended for nails and other small items. We have three loops for various hand tools in the same area. These loose pockets can also be easily tucked into the inner pocket if you’d prefer - we liked the way you can switch up the look so easily.

Towards the back right of the shorts we have a hammer loop which keeps it out of the way as much as possible while you work. Naturally, the bottom front is reinforced with CORDURA as it is important that that section is durable for when you will be frequently kneeling down. There is also a zip pocket at the top of this knee pad, showing that Blaklader makes the most of every opportunity to increase the utility of their clothing.

Interestingly, two side pouches on right side for knives and pens and pencils have a bellowed section at the bottom so that large square items don’t dig into you. Another prime example of Blaklader's attention to detail. Above the sliding pouches, there is an adjustable loop to allow for adjustment for differently sized tools to be securely fastened.

The 1502 Shorts have back pockets that are cut at an angle, making it easier to get your hands in and out. Like similar items in the X1500 range, the front left leg has the ID card holder that can be tucked away if needed and the waterproofed stitching on the 2 zipped side pockets on left leg to keep your electrical devices safe while you are at work.


Blaklader X1500 Pirate Shorts - 1501

Torn between choosing the coolness of shorts and the enhanced protection of trousers? Look no further than the range of ¾ length trousers Blaklader refer to as Pirate Shorts. In the Blaklader X1500 Pirate Shorts collection are the Blaklader 1501 Pirate Shorts. With the pre-bent reinforced knees, you can continue to work unencumbered whilst having the airflow that is accessed through shorts. The perfect fit for any warm day at work.

An image of the Blaklader X1500 Pirate Shorts 1501

As with other items in the Blaklader Workwear X1500 range, there are pockets and holders for everything you could possibly need on the Blaklader 1501 Pirate Shorts. There are back pockets, double pockets on the legs, pen pockets, tool holders and even a retractable ID pocket, all of which have been reinforced through 3-needle stitching. What's more, the lifetime warranty applies across all items in the X1500 range, these included. Blaklader clearly believe in creating workwear that will last, providing quality that will not break easily.

This is also in keeping with their belief in corporate social responsibility. Blaklader use as many recycled and recyclable materials as they can to create their products and strive hard to be sustainable as a brand. They believe that the ultimate way to reduce waste is by extending product life. A win-win situation. Just some of the ways they accomplish this is by reinforcing key areas of wear, such as the crotch, through the same strong seams that support the pockets.



Blaklader have shown again why so many people come back time and again for their products. Not always the cheapest, but workwear that definitely lasts and provides real performance and comfort. Real lasting value. It's worth investing in the right tools tools for the job and Blaklader prove time and again that they produce some of the best the industry has to offer.

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item from the Blaklader X1500 range in every size and colour available so you have the full choice of items available to you.

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