Oliver Townsend

Nov 2, 2023

Best JCB Workwear Clothing for 2024: Expert Review and Insights

Thirteen of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the world of labor and trades, workwear is not just about fashion — it's a crucial element that can affect your comfort, safety, and efficiency on the job. With a plethora of choices available, selecting the right workwear can sometimes feel like walking through a maze. Durability, fabric quality, weather suitability, flexibility, and, of course, the price point are just a few of the factors to consider. From the frigid embrace of open construction sites to the sweltering heat of a metalworking shop, every environment demands a different standard of clothing. It's not merely about donning any attire; it’s about wearing the armor that suits the battlefield of work. Recognizing this, our team of Workwear Gurus have meticulously sifted through the vast selection to present you with the crème de la crème of JCB Workwear. We’ve combined our expertise with real-world feedback from customers who've put these clothes to the test in their daily grind. While our website showcases a broad spectrum of workwear options, we are honing in on some of the most popular and our personal favorites to share our insights. In this review, we cover thirteen standout products from JCB's extensive workwear range. Each item has been evaluated for its distinctive features and suitability for various work environments, so you can make an informed choice for your workwear needs.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best JCB Hoodie
  • Best JCB Overalls
  • Best JCB Work Trousers
  • Best JCB Jumper
  • Best JCB Jacket
  • Best JCB T-shirt
  • Best JCB Bodywarmer
  • Best JCB Fleece
  • Best JCB Polo Shirt
  • Best JCB Softshell Jacket
  • Best JCB Socks
  • Best JCB Beanie Hat
  • Best JCB Belt
  • Our recommendation

Top 13 JCB Workwear Articles

Best JCB Hoodie

JCB Trade Horton Hoodie

The JCB Trade Horton Hoodie isn’t just your average piece of workwear; it’s a companion for those chilly mornings and late evenings on site. Crafted from a heavyweight cotton-rich fabric, this hoodie provides an excellent balance of warmth and breathability. The snood-style hood with a drawstring offers additional protection against the elements, while the kangaroo pouch front pocket ensures your essentials are always within reach.

What we liked:
 - Heavyweight fabric perfect for cooler environments
- Thumb grips in cuffs for enhanced comfort during stretching and reaching tasks
- Distinctive JCB branding that stands out for professionalism
- Lined hood for extra warmth on those particularly cold days

Our verdict:
 The JCB Trade Horton Hoodie is a robust and reliable choice for anyone who needs a dependable layer on the job. Its practical design elements, like thumb grips and a lined hood, elevate this hoodie above the competition, providing warmth and comfort in a package that doesn’t skimp on style.

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Best JCB Overalls

JCB Trade Coverall Overall

Overalls are a staple in workwear, but the JCB Trade Coverall Overalls take it a step further. They are a fortress of fabric and design, providing protection while not compromising on comfort. The reinforced knee pad pockets and hi-visibility piping are standout features that cater to both safety and longevity. The elasticated action back is a godsend, offering ease of movement that many overalls lack.

What we liked:
- The oxford polyester reinforcement in knee pad pockets and hem for exceptional durability
- Hi-visibility piping for increased safety in low-light conditions
- YKK zip and concealed studs add an extra layer of protection
- Action back design allowing unrestricted movement

Our verdict:
 These overalls are a top-tier choice for professionals who need reliable full-body workwear. The attention to detail in their construction, from the reinforced areas to the action back for mobility, shows that JCB understands the demands of the worksite.

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Best JCB Work Trousers

JCB Trade Hybrid Stretch Work Trousers

JCB’s Hybrid Stretch Work Trousers are a testament to the balance between flexibility and toughness. These trousers move as you do, thanks to the stretch panels, yet the Cordura reinforcements mean they’re ready to endure the rigors of manual labor. The non-slip taping inside the waistband is a thoughtful touch, ensuring that even as you stretch and bend, your trousers stay firmly in place.

What we liked:
- Stretch fabric allows for full range of motion, critical for jobs requiring flexibility
- Cordura reinforcements for increased durability where it matters most
- Non-slip waistband taping keeps the trousers secure and comfortable
- Multiple pockets for convenience, keeping tools and personal items accessible

Our verdict:
 For the worker who is constantly on the move, these trousers are unmatched. They offer an impressive combination of durability and comfort, making them an ideal choice for dynamic work environments.

