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Dec 23, 2023

Best Caterpillar Shoes and Trainers for 2024: Comprehensive Review

Six of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

When it comes to selecting the right footwear for work or leisure, the abundance of options can be both a blessing and a bewildering challenge. With a plethora of designs, materials, and technical features to choose from, finding that perfect pair of shoes or trainers is no small feat. That's where our team at the Workwear Gurus comes in. We've sifted through the vast selection to bring you the crème de la crème of Caterpillar footwear for the year 2023/2024. Our comprehensive review not only draws from our in-depth expertise but also incorporates real-world feedback from customers who have put these shoes to the test in their daily grinds. Caterpillar, a brand synonymous with resilience and quality, has once again outdone itself with a lineup of footwear that promises to meet the rigorous demands of various work environments. From the sturdy Striver Low S3 Safety Shoes to the nimble Elmore Safety Trainers, each product stands out for its unique features and suitability for specific roles and tasks. In this review, we dissect the nuances of six standout products, examining the distinctive benefits that make each an excellent choice for professionals across the board.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Caterpillar Black Shoes
  • Best Caterpillar Steel Toe Trainers
  • Best Caterpillar Leather Shoes
  • Best Caterpillar Composite Metal Free Trainers
  • Best Lightweight Caterpillar Safety Shoes
  • Best Caterpillar Safety Trainers(Overall)
  • Our recommendation

Top 6 Caterpillar Shoes and Trainers

Best Caterpillar Black Shoes

Caterpillar Striver Low S3 Safety Shoes

The Striver Low S3 Safety Shoes from Caterpillar are the epitome of a rugged yet sophisticated work shoe. Built to withstand the rigorous demands of the industrial workplace, these shoes feature premium full-grain leather uppers that are not only water-resistant but also add a touch of class to the usual safety attire. The 200 Joules Steel Toe Cap is your fortress against impact, ensuring your toes are well-protected against heavy falling objects. The lightweight, chunky PU sole unit is designed for those who spend long hours on their feet, providing substantial cushioning and shock absorption with its energy-absorbent heel. Furthermore, the steel midsole offers peace of mind, safeguarding against sharp objects that might pierce through lesser-quality soles.

What we liked:
- The combination of safety and style with premium leather and a steel toe cap.
- Comfort features such as a padded PU & mesh collar and dual-density polyurethane outsole.
- The energy-absorbent heel for reduced fatigue during long shifts.
- Antistatic properties and resistance to fuel and oil, making it versatile for various workspaces.

Our verdict:
 For the professionals who demand safety without sacrificing style, the Striver Low S3 Safety Shoes are a triumph. With their robust construction and comfort-oriented design, they provide a solid foundation for a hard day’s work.

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Best Caterpillar Steel Toe Trainers

Caterpillar Elmore Safety Trainers

The Elmore Safety Trainers bring a sporty edge to safety footwear. These trainers are a beacon of modern design meshed with industrial-grade protection. The anti-scuff toe and heel areas mean that not only do they resist wear and tear, but they also maintain a fresh and professional look for longer. The inclusion of a contoured, removable PU footbed is a standout feature, ensuring that comfort is customizable and longevity is guaranteed. The outsole, a blend of EVA and rubber, offers excellent slip resistance, vital for maintaining sure footing in environments where spills and slick surfaces are commonplace.

What we liked:
- Athletic design with the practicality of a safety shoe.
- Enhanced comfort from the cushioned collar and removable footbed.
- Superior grip provided by the slip-resistant outsole.
- Non-metallic midsole for lightweight flexibility and protection.

Our verdict:
 The Elmore Safety Trainers are for the dynamic worker who moves between tasks and terrains. They combine agility, protection, and day-long comfort, making them an ideal choice for those in active roles.

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Best Caterpillar Leather Shoes

Caterpillar Extension Safety Shoe Mens

The Extension Safety Shoe is a versatile workhorse designed to cater to the needs of a variety of professionals. It strikes an excellent balance between the rugged durability required on the job and the flexibility and comfort desired in a mobility-focused role. The use of EASE technology in the moulded EVA footbed is particularly noteworthy, offering a level of comfort typically reserved for casual footwear. This feature, paired with the shoe’s flexible outsole, ensures that workers can navigate their day with ease, whether they're pacing the floors of a warehouse or crossing uneven terrain on a job site. Heat, penetration, fuel, and oil resistance make these shoes incredibly resilient in challenging environments, while the steel toe adds an extra layer of safety.

