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Jan 17, 2024

Best Knee Pads for Mechanics in 2024: Durable Protection for the Workshop - An Expert Review

Five of the best knee pads for mechanics reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the intricate and demanding world of mechanics, ensuring personal safety while maintaining high efficiency is paramount. Among the essential protective gear, knee pads hold a significant place. With an overwhelming array of choices in the market, selecting the right knee pads is crucial and depends on several factors like material, durability, comfort, and ergonomic design. The Workwear Gurus, a team comprised of industry experts and feedback from customers who have rigorously tested these products, present a detailed review of some of the best knee pads for mechanics in 2024. We aim to guide you through popular and favored options, offering insights into their unique features and suitability in the workshop environment.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Fento Original Knee Protection
  • Blaklader 4058 Knee Pad Protection - Mens (40581203)
  • Mascot Likasi Workwear Knee Pads 50451-916 - Complete, Mens
  • Portwest KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad
  • Helly Hansen Kneepad Standard - 79569
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Knee Pads 

Fento Original Knee Protection

The Fento Original Knee Protection is designed with an understanding of the ergonomic needs of professionals. It's not just a knee pad; it's a health investment, preventing knee and back complaints with its Ergonomic Wedge. Over time, these knee pads conform to the shape of your knee, offering increased comfort and flexibility. Their wide elastic straps are strategically designed to avoid pinching behind the knee. The broad, flat surface ensures extra stability, and the fact that they're water repellent and have a replaceable inlay adds to their longevity.

What we liked:
-Ergonomic design preventing knee and back issues.
-Custom fit to individual knee shape over time.
-Water repellent and easy to maintain.
-Replaceable inlay for extended lifespan.

Our verdict:
The Fento Original is an excellent choice for mechanics seeking ergonomic support and long-term knee health benefits.


Blaklader 4058 Knee Pad Protection - Mens (40581203)

The Blaklader 4058 Knee Pad offers robust protection tailored for extended use. Its EVA material construction ensures both comfort and safety. The strong front side guards against sharp objects, while the soft interior and extra wide fit ensure proper knee alignment. These knee pads are especially suitable for mechanics who work in environments with risks of abrasion or puncture, and their certification with specific trousers ensures reliable protection in professional settings.

What we liked:
-Strong front side for enhanced protection.
-Soft and comfortable interior.
-Extra wide fit for correct knee positioning.
-Certified for added reliability.

Our verdict:
Blaklader 4058 is an ideal choice for mechanics needing durable and comfortable knee protection in harsh work environments.

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Mascot Likasi Workwear Knee Pads 50451-916 - Complete, Mens

Mascot Likasi Knee Pads are designed for practicality and ease of use. Compatible with all MASCOT products having kneepad pockets, they offer versatility. The ability to withstand industrial laundry up to 60°C without removal is a significant convenience. Additionally, the ventilated air holes ensure breathability, and the cellular rubber material provides both comfort and durability, making them perfect for mechanics who need knee pads that can keep up with a demanding work schedule.

What we liked:
-Versatile compatibility with MASCOT trousers.
-Industrial laundry resistance.
-Ventilated design for comfort.
-Durable cellular rubber material.

Our verdict:
Mascot Likasi Knee Pads are a top pick for mechanics prioritizing ease of maintenance and consistent comfort.

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Portwest KP20 Lightweight Knee Pad

The Portwest KP20 stands out for its lightweight design and ergonomic structure. Its wrap-around design molds to the knee shape, secured with well-placed straps. The tough outer shell and thick foam center provide both protection and cushioning. The breathable fabric enhances comfort by preventing moisture buildup. These features make it ideal for mechanics who need lightweight, yet protective knee pads for long hours in the workshop.

What we liked:
-Lightweight and comfortable.
-Protective outer shell with cushioning foam.
-Adjustable straps for a secure fit.
-Breathable fabric for long-wearing comfort.

Our verdict:
The Portwest KP20 is a great option for those seeking a balance between lightweight comfort and durable protection.


Helly Hansen Kneepad Standard - 79569

The Helly Hansen Standard Kneepad is a reliable option for mechanics who require dependable and straightforward knee protection. Its PE foam material provides a lightweight feel, and its design ensures that the kneepads stay in place, offering protection without the intrusion of dirt or debris. Compatible with a range of Helly Hansen workwear, these kneepads are a versatile and practical choice for everyday use in the workshop.

What we liked:
-Lightweight and comfortable PE foam material.
-Effective at keeping out dirt and debris.
-Compatible with a range of workwear.
-Simple and efficient design.

Our verdict:
The Helly Hansen Standard Kneepad is an excellent choice for mechanics looking for basic, reliable, and comfortable knee protection.



The 2024 selection of knee pads for mechanics showcases a diverse range of options, each excelling in specific areas such as ergonomic design, durability, comfort, and ease of use. The Fento Original, Blaklader 4058, Mascot Likasi, Portwest KP20, and Helly Hansen Standard Kneepads are among the best in their class, offering unique features suited to different preferences and needs in the workshop. Whether you prioritize ergonomic support, durability, maintenance ease, lightweight comfort, or straightforward protection, these knee pads represent some of the finest choices in the market.

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