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Nov 1, 2023

2024 Review: Top JCB Boots, Shoes, and Trainers for Optimal Performance

Nine of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

There's a universe out there filled with countless choices when it comes to boots, shoes, and trainers. Whether it's the type of work environment, comfort, or protection level you're after, the options can be overwhelming. Among these vast options, some stand out, garnering positive feedback from both experts and everyday users. In this review, we, the Workwear Gurus, provide our insights and also reflect the voices of customers who've walked the talk, literally. From the rugged terrains of construction sites to the wet floors of factories, the footwear you choose has a huge role to play. Many of these exceptional choices are available on our website, but here, we'll walk you through some of the most popular and our absolute favorites.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best JCB Work Boots
  • Best JCB Dealer Boots
  • Best JCB Rigger Boots
  • Best JCB Safety Shoes
  • Best JCB Safety Trainers
  • Best JCB Wellies
  • Best JCB Steel Toe Cap Boots
  • Best JCB Slip On Boots
  • Best JCB Waterproof Boots
  • Our recommendation

Top 9 JCB Boots, Shoes and Trainers

Best JCB Work Boots

JCB 5CX+ Work Safety Boots

These boots are synonymous with sturdiness. Made of full grain or Honey cow nubuck, the 5CX+ not only offers protection but ensures wearer comfort with its Flexi insole.

What we liked:
- Side YKK zip alongside laces ensures accessibility and a snug fit.
- The heavy-duty scuff cap and top-rated SRC slip resistance add layers of safety.
- The Flexi insole provides an edge in comfort, perfect for long shifts.

Our verdict:
 An industrial-grade choice offering top-notch protection and comfort, ideal for challenging work environments.

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Best JCB Dealer Boots

JCB Farley Safety Dealer Boots

Perfect for agriculture, construction, and trades, the Farley boots marry classic style with modern protection.

What we liked:
- Brown crazy horse leather design makes them stylish yet rugged.
- Pull-on tab ensures ease of wear.
- Water-resistant upper, combined with a heat-resistant outsole, guarantees durability.

Our verdict:
 A classic choice for those who want the best of both worlds: style and safety.

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Best JCB Rigger Boots

JCB Denstone Waterproof Safety Rigger Boots

Offering top-tier protection with a 100% metal-free structure, these boots are built for the heavy-duty worker.

What we liked:
- Waterproof membrane and 3M Thinsulate lining keep feet warm and dry.
- Padded ankle support enhances comfort.
- Fiberglass toecap and non-metal midsole ensure all-round protection.

Our verdict:
 Perfect for harsh conditions; these boots ensure your feet remain protected and comfortable.

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Best JCB Safety Shoes

JCB Trekker Work Safety Trainers

Merging sports aesthetics with work safety, the Trekker trainers are versatile and stylish.

What we liked:
- Lightweight suede design makes them easy on the feet.
- Toe protection adds durability, ensuring a longer lifespan.
- Top-rated SRC slip resistance provides sure-footedness in slippery conditions.

Our verdict:
 A trendy choice for those wanting safety without compromising on style.


Best JCB Safety Trainers

JCB Cagelow Work Safety Trainers

These trainers prioritize breathability without skimping on safety.

What we liked:
- Breathable mesh lining ensures feet remain fresh.
- Steel toecap and midsole guarantee maximum protection.
- TPU heel and toe protection add a layer of durability.

Our verdict:
 An all-day wear for those wanting comfort with uncompromised safety.

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Best JCB Wellies

JCB Hydromaster Safety Wellies

Perfect for farming and industrial settings, these wellies offer a blend of comfort and safety.

What we liked:
- 100% waterproof PVC upper keeps feet dry in wet conditions.
- Padded in-sock ensures comfort during extended wear.
- Wide fitting caters to all foot sizes.

Our verdict:
 The go-to choice for wet conditions, offering durability and comfort.

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Best JCB Steel Toe Cap Boots

JCB Fast Track Work Safety Boots

Popular and proven, the Fast Track boots are a testament to JCB's commitment to quality.

What we liked:
- Waterproof and breathable lining keeps feet in optimal condition.
- Dual density sole ensures comfort and stability.
- Honey flecked contrast lace adds a touch of style.

Our verdict:
 A top pick for those wanting the assurance of a popular choice with proven performance.

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Best JCB Slip On Boots

JCB Safety Dealer Boots

These boots offer the ease of slip-on with the assurance of safety.

What we liked:
- Full grain tumble leather design ensures durability.
- Two pull tabs make wearing and removing a breeze.
- Heat resistant outsole is perfect for high-temperature environments.

Our verdict:
 Ideal for those on the move, these boots offer convenience without compromising safety.

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Best JCB Waterproof Boots

JCB 3CX Safety Work Boots

High-spec and comfortable, the 3CX boots are perfect for both driving and on-site work.

What we liked:
- Waterproof and breathable lining ensures comfort in various conditions.
- Roughened leather scuff cap adds to durability.
- Antistatic properties keep you safe in electrical environments.

Our verdict:
 A versatile choice perfect for diverse work settings, ensuring protection and comfort.

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Navigating the vast sea of workwear footwear choices can be daunting, but JCB ensures there's something for everyone. Our review reaffirms that while there are numerous options out there, the products we've highlighted stand out in their respective categories. So, if you're on the hunt for the perfect workwear footwear, these options are not just the best, but are indeed a smart choice to consider.

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