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Best JCB Jumper

JCB Trade Elmhurst II 1/4 Zip Knitted Jumper

The JCB Trade Elmhurst II Jumper is like a warm hug on a cold day. Its knitted fabric ensures you stay warm, while the softshell side panels offer breathability where you need it most. The reflective detail isn’t just for show; it’s a safety feature for those who work from dawn till dusk. This jumper is versatile enough to serve as an outer layer in mild conditions or as a mid-layer when the mercury dips lower.

What we liked:
- Softshell side panels that enhance mobility without compromising warmth
- Reflective details for visibility and safety
- Elasticated features provide a snug fit and keep the chill out
- Zipped pockets for securing personal items

Our verdict:
 This jumper is a smart choice for workers looking for an adaptable layering piece. It provides warmth without restricting movement, making it suitable for a variety of tasks and weather conditions.


Best JCB Jacket

JCB Trade Hybrid Padded Jacket

The JCB Trade Hybrid Padded Jacket is a modern marvel in workwear. It's lightweight yet incredibly warm, thanks to its padded ripstop body. The water-resistant materials mean that a bit of rain won't dampen your day. Its stretch panels are not an afterthought; they are a deliberate inclusion for those who need their jacket to keep up with their workday.

What we liked:
- The high warmth-to-weight ratio of the jacket offers excellent insulation without the bulk
- Water-resistant components for functionality in unpredictable weather
- The adjustable hood with toggles provides a customizable fit
- Pockets are well-placed and secure, perfect for storing essential items

Our verdict:
 This jacket is for the worker who needs to stay warm and agile in cooler, wet climates. It's a workwear piece that doesn't overlook the necessity for mobility, even in layers.

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Best JCB T-shirt

JCB Trade T-Shirt

Even the basics like the JCB Trade T-Shirt have been crafted with care. The fine knit fabric ensures a day-long comfort, and the fashion fit with contrasting side panels offers a modern take on the classic work tee. The durability of double needle stitching means this isn't a t-shirt that will give up after a few tough jobs.

What we liked:
- Soft fabric that remains comfortable for all-day wear
- Fashion fit that is both professional and stylish
- Durable stitching that stands up to the rigors of manual work
- JCB branding that adds a touch of class to everyday workwear

Our verdict:
 This t-shirt strikes the right balance between comfort and durability. It's perfect for workers who need a reliable base layer that is built to last and designed to impress. In conclusion, the selection of JCB workwear we’ve reviewed stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, durability, and practicality. 

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Best JCB Bodywarmer

JCB Trade Hybrid Padded Gilet Bodywarmer

For those seeking core warmth without the bulk of full sleeves, the JCB Trade Hybrid Padded Gilet Bodywarmer stands out. The design strategy here is all about balancing insulation with mobility – a crucial aspect for professionals who need to move freely while keeping warm. The lightweight yet robust nature of this bodywarmer comes from its innovative blend of water-resistant polyester ripstop fabric and a softshell with a fleece lining, ensuring durability and comfort. The gilet's padded ripstop body integrates stretch softshell panels, enhancing ease of movement, which is particularly beneficial when one needs to stretch or reach out while working.

What we liked:
- High warmth to weight ratio, ensuring lightweight comfort.
- Stretch softshell panels for greater mobility.
- Aesthetic and functional design with secure zipped pockets.
- Water-resistant fabric providing protection against the elements.

Our verdict:
 The JCB Trade Hybrid Padded Gilet Bodywarmer emerges as a standout choice for those who prioritize ease of movement and core warmth. The thoughtful placement of stretch panels and padded areas results in a bodywarmer that doesn't compromise on comfort or style, making it an excellent choice for active professionals.

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Best JCB Fleece

JCB Trade Heavyweight 1/4 Zip Tech Fleece

Durability meets comfort with the JCB Trade Heavyweight 1/4 Zip Tech Fleece. It’s a testament to the robust construction needed in a demanding work environment, with Cordura fabric elbow patches extending the life of the garment significantly. The inclusion of a ripstop chest pocket and side pockets with reflective piping enhances both functionality and visibility. Perhaps one of the most favored features is the zippered air vents under the sleeves – a nod to the necessity for breathability in workwear. Additionally, the high visibility piping details serve a dual purpose: they are stylish and enhance safety on the job.

What we liked:
- Reinforced with Cordura patches for increased durability.
- Breathable design with zipped air vents.
- Reflective details for better visibility in low light conditions.
- Multiple pockets for practical storage options.

Our verdict:
 The JCB Trade Heavyweight 1/4 Zip Tech Fleece is a premium choice for anyone looking for a fleece that can withstand the rigors of manual work while providing comfort and practicality. The attention to durability and the user's working climate conditions makes this a standout piece of workwear.