What we liked:
- The durability-enhancing scuff caps on the toe and heel.
- EASE technology footbed for superior comfort and support.
- The flexibility of the outsole, promoting ease of movement.
- Comprehensive resistance to extreme conditions and materials.

Our verdict:
 For those who require a shoe that can transition seamlessly from the office to the field, the Extension Safety Shoe is an outstanding selection. It offers a protective, comfortable, and durable solution for professionals who need reliable footwear to support a variety of tasks throughout their day.

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Best Caterpillar Composite Metal Free Trainers

Caterpillar Charge Metal-Free S3 Esd Safety Trainers

The Caterpillar Charge S3 trainers are a beacon of innovation, bringing together safety features and modern design. These non-metallic trainers feature a composite toe that offers protection without the bulk, making them an excellent alternative to traditional steel-toe footwear. The SRC-rated slip-resistant rubber outsole ensures a firm grip on various surfaces, enhancing safety in slippery conditions. An energy-absorbent heel lessens the impact with each step, a crucial feature for those who spend a significant amount of time on their feet. Not to be overlooked is the heat-resistant outsole capable of withstanding up to 300 degrees Celsius, which is indicative of the shoe's resilience in extreme work conditions.

What we liked:
- Composite toe coupled with a metal-free design for a lightweight experience.
- Exceptional slip resistance and heat resistance for a safe work environment.
- Water-resistant ESD safety trainer suitable for sensitive work areas.
- Antistatic features complementing the fuel and oil-resistant outsole.

Our verdict:
 The Caterpillar Charge Metal-Free S3 ESD Safety Trainers are a top-tier choice for professionals who prioritize safety without wanting to be weighed down. Their metal-free composition does not sacrifice protection, proving that you can have the best of both worlds – safety and comfort.

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Best Lightweight Caterpillar Safety Shoes

Caterpillar Elmore Safety Trainers

Caterpillar's Elmore Safety Trainers offer an impeccable blend of lightweight comfort and robust safety. These trainers are thoughtfully designed for the 'working playground' where agility and endurance are paramount. The non-leather construction contributes to the shoe's featherlight presence, while the anti-scuff toe and heel protection ensure longevity. The cushioned collar and tongue provide snug comfort, and the contoured removable PU footbed offers durable cushioning. With a cemented EVA/rubber outsole, the trainers provide excellent slip resistance, and the antistatic features make them versatile for various industries.

What we liked:
- The sporty yet functional design, offering both aesthetic and practical appeal.
- Lightweight construction facilitating ease of movement.
- Superior comfort features, including the cushioned collar and removable footbed.
- The combination of slip resistance, energy absorption, and protective toe cap.

Our verdict:
 For workers who are on the move and need a shoe that can keep up, the Caterpillar Elmore Safety Trainers are the ideal match. They prove that safety footwear can be both protective and comfortably lightweight.

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Best Caterpillar Safety Trainers(Overall)

Caterpillar Moor Safety Trainers

The Moor Safety Trainers are Caterpillar's definitive answer to the quest for all-around excellence in safety footwear. These trainers are meticulously crafted to support the feet while providing unparalleled comfort. The moisture-wicking properties and Poliyou cushioned insole with antibacterial features ensure a dry and healthy foot environment, critical for those with active job roles. Heat resistance up to 300 degrees Celsius and compliance with EN ISO 20345:2011 safety footwear standards speak to the shoe’s high-quality build. The oil-resistant outsole and slip resistance SRA rating highlight the trainers' versatility across different work scenarios.

What we liked:
- Moisture-wicking properties keeping feet dry throughout the day.
- Exceptional heat resistance for working in high-temperature environments.
- Poliyou cushioned insole offering comfort and hygiene.
- High standard of slip resistance, ensuring safety on varied terrains.

Our verdict:
 The Caterpillar Moor Safety Trainers stand out as the quintessential choice for comprehensive foot protection and comfort. They embody the Caterpillar brand's commitment to quality, making them a top recommendation for a wide range of work settings.



Our foray into the latest Caterpillar footwear has revealed a diverse array of options that blend safety, comfort, and style. The six products we've reviewed each stand out in their respective categories, offering features tailored to different work environments and personal preferences. Whether you're in need of a metal-free trainer, a lightweight safety shoe, or an all-rounder that doesn’t compromise on any front, Caterpillar has demonstrated its prowess in creating footwear that can withstand the rigors of the workplace while ensuring comfort and style. These selections are indeed some of the best on offer and should be considered prime candidates for anyone looking to purchase reliable workwear footwear.

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