5 of the best Portwest Coveralls and Overalls - Hi Vis, Thermal, Flame Retardant and more…

Overalls and coveralls are used by workers in a multitude of industries and practises, mainly due to their convenience and ability to blend seamlessly with other clothes. Portwest are one of the leading brands in this space and offer some of the most affordable overalls, boilersuits and coveralls in the workwear market, while not compromising on functionality. Whether you are buying for yourself or kitting out a whole team they are a great business to consider for performance gear that won’t break the bank. Portwest’s selection of Overalls and Coveralls is almost as extensive as their more conventional ranges, like Portwest jackets and Portwest Trousers. The range includes a variety of coveralls designed for different seasons, conditions and styles. There are overalls and boiler suits that are designed and engineered to provide specific protection from workplace hazards like extreme heat or water exposure.

Given the extent of the range, it may be difficult deciding on just which pair of overalls is best suited to you and your working needs. We’ve also highlighted our top 5 Portwest coveralls and overalls to make this decision that much easier for you.

1 - Portwest S999 Euro Work Coverall

Beginning the list is one of the all-rounder coveralls in Portwest’s arsenal; the Portwest S999. Available in 5 different colours, this coverall has been crafted from durable polycotton to ensure the wearer’s comfort all day long. It’s also lightweight enough to not encumber your movement, which is crucial, and has the secondary effect of increasing comfort further by being less weight to carry overall. The elasticated waist and the studs on the front allow for hassle-free easy access and allow the wearer to get a great fit.

An image of the Portwest S999 Euro Work Coverall

A constant danger to any outdoor worker is harmful UV sun exposure. Even those not directly exposed to it can still be harmed by it. However, the S999 coverall has a UPF rating of 50+, which proves that the polycotton fabric used in the build successfully blocks up to 98% of harmful UV rays from reaching the skin.

And of course, the S999 wouldn’t be such a good coverall if it wasn’t practical. Thankfully, the utility options on these Portwest Coveralls are outstanding. The S999 has 6 different pockets incorporated throughout its design, consisting of 2 front chest pockets, 2 side access pockets, a ruler pocket and a final back pocket; plenty enough room to keep your tools and equipment on your person at all times. 

2 - Portwest S585 Padded Winter Overall

Coveralls can be all-rounders, flexible for multiple environments, but where the S999 is especially good for warmer climates, the Portwest S585 is at the other end of the scale being a pair of Portwest winter overalls geared specifically towards work in the cold.

An image of the Portwest S585 Padded Winter Overall

To live up to its name and protect the wearer in the cold, the S585 has been lined with quilt around the seams as a form of thermal insulation, further supported by padding on the inside. In addition, these coveralls are certified as fully waterproof, which is achieved by taping the seams of the garment shut so that rain and wind can’t get inside. The result of these additions is that these Portwest overalls attain the EN 342 certification; meaning that they are fit for purpose and being used in cold conditions, as well as EN 343 to show that it is a fully certified Portwest Waterproof and breathable overall

The durability of these coveralls isn’t to be underrated either, as the shell, lining and filling of these Portwest overalls are all made from polyester, a material known for its resilience, being abrasion resistant, and relatively lightweight. This already great strength is further enhanced by small additions like having reinforced knee patches to purport the wearer when they are kneeling down whilst working.

Practicality is also present with this Portwest coverall. Visibility is often reduced in winter, so to deal with this, Portwest has added hi visibility features to the S585 overalls in the form of vibrant, reflective tape over the arms and chest. And to further increase utility, the S585 winter coverall comes with 5 pockets, for all your working needs.

3 - Portwest FR50 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall

Portwest flame retardant overalls like the FR50 are necessities in certain industries due to the single garment providing almost full body protection. The form factor of a singular garment being worn that covers most of the body is a great selling point and the zip and cuffs make for a secure fit whilst being worn, meaning movement is completely unrestricted.

An image of the Portwest FR50 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall

The innovative flame-resistant bizflame plus fabric used on these coveralls has been designed to work against both radiant and convective types of heat and is even prepared for splashes of molten metal. This high resistance results in the Portwest FR50 receiving the EN 22612 safety certification for protection against heat and flames. By using bizflame plus specifically, Portwest have made the FR50 anti static flame retardant overalls, reducing the risk of a pent up charge of electricity resulting in the beginning of a fire or interfering with nearby machinery. By having antistatic properties, the FR50 coveralls are certified under the EN 1149 safety specification. As for specific industries the FR50 is well-suited for, these Portwest flame retardant overalls have attained class 2 welding protection thanks to its aforementioned heat protection and antistatic properties.

To further increase safety whilst wearing these Coveralls, they incorporate double-stitched high visibility reflective tape in key areas. What's more, this hi vis tape is inherently flame resistant, so you need not worry about the visibility being compromised over time. 

This coverall is a very popular choice for some of our customers working in offshore industries. They come well reviewed and are highly regarded.

We think another great Portwest flame resistant overall is the Biz5 bizweld iona FR coverall. It would make for an excellent alternative if you need more pockets, such as kneepad pockets, and resistance to contact heat.

4 - Portwest S485 Hi Vis Overall

While most Portwest coveralls have hi visibility integrated somewhere in their design, the S485 is a Portwest hi vis overall that lives up to its name through use of EN ISO 20471 class 3 vibrant colours, the highest class of hi vis workwear awarded. The class 3 colours are also paired with reflective tape for increased visibility.

An image of the Portwest S485 Hi Vis Overall

The hi vis aspects aren’t all this overall has to offer though. It is also fully capable of protecting you from the elements, thanks to the waterproofing provided by taped seams and a hood that can be packed away when not in use. In addition, there is quilt lining on the interior of the garment for added warmth when the cold hits you.

Comfort is as important in overalls as any other item of Portwest’s clothing portfolio, hence why they put effort into this department as much as any practical or workwear specific feature. The fully elasticated waist and inner ribbed cuffs help maintain a comfortable fit for each wearer and the Portwest S485 coverall is easy to get on and off thanks to a two-way zip on the front and back allowing for easy access. Finally, the 5 pockets are convenient for everyday work and truly makes this the ultimate Portwest hi vis coverall for work in dangerous low light environments like tunnels and work at night.

5 - Portwest S495 Sealtex Ultra Coverall

This last coverall has been designed to be worn comfortably over regular work clothes and keep the wearer completely dry and seen while they work. The premium Sealtex Ultra used in this coverall ensures the coverall as a whole is not only fully waterproof, but also highly breathable and windproof, the main three factors which need to be accounted for when it comes to adverse weather gear.

An image of the Portwest S495 Sealtex Ultra Coverall

One of the first things that you notice about this Portwest coverall is how vibrant it is, having achieved EN ISO 20471 class 3. It comes in either hi vis orange or yellow and its visibility is enhanced further by the reflective tape implemented on the legs, chest and arms. Since this tape is heat-sealed, water can’t get through the shell by going through the tape, and the tape will stay on the garment as intended for longer, prolonging the life of the garment. That tape will stay on and keep you seen for years to come. 

The S496 coverall achieves its EN 343 class 3 certification by using welded seams to prevent water penetration in conjunction with the water-resistant, breathable and windproof polyester fabric used in the construction process. The inclusion of a double storm flap and a concealable hood adds that bit extra to make the Portwest S495 Sealtex ultra coverall truly one of the most popular Portwest overalls on the market.

Our verdict on the Portwest Overall collection

In all, we can safely say that Portwest’s range of Portwest overalls and coveralls is full of quality, specialist garments that can almost certainly lend themselves to use in your industry.

Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock every item from the Portwest range with all sizes and colours available. We specialise in global shipping and deliver the full Portwest overall range regularly to the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Europe and Worldwide.

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